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  1. Some interesting data which for the 1st time that I could find - shows how the actual data has been tweaked with post observation adjustments to in this case dampen the warmth earlier in the 20th century to better support warming vs. today. Let's look at the long term weather records for Allentown PA (ABE). The data used for the ABE data set is sourced from the NWS COOP data from the ABE Gas Company from 1912-1938 and since then from The ABE Airport through today. So, when I looked at the data in the ABE raw data file I could see where in the daily observations they began to make adjustments (usually chilling down the nigh time lows) to chill down the period - adjustments downward were main for all 27 years between 1912 through 1938....with the largest adjustments applied between the period 1912-1930. This adjustment as you can see below where I highlight how the adjustments impacted the average temperature trend lines. This allows the pre-ABE airport data to now report significantly cooler and helps amplify the warming trend as we move into the more recent decades. Again no surprises as we have discussed but this is the first time I have been able to quantify the adjustments and see how the data was tweaked to better support the warming story. Thoughts?
  2. So in looking at the data - both the Top 10 cool falls and warm falls led to well below normal snow seasons (normal in Chester County PA is 36" of snow) ....so we can't say the ENTIRE fall season is a strong predictor of the upcoming winter snow season
  3. 0.10" since last evening. Yesterday's high of 82.8 was our warmest reading in September and warmest since August 30th.
  4. Thanks Mike! I always hope I don't bore folks with some of this data but my old finance background - always has me doing some data analytics. The facts are so often different than what we feel.... Paul
  5. Fall season (September-November) average temperatures and trend lines by decade for all available long running Chester County PA NWS COOP Sites. Also a list of the Top 10 individual chilliest and warmest fall seasons by location. Does a chilly fall mean more snow?? stay tuned....
  6. 9 of the 1st 11 days of September have averaged below normal temps - the next week will average above normal for most of the week before cooler again about 10 days from now
  7. 0.71" storm total from last night through this AM
  8. Just like August we start off September with the 1st 5 days with well below normal temps.
  9. While the Philadelphia Airport clocks in with their 11th warmest summer ) June 1 - August 31 - Some Chester County PA Station Summer average temps and the all-time summer rank (years of station history) - none recorded anything close to a top 10 summer ChescoWx - 73.0 - 40th warmest since 1894 Glenmoore - 73.3 - 38th warmest since 1956 Phoenixville - 74.5 - 31st warmest since 1893
  10. Rain Total in East Nantmeal via VP2 was 4.60" - of interest the Tempest was only 3.84 an hour ago and it would now appear they have adjusted it up to 5.81" - I will await the "official" CocoRahs reading when I get home
  11. Up to 3.10" in East Nantmeal on the VP2 station and 3.03" on the Tempest so nice agreement on the automated stations - that said suspect more than that in the manual rain gauge in NW Chesco. Down here at the shore we had some sun and much warmer with temps in the low 80's while East Nantmeal stayed in the chilly 60's all day
  12. With today's high of only 86.7 on the VantagePro / 87.3 on the Ambient Station at 89.4 on the poorly sited rooftop Tempest station. We are likely finished with 90 degree days here for the summer of 2021 in East Nantmeal Township. So we should end the summer with 3 days over 90 on the VP2 / only 2 days on the same sited Ambient and 8 days that exceeded the 90 degree mark up on the roof top Tempest Station. A poorly sited station certainly does make a difference!
  13. 12th 90+ day at PHL here in August - while both KMQS and KPTW have had 12 such days all summer
  14. Only 7 days this month have had lows over 70 in Western Chesco - however this AM's low of 66.9 did break a string of 3 straight days over 70
  15. 7th straight day of rain across NW Chester County Pa in East Nantmeal Twp. with 2.22" during the last week with 0.71" today. Month to date we are 0.70" above normal. Only picked up 0.12" down in Sea Isle City with the brief evening T-storm
  16. Something appears to be incoming looking at the radar and out to the NE down here in Sea Isle City NJ....was a hot day with a land breeze high of 88.0.....
  17. 0.38" for this event so far here in Western Chester County PA - 3.48" so far this month vs normal of 3.44" through today....
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