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  1. Ok... I am ready to check in... Take my soul!
  2. Depends on where in NC you are. If you are on the coast you are 6+ hrs from there.
  3. Picked up some Christmas snow down here yesterday. If we start chasing d10 patterns that never come, I'll be checking no later than 1/15/21.
  4. Truth. I remember drinking bourbon sitting outside on Christmas Eve several times in the past decade.
  5. I guess the best part of living S&E of the cities was I never expected much from this storm. Or any storm for that matter lol... Not ready to reap my soul yet, but considering tossing the winter since we are building a home in Northern Carroll Co.
  6. Still feeling good about our rainstorm south and east of the city...
  7. I would like to book a consultation to go over early season rates... Thankfully moving north in the spring.
  8. I'm planning to book my room early this year.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/18/bill-ackman-pleads-to-trump-to-increase-closures-to-save-the-economy-shut-it-down-now.html?__source=sharebar|facebook&par=sharebar
  10. The ground is nice and cool, just ask @WxWatcher007