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  1. Storm time lapse from yesterday: Location: Santa Fe Time: 6:30 pm
  2. Back at ya! I lurk by choice now but it's fun to flash an engagement during historical events.
  3. Not sure if it helps but the last time most of middle TN saw anything past 1.5/2" was Jonas (January 22-23, 2016). Our wait for anything beyond an anklebiter was over 5 years. December 2017/December 2018 had winter storms pass to our south and east. Those times were rough (though not nearly as bad as the Nashville snowdome winter of 2013-14; I'll let you fellow weenies do some digging on that). Anywho...you guys will be back on the board again. I would bet $ next winter or 2022-23.
  4. Euro trends are encouraging. While I won't hold my breath, it's nice to see blue shades close to home.
  5. Honestly, I don't care if the [potential] cool down is transient. I'll take any part of December actually feeling like December anytime.
  6. Nashville native here. Considering a chase to Springfield Friday. For some of you, I get why this is laughable...but where we are, there’s a pretty good chance we get shut out snow-wise this winter. I’m a winter fanatic so I don’t mind the driving if it leads to something. 2-4” for where I’m from is a big deal. Would help to get local input/insight. Who knows...this threat may evaporate in 24-36 making this post a moot point.
  7. Fun fact: If the month ended today at BNA, it'd go down as the 5th coldest. While this # will likely increase, we may give a Top 10 finish a run for its $$. Last time we saw a November this cold was 1995. 2014 not far behind. Weather weenies...feel free to dig in there.
  8. Crazy. But even middle TN isn't out of the woods on measurable snow next Monday. For us to get anything above a trace this time of a year is a big deal.
  9. Random but does anyone else think Halloween is a storm magnet holiday? Seems the days surrounding 10/31 almost always feature something interesting. Wouldn't be surprised if plateau counties in my state see some wrap around flurry action. Even if there's phantom in nature...par for the course given the timing.
  10. Interesting looking map with two narrow bounded dry regions. Personally, I think this forecast map is fair-er than past versions though I still think many on here do a better job.
  11. Share some with Kentucky and Tennessee and I 100% agree. If not, I'll settle for some more I-44 snow-chases. People in my area have to travel nowadays to see anything appreciable.
  12. Upper 30's have reached northern middle TN. 45 degree swing in 15 hours. Not far off from our first frost advisories of the season!
  13. Thankfully, it looks like the greatest Sunday/Monday rainfall totals will occur for those in the severest drought conditions. Hopefully southern Indiana will get in on the action.
  14. Only 0.01" of rain at BNA today...first measurable precip all month.
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