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  1. Some flurries in Easton, look to be Bay effect or at least enhanced
  2. Mostly snow now. Looks like Trappe and south east to Salisbury might have enough moisture to get a coating.
  3. Rain drops getting slushy in Easton
  4. Bottomed out at 21.4, first hard freeze, midnight to 7 am averaged temp 25.8.
  5. Going to be a cold November night on Delmarva.
  6. 30.4 low with good amount of frost
  7. 0.4" and pouring again in Easton, looks like it is headed your way.
  8. High of 91.6 dews in the 60s all day, at least the nights are longer
  9. Low of 49, nice when September feels like September
  10. 2.21" for the month just outside of Easton.
  11. 98.8 high today max HI 116
  12. 97.2/77.7/114.2, lovely
  13. 91.6, nice breeze today, unlike yesterday