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  1. Where did you get this image? Super Cool!
  2. RAP model looking good for a heavy wet snow event in Northeast/Central E TN as to the hour it goes out as of now. Heaviest snow bands will set up just over the Rain/Snow line as relatively warmer but below freezing temps can house more moisture and therefor a heavier snowfall rate with this type of system.
  3. It’s the clash of the titans in terms of weather models and NWS. With no Winter Weather Advisory or any winter precipitation related alert Southwest down the valley from Hawkins County, touching VA by the way. Euro, Fv3 GFS, NAM, RGEM, CMC, and somewhat the op GFS all in somewhat agreence there will be light to moderate snow accumulations Sunday Morning and into the afternoon as NWS isn’t buyin those ideas for Central/NE valley. For now, light snow, sleet and rain, in the Southern and central valley will continue on and off throughout the day as very dry and chilly air encompasses the area...for now.
  4. 0z Euro in line with yesterday’s 18z Fv3 GFS, central/upper Tennessee valley looking at potential for historic Winter Storm as Pinapple Express brings in Gulf low and upper high to the north allowing cold air placement along with freezing rain potential. Cold air will attempt to be dammed/ locked in on the upper mountains of TN/NC >3000 ft however below this altitude temps will try to warm up as low pressure favored in the areas of E TN foothills, However the upper valley itself will have a good shot at frozen precipitation as cold, High pressure air will attemp to stay sheltered in the valley as high pressure sinks. Some mixing/rain may initially occur but will change over to a possibility for heavy wet snow.