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  1. Just when I think it’s over here today, yet another surprise snow band sets up. Now actually have a light dusting on the car, picnic table, and trampoline. Temp down to 32, and a pretty decent little snow shower!
  2. Today, I have been driving around between Morristown and Jefferson City and have hit several nice snow showers/graupel squalls off and on all day. I thought when the sun briefly came out around 10-11 this morning, that it might clear out and be over. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see it cloud back up and the snow showers come back. One of the heaviest I saw was just a few minutes ago in Jefferson City. I imagine this energy will head east to the mtns and continue to add up through this evening.
  3. Must have had a decent snow shower come through while I was asleep. That’s how it goes I guess. There is still snow in the eves of the roof tops around the neighborhood. Temp is 33.
  4. Currently getting some snow actually mixed in with the rain at the house. 10min ago I was sitting at 44 degrees dewpoint 31. I got up to go grab a drink of water and noticed it was 41, so I figured something must be falling. Looked outside and noticed it was mostly rain, but there were a few snow grains hitting the glass picnic table and melting.
  5. Picked up 2.26in of rain for the total from this event. Way more than it first appeared would fall. This system was definitely an overproducer!
  6. Wow, it has gotten extremely foggy here in the last hour. Visibility is less than a quarter mile for sure.
  7. Had a pretty good storm here too about 30min ago. Kinda caught me off guard a little bit. My son and I were out scouting some land a friend of ours owns. I noticed it was getting mighty dark, I just figured it was about to rain soon, when all of a sudden I saw a flash of lightning and asked him, was that lightning. Sure enough it was! There were several more intense flashes, and then the bottom fell out for a few minutes. Still getting moderate rain.
  8. Did MRX put out a graphic of snow fall totals on the current event we just had? I looked but couldn’t find anything? It’s funny how it all worked out, since I live in Morristown I go back and forth from both west to east side each day for work, school, etc. Most of the county (Hamblen) got between 1-1.75in. Including me. However, there was an isolated area, close to and including where the NWS office is that picked up 2-3in+ and even looked like it could have approached 4! Only talking about probably a 3-5mi square radius. Had to have had some mesoscale components in that band in that area. Even just now, I drove through that area, and there is still a solid 2+in on the ground with hardly any grass showing. When I left the house, the snow had some gaps in it. Not nearly that much. I believe that @John1122had mentioned that he felt like some places E/NE of Knox could exceed WWA criteria, well this small area on the SW side of Hamblen came very very close to doing just that! Good forecasting John!
  9. Hey Carver, yes we must be. I have close to 2in in some spots as well with mostly 1.75in as the mean. This turned into a nice little event!
  10. Well I spoke too soon. Looks like a little enchantment set up over me and now I’m right at 1.5in!
  11. Going to finish with just slightly over 1in here at the house. A really early event for sure! This is the most snow I’ve ever seen this early in the year. Here’s hoping this is just one of many this winter for everyone!
  12. Got right at an inch here too and still snowing. Kids out of school here in Hamblen today too
  13. Now about 3/4in on the picnic table and grass. Crazy that we are talking about this on November 12!
  14. Now 31 with moderate snow. Probably about 1/3in on the picnic table and grass.
  15. A good steady snowfall rate right now. Temp has fallen another degree to 33. Now 32. Getting a light dusting on the grass and picnic table.