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  1. Good to hear the surgery went well! Will keep praying for her full recovery.
  2. Praying for your wife and your family!
  3. 26 at my house this AM. I hit freezing last night about 10 PM as well and it was 29 at midnight. I saw MRX reported 27 at the 7 AM observation.
  4. Looks like there could be a few patches of light snow beginning to mix in over W TN. Assuming it’s reaching the ground, of course. Just amazing how cold this airmass is and how it resembles a wintertime anafront! MRX latest afd talked about that very thing-how most of the moisture was anafrontal. I can’t recall seeing something quite this strong so late into April.
  5. I noticed the same thing John. There are YouTube videos of the broadcast from 1993 in Knoxville showing the airport receiving 15in and those amounts that you mentioned above. It’s almost like every 10yrs they decrease it a little (maybe to fit the climate change narrative, uggh, but hey that’s all conspiracy that they would do that, right LOL) At this rate by the time my kids are my age, they will say there was 6in at most.
  6. I put it in the obs. thread, but it’s absolutely ripping fatties here in Mtown this AM! A nice closing shot to this storm I guess! Looks like a healthy band is setting up!
  7. Absolutely ripping snow here right now! Ground getting white fast! Where did this come from. Wow!
  8. Unbelievable that even Austin TX and places even further south are getting snow yet again today! This would have to rank in the top 2 or 3 snowiest and coldest periods in history for that area!
  9. Just about 1/3-1/2in on the grass and vehicles. Coming down at a good clip still.
  10. Got a nice dusting almost instantly
  11. Coming down pretty good now mostly snow. Temp is down to 32 dp 31. My dewpoint actually ticked down with the temp when it went from 33/32 to 32/31. Rates cooling the column?
  12. Getting some big flakes mixing in now. Temp is 33.
  13. Getting a mix of sleet and snow here now
  14. Getting some light sleet here now. Temp 37.
  15. Memphis and N MS just getting smoked right now....3”+ hour rates
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