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  1. Pea sized hail with a passing thunderstorm, most winter weather I have seen on the eastern shore this year...
  2. One of the positives from the 10 am update is +47 hospitalizations, I think the past few days it was averaging well over 100.
  3. Nasty out, 41 light rain. Just think a few months ago this would have been an even colder rain.
  4. 0.76" total, forgot what heavy rain sounded like... 4.0" for the month. I'm sure this has been posted before, but this is a nice generalized map to track modeled water availability:
  5. March through May have been seemingly damp and cooler, affecting planting and crop growth on Delmarva
  6. A tradition unlike any other
  7. First thing this morning there was a few scattered snow flakes on all surfaces, so that puts me at 0.50001" for the year
  8. Yeah the sun coming through the thin clouds made temps jump quick.
  9. It at least smelled like snow when we had some heavy rain come through Easton....40, 0.2" of rain