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  1. Had a couple flashes of lightning and thunder this afternoon and just now with a cell moving in have had a couple more.
  2. Just had a rumble of thunder here! Forgot what it sounded like ha! Maybe that bodes well for the Thursday-Friday system
  3. I’m at Sugar Mtn. with the family I’d say they’ve probably had a couple new inches here overnight. Quite a bit of snow on the road too. Would estimate that there’s probably 1-2in on it up here.
  4. That’s how it is here. Can never really get more than about 1/4in total bc the sun comes out and melts it. It sure is pretty to look at. Too bad it’s not after dark as the sun wouldn’t be melting it. My temp fell back down to 30 degrees in that last squall that just came through!
  5. It’s coming all out whiteout right now! Fine flakes but just dumping! Easily the heaviest all day!
  6. Moderate snow now with nickels and quarters at times! Heavy Snow and all of a sudden my heavy dusting is back!
  7. Have a solid dusting on rooftops, cars, and grass. Temp is doing a similar thing here and I wonder if it may be due to the dewpoint increasing as moisture moves in. That in turn is increasing the temperature. Then when the moisture moves out, the dewpoint falls back a degree and temp goes down. For instance, when it was snowing a few min ago, I was at 30 degrees with a dp between 29/30. Now that it’s stopped, I’m at 29 dp 28. Just a thought
  8. Light snow currently falling. Looks like the rooftops are whitening up a little.
  9. It’s actually mixing a little here too now. Edit:Full on graupel/snow shower now. Wasn’t really expecting that this morning
  10. Moderate snow again here now. Flake size has increased again.
  11. Got about 1/2in now even seeing it stick to a few roads and sidewalks
  12. Man it’s really coming down here to everything getting white fast!
  13. There is some pixie dust here so far this AM, but it’s so light it’s just blowing right off. Edit: Flake size is actually a little better now and I can begin to see a very light dusting on cars
  14. Yeah this system is way bigger than what most, if not all models had indicated