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  1. Some localized flooding just east of Williston in Caroline County, 2.8" of rain in less than 1.5 hrs.
  2. 90.3 in Easton. It is in direct sun here, but my sensor has a shield.
  3. Yeah, no. Typical for this year, storms look good and then fizzle. 0.0, still only 2.99 for the month.
  4. 1.81", 1.3" fell in about 30 mins, rained for almost 6 hours. 2.97" for the month.
  5. Have fun, just got 1.35" of rain in less than 30 mins in Easton, instant flooding.
  6. I know the feeling...going to be harvesting popcorn around Easton this year if we don't get some rain, sitting at 1.0" for the month.
  7. Low to mid 80s isn't a bad summer day, few pop up showers forming
  8. 0.42" today puts me at 0.59" for the month, could use a few more showers down this way
  9. Summer is here 78.8/75.3
  10. 0.12" yesterday and 0.04" today, 0.16" two day total, I'll see myself to the drought thread
  11. 85.6/73.9, the south wind is gusting on the shore today.
  12. Storms stayed just north, 0.12".
  13. A lot of lightning, but only squeezed out 0.03" of rain down this way
  14. First day above 90, high of 92.3.