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  1. liltwilite2011

    December 8-10 Storm Obs

    Just that quick our power went out. Northwest Knox County
  2. liltwilite2011

    December 8-10 Storm Obs

    Heavy Snow in Karns! Roads are covered.
  3. liltwilite2011

    Potential Big Dog Snow Event February 15th

    I just heard it a minute ago. he said the temperature only going up to 34 should have been a red flag and he thinks after midnight it will change over to snow. Matt Hinkin thinks it will be in the 40's at midnight and rain in Knoxville.
  4. liltwilite2011

    February Banter

    7.5 inches in West Knoxville- Karns area. If I knew school would be closed for Knox County tomorrow, I would head for Harrisburg, Pa to see my daughter grandsons and more snow!
  5. liltwilite2011

    February 2014 Observations

    7.5 inches in West Knoxville, Karns area.
  6. liltwilite2011

    Winter Storm Threat: 9Feb-15Feb

    Light snow in northwest Knoxville, Karns area.