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  1. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Yeah...first thing I thought combing through the 12z runs was the I-44 snow drought may be in jeopardy. Like where TN stands, but if I had to pick a state, I'd go with MO for the time being.
  2. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Man, that is a sweet suite! If this is right, first week of February will be a 'trowal-back' to Jan 12-16 with multiple decent snow chances. The signal is definitely encouraging...
  3. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Yeah, I missed the late 70's by a decade. :/ From people I've talked to, it wasn't the amounts that were impressive, but the # of days snow was on the ground. Lots of snow upon snow during those '76-78 winters.
  4. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    It is interesting to note 9 of Nashville's top 15 snows occurred in February/March... 22.8 inches (February 2-3, 1886) 17.0 inches (March 17, 1892) 15.0 inches (February 20-21, 1929) 10.2 inches (Dec. 31, 1963-Jan. 1, 1964) 9.2 inches (November 23-24, 1950) 9.7 inches (February 25, 1894) 8.8 inches (February 11, 1910) 8.7 inches (March 19, 1996) 8.5 inches (January 29, 1905) 8.2 inches (March 20, 1968) 8.1 inches (January 7, 1988) 8.0 inches (February 14, 1902) 8.0 inches (January 22, 2016) 7.5 inches (January 22, 1966) 7.5 inches (March 4, 1917) 7.4 inches (December 22-23, 1963) 7.4 inches (February 8, 1960) 7.3 inches (January 5, 1960) 7.2 inches (November 2, 1966) 7.0 inches (January 16, 2003) 7.0 inches (January 16, 1948) 6.7 inches (February 1, 1985) 6.5 inches (January 11, 1918) 6.2 inches (January 23, 1963) 6.2 inches (January 19, 1936) 6.1 inches (January 21, 1888) 6.0 inches (December 18, 1916) 6.0 inches (February 11, 1895) Upon further review, if we could bring back the late 19th century, that'd be awesome...
  5. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Same here. Three days of accumulating snowfall, but none exceeding 1.5" (though the rents did get close to 3" in Brentwood on Tuesday). Hoping we can pull off a 4-6" or 6-8" before the season is up. Seems the past few decades, bigger snows happen during the second half of winter.
  6. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Quick question: for hours, the precip band was barely moving...stuck in a more SW -> NE progression, but now it seems to be moving more east and picking up speed? Was hoping these dbz’s would last longer; not sure why they rush once they get south of LBL and east of the TN River.
  7. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Had quite the snow break there...but finally we’re getting decent returns again. Still under an inch but that will soon change. Edit: Dickson & Cheatham upgraded to WSW’s. State offices open but I ain’t going in. ☺️
  8. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    I can vouch for that...granted it’s only a quarter inch.
  9. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Been in and out. Settin’ up a time lapse in case this thing makes like a Loan Oak.
  10. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    I get the feeling Dickson Co should be a WSW; however, I also know we probably should have been a WWA last time though we got the WSW tag. But really who cares as it’s lookin likely I don’t see grass tomorrow.
  11. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Flurries in White Bluff. It has begun.
  12. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Mmmm...plume juice.
  13. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    It won’t be long now, yeah (x3)!!!
  14. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Good grief! This precip shield is being bashful getting into TN. I imagine we gotta get something the way the birds have been today. Freakin’ Day After Tomorrow out there...
  15. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Gotta love juicy, anafrontal clippers that use prior cold and an open Gulf to give the entire state a shot at ankle-biting snow. Doesn't happen that often.