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  1. 39 rain. Can’t wait to move north...
  2. Current: 38.5404° N, 76.5844° W Starting in July: 39.8007° N, 76.9830° W
  3. I sure was. I grew up in Charlotte Hall right at the northern tip of St. Mary’s County. Nothing sticks out, we’ve had a plethora of ice storms over the years and some were worse than others. NOTHING COMPARES TO 94. Everything in comparison to me is Busch League.
  4. Only reason I care is I have a meeting in Baltimore that day...
  5. I don’t have video, but the memories are embedded in my mind. I remember my mother and I practically ice skating on the driveway!
  6. Correct! I remember you could have ice skated on my driveway. We were taking metal sleds down my neighbors driveway!
  7. Thank you for your sacrifice. It has been a while since we have had a decent ice storm... I remember the storms in 94', we were out of school for two straight weeks... Some of my friends didn't have power for almost the same amount of time!
  8. It's nice and cozy! Once you have unpacked everything, join me for a whiskey on the rocks!
  9. Same folks crying the blues just 40 hours ago are waking up and reporting 3+ inches of snow... What else is new?
  10. Exactly. Reading the storm thread increases my anxiety. And if I have to hear about f***ing Winchester anymore I’m going to go insane.
  11. The storm thread should be sponsored by Kleenex... Whole lotta crying...
  12. Reading the main thread is what I would imagine having schizophrenia is like...