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  1. 38, some fog, snow geese descending on Delmarva en masse tonight, usually means there feeding grounds north of here are finally frozen and snow covered.
  2. St Michaels-Easton jackpot count on it!
  3. We are the new South Carolina. 35 and rain.
  4. Few snow flakes in Easton at some point this morning, counted 50 on my patio furniture
  5. First few snow flakes of the year in Easton. 28.
  6. 1.39" from the storm, 67.50" for the year. Yard was nice and crusty, wonder if that is the most winter we will see this year...
  7. 1.39" from the storm, 67.50" for the year.
  8. Snow looks heavy on Catoctin and South mountains based in SHA cameras
  9. Pressure finally stopped dropping here on the eastern shore temp skyrocketed from 35 at 3 pm to 45.5 now, 1.12" of rain, a lot of wind