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  1. Off and on snow showers all morning. 34.2.
  2. First thunderstorm of 2021. 53 degrees, 0.39".
  3. 1.55" since Friday, still raining, 7.59" ytd
  4. 38.782205,-76.052320 Just curious what sort of map format will this be. Will it be fancy with ArcGis Online or is this simply a reference for when people report?
  5. 0.75" rain-storm total. 6.04" of rain to date.
  6. 0.75" rain-storm total. 6.04" of rain to date.
  7. Torrential tropical downpours and 33 degrees.
  8. This winter has specialized in 32 and rain. 0.38" today 3.18" for the month.
  9. 34 and rain, sounds about right
  10. Yeah, really a nice winter day on the shore. All we need to cap off the winter is one decent snow event that is end to end no-nonsense snow
  11. So average late Feb and March weather for a change.
  12. Definitely rate dependent, back to frza, trees are starting to look heavy
  13. That's rough. The worst part just missed us here in Talbot, looks like we were on the back edge, roughly 0.2" of fzra