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  1. Finally started in East Kingsport a few minutes ago...nice covering on the deck already
  2. Interesting discussion on another one of the individual micro topography areas in our forum footprint.... Big Stone Gap lack of snow (Please feel free to move to another thread if needed!)
  3. Sure is, Carvers....I wanted to get a total before any settling and/or melting this afternoon.
  4. Same here, 1234....we ended up with just a tad over 11 inches! Definitely a surprise for this early in December!
  5. Update...up to about 9.5 inches! Wow....
  6. Indian Springs....just outside of Kingsport....yes, the models seemed to have done well, at least some of them. It will be interesting to do a debrief later and compare results vs. different models.
  7. Just remeasured... up to 8 inches, and pretty heavy rates with increase in wind right now
  8. Little over 7 inches....
  9. Heavy snow, 32 degrees....east Kingsport. Still have power, but parts of our neighborhood are out.
  10. All snow now in East Kingsport, temp dropped 3 degrees in about 10 minutes
  11. Light rain snow mix in east Kingsport.
  12. As usual, our forum has done a great job with the lead in to this potential storm...I love to follow you guys and learn what I can. Sunday and Monday may be real interesting in the Tri...
  13. So, it we do end up with a couple of inches from the first event, and we stay in low 30s tomorrow and get a good frozen base over night, how will that actually affect the snow to rain to snow sequence on Sunday? I'm guessing the models would not have the capability to pick up on any effect from that? Also....agree with Carvers, Nut, KV and others...great to see more posters here...seems like this maybe the most I've seen active. A little snow brings out the kid in all of us! :-)