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  1. Actually more flakes now looks pretty cool borderline light snow from time to time. Good sized flakes. It looks like it’s moving from NE to SW. Don’t we usually see that when an upper low is off to the East/NE and rotating moisture back down the valley? Could there be a weak shortwave in the flow producing this activity this AM?
  2. Yes. That’s right. Actually I just looked out and saw a couple flakes right now. Just a stray here and there. Better than nothing I guess
  3. Wow thanks for sharing Holston. I’m off exit 15 on I81. Should have gotten up earlier. I could have run up the road a couple exits. I actually live on a ridge extension of Bays Mtn, known as Little Mtn, but it’s not helping me this AM. Nairy a flurry in the air that I’ve seen so far.
  4. Decent snow shower rolling through right now here, mixed with graupel too. Looks like it was really coming down just to my south
  5. Right now about 1/4in of ice and 1.5in of snow on top on the picnic table. I just made this picture a few mins ago. It’s kind of hard to see but about the best I could do at night
  6. Now have right at an inch on the picnic table. Nothing sticking to roads yet but it’s down to 29 now with moderate to heavy snow
  7. I was actually thinking the same thing Stove! The plateau can hold up the cold, maybe it could also hold up the dry air?
  8. Under a heavier band at the moment. It’s borderline ripping right now. Quarter to half dollar sized flakes. Biggest flakes of the day here for sure. Temp has dropped to 30.
  9. Finally everything is beginning to whiten up here. Looks like I have about 1/4in on the picnic table
  10. Quite a bit of sleet coming down now with the snow. Temp down to 32 and a light dusting on rooftops, grass, and picnic table
  11. Now all snow on the east side of Morristown and it’s pouring! Big flakes!!
  12. Starting to see more flakes than rain here now. Some pretty big ones too
  13. Just when I think it’s over here today, yet another surprise snow band sets up. Now actually have a light dusting on the car, picnic table, and trampoline. Temp down to 32, and a pretty decent little snow shower!