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  1. Holiday snow is always especially welcome. Too bad it’s often too early to get big storms.
  2. Agreed. Christmas would be considered long term guidance and we know how that can change by then. It would just be too bad if we had to so heavily rely on blocking this winter.
  3. I don’t like warm Novembers, but neither do I need it to be cold - until around Thanksgiving when I start liking the cold. That GFS run posted was a real roller coaster!
  4. Well at least it feels good to be talking about snow maps again. It is a long snowless period each year.
  5. More heavy rain coming through the overnight. Flood warning around my location.
  6. I’d be ok with a merge. The climates of NYC and PHL are slightly different, but there are also a lot of in between areas and I feel the discourse has improved enough for a merge.
  7. How is the severe threat looking for tomorrow?
  8. Yes it feels like summer outside for sure.
  9. Severe T Storm warning issued for a wide area. The alert says to be on the lookout for a tornado but so far none indicated.
  10. Please no tornado threat. I just can’t take that again. Seems heavy rain is the main threat.
  11. It felt even hotter than that. I was roasting more than most days mid summer. Glad better temps are coming even if there is some wetness coming with them.
  12. Now 7 confirmed tornadoes. I feel the NWS did a great job. While outbreaks like this are rare in our area, the tornado risk was talked about as much higher than normal. And they nailed the heavy rains. The emergency alerts also likely saved lives. I had 5 alerts on my phone, all flood warnings. But each time I checked in case of a tornado coming.
  13. The toll comment was funny but I didn’t want to make light of it with a laugh smiley. So I will just thank you for the good posts and updates.
  14. Hope you are safe and thanks for checking in. I was lucky. House had no flooding and even though the power went out once and flickered a few more times overnight, I retained power. I saw Collegeville is one of the places with a lot of outages.
  15. Still under a flood emergency but everything is ok at my house. It appears central/northern Montco stayed in the heavy rain threat more than the severe threat. I feel for everyone cleaning up. Tomorrow will unfortunately be a busy day for surveyors and those affected.
  16. Agreed. The rain and tornado threat has been talked about for days. But boy was that one tornado large. I am even wondering if it was an EF-4.
  17. Is there anything specifically that is making the region like the Midwest this summer? I have been in the area since 1990 and have seen nothing like this.
  18. Kate Bilo said she doesn’t remember a destructive tornado warning being issued in this region before - and now two just this summer.
  19. Yep, this is the first real hint of fall that I have felt.
  20. Yikes - that’s no fun. Hope it gets restored quickly. Rain here but not as heavy as just nearby.
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