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  1. 0.4" and pouring again in Easton, looks like it is headed your way.
  2. High of 91.6 dews in the 60s all day, at least the nights are longer
  3. Low of 49, nice when September feels like September
  4. Quickest way to bust a drought, post in the drought thread...0.02" this AM and now 0.45" now.
  5. Is it appropriate to start posting back in here yet? 2.21 for July, 0.02 over the past two weeks.
  6. 2.21" for the month just outside of Easton.
  7. 98.8 high today max HI 116
  8. 97.2/77.7/114.2, lovely
  9. 91.6, nice breeze today, unlike yesterday
  10. Tar and chip roads and this heat do not mix well.
  11. 0.91" in less than 30 mins.
  12. Any verification of a tornado in the warned cell over Kent Island?