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  1. Downsloping in the central valley?
  2. Just started snowing near Mghee Tyson Airport, not much but you can see it
  3. Yeah, tale of two worlds haha I live right on the wrong at, but on the side of, the excess/deficit line in Blount County. Very frustrating watching storms fall apart as they approach
  4. Strange returns on radar near Maryville No obvious source or smoke on satellite. I'm directly under these returns Bugs?
  5. Right on the southern cutoff! What an awesome Christmas memory ❤
  6. Perfect day for ac to go out lol 82 inside with 40% humidity or 75 outside with 100% humidity Hard choices lol
  7. Went up to the Foothills Parkway Saturday and got some cool photos of Neowise. Definitely not as intense but with the somewhat limited light pollution could definitely make it out without the aid of a camera or binoculars Also got this awesome shot of TYS, you can make out the Alcoa (ok Arconic lol) tower in Alcoa as well.
  8. This is from Hardin Valley near Pellissipi on saturday. Definitely need binoculars or a good camera/tripod due to the light pollution. Definitely worth going out to see!
  9. Had a couple great looking cucumbers ready to go (got my garden started way to late this year). Woke up this morning to multiple bunnies merrily chomping away, somehow they broke/chewed thru the fencing Now I just get to tell tales of how amazing they would have been
  10. Really coming down over central valley, crazy lightning! Training here too, surprised no flash flood warnings
  11. These may not show up well, but sure can see the Chattanooga Tornado damage path on MODIS Satellite Before (Saturday the 10th) After (15th)
  12. No kidding! My non-educated review of GFS 12Z run says bulls eye of 7-8" around central valley over the next 156 hours. Entire valley is 4"+ EURO 12Z says 1-3" in valley, heavier numbers more middle/west TN I work as a Geotechnical Consultant and we have enough land slides and sinkholes as it is... come on, give us a break lol!!! Doing this job for over 10 years now, I have never seen the amount of massive deep seated on-going slope failures we have at this point (really beginning since last March 2019). Check your bedding planes, soil properties, vegetation growth patterns, and slope inclinations before you buy a home or property!!! My heart has been broken countless times helping poor folks trying to repair geotechnical issues costing 5-10 times what the home costs.
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