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  1. These may not show up well, but sure can see the Chattanooga Tornado damage path on MODIS Satellite Before (Saturday the 10th) After (15th)
  2. No kidding! My non-educated review of GFS 12Z run says bulls eye of 7-8" around central valley over the next 156 hours. Entire valley is 4"+ EURO 12Z says 1-3" in valley, heavier numbers more middle/west TN I work as a Geotechnical Consultant and we have enough land slides and sinkholes as it is... come on, give us a break lol!!! Doing this job for over 10 years now, I have never seen the amount of massive deep seated on-going slope failures we have at this point (really beginning since last March 2019). Check your bedding planes, soil properties, vegetation growth patterns, and slope inclinations before you buy a home or property!!! My heart has been broken countless times helping poor folks trying to repair geotechnical issues costing 5-10 times what the home costs.
  3. Quite a bit of sleet mixed in this morning under 30+dbz returns near tys this morning .. I'll take what I can get lol
  4. Full Satellite - Very interesting snow hole up in western Hawkins and Hamblen. Almost like Clinch mountain held up some of the cold air intrusion? Lots of photos... sattlite, colored topo, and zoomed in topo of the snow hole with the spine of clinch mountain highlighted in red. Let me know if my abundance of photos is an issue!
  5. Got about 1/2-1 near Meghee Tyson Airport. Whole lot of sleet at onset, so guess that cut down some totals. Love to get some reports from the Sequatchie valley, looks plastered! So close Chatt... so close! Obligatory GEOS East satellite photo. I'll post a high resolution image once Terra/Aqua fly by around 1-2PM
  6. Love this resource, so awesome to see snow after the affect or even check the current southern progress of leaf color change! Sometimes you need to switch between Terra and Aqua to find the highest resolution pass...
  7. Well, hello Dorian! Not often that Memphis sees the sun in the morning 1 hour before Knoxville lol
  8. Got some intense nickel sized hail in Louisville TN near Mghee Tyson last night. Have quite a bit of paint damage to my brand new truck ... Most hail I have seen since the April 2011 events.
  9. Birds/bats/bugs near jellico? Dont see that in the valley too often
  10. Sure seemed like the storms bowed out coming up the valley last night, got some intense wind near blount/knox county line! 54 mph gust as TYS?!
  11. My company is drilling this one right now and I am looking for the solution (lots of grout pumped under high pressure likely). Looking to be about a 150K fix!! The amount of geotechnical issues caused by the amazing rainfall is insane... I have been dealing with mud flows in Knoxville... Mud Flows!!! My office is located in Hardin Valley, just off Beaver Creek. We were very close to getting flooded. According to FEMA flood maps, the flood line was somewhere between the 100 and 500 year flood event (much closer to the 500). Just insane!
  12. Nice little burst of sleet in West Knoxville/Hardin Valley area. Started accumulating on cars and grass, but seems to be switching to mostly rain now. Raw weather none the less!
  13. super heavy snow in louisville tn, just north of tys. Conditions went downhill very quickly. Went out in the jeep around 830am to mostly sleet with rain and trace snow. Switched to incredibly heavy snow by 9, over 1 inch on elevated surfaces, roads covered in very slick snow/sleet. Many smaller cars are now stuck! That escalated quickly