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  1. Setup usually doesnt go to well here, noticed last night when DP were hovering around 38-39 while everyone else went into the mid 20s something was up. Plus RGEM never bought in. We have switched back to rain mostly now.
  2. Congrats to everyone who got the snow to stick, was a hard one to watch here..pouring feathers for about 3hrs but never could stick.
  3. Looks like the NAM was close of snow amount falling here, but off on surface temp by a accumlation
  4. Ground white and edges of side roads starting to whiten in Sweetwater
  5. Can confirm line has made it south to Sweetwater, pouring snow
  6. The line of enhancement has sagged to just north of Dayton to Farragut/Lenoir City line...PWS behind/north have showed a 4-5 degree temp drop in last hour or so.
  7. There's an enhancement feature sagging south slowly down the plateau/valley...along and north of this line temps are crashing to near freezing.
  8. Sounding difference here between the 12z 3k and 14z HRRR for 12p is like night and day...HRRR warms to 41, currently 34.6..good luck with that lil buddy. HRRR (MRX in house model today lol jk).
  9. Moderate snow falling here at 1800' (drove 4 miles from house up to Coker Creek) temp 34.6 so it's all melting. House is 37 and all rain at 980'. Wauchessi Mtn station (2050' sitting at 33.4 and dropping (so freezing line is moving down), when was in Coker Creek 3/4 of Wacheesi was hidden in the snow clouds for lack of better word lol. Quessing the fire tower there is already picking up accumulations.
  10. That is the dry, colder air advecting in the mid/lower it pushed to my south temp went from 40/37 to 34/30
  11. Current Wetbulbs show the plateau right at 32..central/southern valley 34-36 is uniform from Knox Co south. Looks like pretty much everyone will see some flakes, not sure how much (if any) can accumulate outside plateau/mtns.
  12. Have been studying weather for a hair over 25yrs and this is one of the reasons that makes E. TN so hard to forecast. For whatever reason (topography/angle of dry advection/etc), a small bubble of moisture has been trapped over southern Monroe Co into Polk Co all night. We can't seem to advect the dry air SE of Hwy 411. DP has been between 35-40 all night.
  13. 45/38 here....temps have leveled off, with DP climbing last hour or so. Definitely dont like where I'm sitting.