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  1. Jed33

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Had another bout of small hail, and would really swear there was sleet and even a flake or 2 mixing in with it this evening. Temp dropped to 35 degrees during the heaviest of it. Covered the picnic table and stuck pretty good on the kiddos trampoline.
  2. Just had one of those storms roll through town here about an hour ago. Several close strikes of lightning and close to 15min of heavy rain mixed with pea sized hail.
  3. Jed33

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Just had sleet and a few flakes mixed in. Enough to show up again in the eves of houses. Guess we’ll call it an “eve-duster” haha. It’s melting now that it’s stopped. Temp is 35. Dewpoint 31. I see that just north of the state line in VA, many counties are under WWA. Maybe Blunder will pick up a nice surprise this AM!
  4. Jed33

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    17 degrees this AM and a few snow flurries on the way to drop of the kids at school. Before I left the house with them I caught a glimpse of a cool sun pillar (at least that’s what I’ve always heard them called. There may be another name.)over the mountains. I have seen them before but never could quite get the lighting right to get a picture or I’m driving. This morning I wasn’t in a hurry and was finally able to get a decent picture.
  5. Jed33

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Few light flurries and snow grains here this AM too. Enough to see in the eves of housetops. Like stated earlier, it’s kinda sad to mention as one of the “events” of the year. Maybe next year will be better, we can hope, right.
  6. Jed33

    February 2019 Winter Speculation

    I’ve noticed that area is often quite a bit warmer than areas around it. Does downsloping play an effect in it? A lot of times, even in cold air regimes, that area will be 5-10 degrees warmer than even Knoxville or Dandridge to the east. Certainly it’s warmer quite often than Morristown, and it’s really not that far away.
  7. Jed33

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    I couldn’t figure out whether or not to like, laugh, or cry at that statement. It is sad that we are measuring today’s rainfall like it was snow fall. Ended up with 2.62in at the house.
  8. Jed33

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    Yeah it’s getting bad around here now! Thankfully it’s slacked off some, but my neighborhood is flooded and a car just stalled out. I live on a ridge but there is a slight dip at the bottom and a storm drain. It’s never backed up this bad. I imagine there is close to 2ft of water there right now. No one can get in or out. That’s my neighbor in the road where it goes up a small hill. Just goes to show you what flash flooding can do, even in areas that aren’t normally thought of as flood prone.
  9. Jed33

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    It’s coming an all out monsoon here at the house currently! So far 1.55in of rain today. 0.20in this AM and 1.35in just this evening. Of which 1/2in has fallen in just 20min!! Having an occasional lightning strike and clap of thunder too! 10 day rule???
  10. Jed33

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    It had switched to rain but now is mixing back with snow again here! I think it’s because a little bit heavier returns moved overhead. Maybe it will switch back for you guys up that way too. Meanwhile, I don’t know if we’re going to make it to 43 today given this precip that moved in. The temp climbed to 37 before the heavier precip moved in and has steadily dropped. It’s now 33. Well that was a brief dip to 33. Precip quit and now back to 34. It was fun while it lasted I guess
  11. Jed33

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    Got a nice little band of sleet and snow moving through right now. Kinda thought it had all moved on out. Maybe one last hurrah for this system.
  12. Jed33

    Dayton microscale lee side low/ revenge of the strat storm

    My backyard currently. There is between 1.25-1.5in