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  1. Looking over the 18z Eps for Saturday ...there's still plenty of uncertainty for so close in. Trend since 6z hasn't been good obviously. Ensembles could be playing catchup but being so close in and with decent spread offers a chance even if slim. I'll give through tomorrow night at least .
  2. It's been juicing up as we near game time
  3. Hrdps looks pretty sweet just nw of beltways on nw for Thursday . Catoctin lollie Qpf was like a tenth 48 hours ago now .50"+
  4. Hrdps Thursday Guidance has really juiced up qpf since 48 hours ago
  5. Yep....2-3" would be a fun lil event .We take
  6. I'd definitely be skeptical of accumulation if it wasn't January and starting at night . The snow cover should cap temps tomorrow so hopefully that helps . Won't need much dropping.
  7. I only looked at 3k temps and timing . Temps quickly get to low 30s then upper 20s during precip and perfect timing before sunrise start .
  8. Adam's county bullseye . Warning level lol.
  9. Gefs moved towards the Eps . Nice shift Goodnight all
  10. U could see the improvement at h5 early at 60 hours on the Gfs FWIW.
  11. It's hard to go against the 51 member Eps inside 100 hours though
  12. Gfs ejecting sw energy from the southwest quicker at 81
  13. 30 was a total mess last night near Gettysburg around 5pm . No plows . Fully snow covered.
  14. Rgem 0z closer to Euro at h5 for the weekend then Gfs FWIW.
  15. 3k colder but further south. Southern Pa and m/d crew lookin good Ninjd
  16. Its going to be another great week of tracking
  17. Starting early morning in January. I'd take my chances
  18. It be bonus to get an appetizer Thursday am and the main event 2 days later
  19. Nam looks to me a bit north with precip at 51 hour for Thursday am
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