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  1. I'm afraid the Wears Valley situation is getting worse by the minute. I just saw a reference that has decreased the expected rain amount tonight.
  2. I believe it was Valentine's Day in 1987 that Kingsport got about a 7-8 inch snow. Started late afternoon, if I remember correctly. We live in Colonial Heights at the time, and had quite a time getting home from work in a Honda Prelude.
  3. A little light snow in East Kingsport...temp down to 39 from 44 not too long ago
  4. Carver, did you see the FB post from WxSouth...Robert had some pretty ominous thoughts for energy for this weekend. I also saw JB post a very scary looking temp map for 24th...similar to what you referenced earlier.. I sort of expected to get a little warmer here leading up to this weekend's potential event...felt like it has stayed a little colder. Not sure how that relates, if at all, but starting from a lower base temp lately has to help some. Looking forward to tracking this thing.
  5. Looks like we have squeezed out about 1.5" in East Kingsport...still snowing a little...had decent shower for about an hour or so. Sort of surprised after things developed as the afternoon ended.
  6. Looks beautiful, John!
  7. Sorry if already posted...just ran across this and didn't see it in this thread
  8. I love the old style graphics! I just found that website...definitely adding to my list!
  9. Yep...I've built up quite a collection over the years, too...hard to let go of that stuff. I've got quite a collection of VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s, a lot with John Ward dubbed in...great memories. BTW, I like your posts on VQ too....you do a great job!
  10. About 1.3" with decent snow right now in Kingsport.
  11. Check out these pictures...looks to show how really small temperature difference can affect accumulation from our light snow showers overnight. Two pictures: The sidewalk shows a section across the width of the sidewalk where the flurries stuck...that is where our water line comes into the house. We had to replace our line a few years ago, so there was some disturbed ground under the sidewalk at that location. The other picture shows a stepping stone in the ground, and next to it a couple of stepping stones and bricks that are top of the ground that we had Christmas decorations sitting on. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and wanted to share...does this seem logical?
  12. Just started in East Kingsport...some nice size flakes
  13. Wow...that brings back some memories..."Margie said it would"...
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