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  1. A Frozen trace in Sept in Harrisburg....that's a tall order . October 10th 1979 delivered a few inches in Carroll county sooooo ...
  2. I'll have to double check but last fall I witnessed the earliest frost and freezes I can ever remember(Sept). Looking fwd to the 1st freeze for sure and more importantly first flakes
  3. Got 1.30" last evening. Up to around 10.50" for the month .
  4. 1.70" overnight. Near 8" for the month Edit ..forgot to add Sunday 8.25" for month now
  5. I remember watching Willard Scott 30 years ago especially celebrating 100 year old bdays. He loved his job and was genuine.
  6. Thanks .. Usually after work I browse this thread a few times a week. Haven't seen him post in weeks. Thought maybe he got banned or something.
  7. Early call Bradford, Pa 36 with light frost
  8. I'm done for the year working in mid 70 dews. Ready for fall and 1st flakes as soon as it can. 40s this am felt just incredible.
  9. I've been frequenting Lowes in Rouzerville lately. Only place around the area to get electrical supplies for my job in Cascade. I live on the m/d line in Carroll county but most of my work is actually in Baltimore county and Baltimore city with Frederick county/ Howard/ Harford/ Washington sprinkled in. It is a great area up here . A bit too far to commute though to Baltimore.
  10. Up here in Cascade it's a Beautiful day to work . Doesn't get any better .
  11. Pic is from New Midway, Md in northeast Frederick county . Between 7-8" fell here
  12. Been digging into river and creek crests info west of me in the meat of the heaviest qpf from today . I found a top 4 Crest ( so far ) at a river in the Keymar,Md area which sits on the Frederick/ Carroll county line . Very impressive Currently 13.61' feet 1st hurricane Eloise 2nd Agnes
  13. 3 hour rainfall estimates in eastern Pa , NJ are 3-6"
  14. Damn...a radar estimate of 9.20" west of Woodsboro, Md
  15. Radar estimates of 7.5"- 8.5" inches in NE Frederick county near woodsboro, Southeast of Thurmont , Keymar in far western Carroll county.
  16. My daughter said looking out her 15th floor dorm at Temple "it was very dark " HOW MUCH FOR ... PHILLY
  17. Up to 5.30". Vp2 Gauge is semi clogged. Lagging
  18. 4.90" Lots of road closures and flooded creeks around Littlestown and west towards Gettysburg and into NE Frederick and Northern Carroll counties
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