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  1. Pretty solid returns sw of the District atm
  2. Lack of qpf it appears but I guess we'll see in the morning
  3. Precip lightening up now all rain atm but temps down to 36 Edit...back to mix 60/40
  4. Yea..qpf looks too light is right . Definitely not too optimistic for anything more then a 1/2" . If I could beat last weeks .7" that be great but I'll take what I can get .Temp steady falling 36 now
  5. 3k suggestive of ne Md maybe getting the best rates later .
  6. Getting some wet flakes mixing in 70/30 rain 37
  7. Nope ...1st loss incoming
  8. Hrrr has 1"+ hr over Baltimore and specifically @nw baltimore wx s house. But he will be soundly asleep dreaming of his next micro brew
  9. Yea...I prefer cash or beer but yea 2009 one of my favs of all time mostly for time of year .
  10. Hopefully the drop rate increases for u 43 here Mesoanalysis shows 850s quickly moving through nw areas . 700mb frontogen looks conducive overhead atm .
  11. Didnt see the Ukmet posted. Hour 144 looks real intriguing to me . Minimum front end frozen .
  12. Hrrr picking up on a real nice band overnight se of 95 esp in southern MD with 1.5" /hr rates fwiw .
  13. Euro has lower hieghts in the 50/50 region again day 9/10 . This season storms just gravitate to there . Like seeing that . This December so far not boring at all Nice cold high moving in at 240 . Warmth and shutout pattern is always 10 days away
  14. Just peaking at the latest Gefs ...after a couple days this weekend in the 50s it's normal to below normal through XMAS . Hopefully several opportunities of
  15. Guidance starting to show some freezing rain/ drizzle Friday morning.
  16. Driving up the Jones falls Ex in Baltimore my truck thermo said 60 now in Westminster its 53. Currently moderate rain
  17. Yep..The past 2 days it's been se of the op
  18. Rgem has a nice band along and west of 95 Ninjd again
  19. I saw no posts and thought the nams showed fail but 3k went from partly cloudy to a decent hit here.
  20. Gfs is definitely the coldest by a degree or 2 then the others but mostly it's a good bit wetter when it counts ..tomorrow after dark . Just looking at 12 hour total qpf from Wed 0z to Wed 12z it's wayyy juicer then nam and almost double the Euro . Probably all that cooling of the column helping lower the surface compared to the other 2 . I'm hugging