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  1. Hail on LeConte and 38 degrees: https://www.facebook.com/LeConteLodge/photos/pb.10150118008000724.-2207520000../10164210396465724/?type=3&theater
  2. I was just referring to this week, lol. Sorry, probably could have phrased that better. I can't take any more freezes. We had a fire going all day last Saturday, (I think...) I was watching the radar and satellite today and noticed some storms over the upper plateau that looked terrain based. MRX mentioned a wave helping too: They even made a lil outflow boundary into KY
  3. Freezes and snow in Frozen Head to terrain based storms on the upper plateau in a week. woot woot!
  4. Same situation here. We hit 31 at about 6 AM, but when I looked out everything was still wet. About an hour later a nice thin crust of ice. We covered everything with some bed sheets and that seems to have done the trick.
  5. It completely died before it made it to my place in Morgan County; I didn't even see a drop of rain. Some nice wind gusts as what was left came through, but that was it.
  6. This convective system looks pretty healthy to me, compared to the CAMs anyway: Good and sunny upstream too, between it and me, although beyond that I'm not too good at ready the mesoscale analysis pages for severe/ strong storm parameters. To me it looks like it will make a nice charge Paris -> Nashville -> Crossville -> Knoxville
  7. I know. I wish I could! I would appreciate even the cold and snow out there, if it meant things were back to normal. I'm sure now that there is a nice ridge over the SW, next year will be troughs again, lol. Some of my friends and I are going to try to do our own SW Trip in July, even though the college's trip is cancelled. We usually go through OK, but I want to see KS more, so will be heading through its underbelly. Like a Fayetteville, AR (friend lives there) to Wichita to Dodge City to Pueblo type route. OBS today = Pollen of Doom + some wind that reminds me of N Arizona. I don't know how things are down in the valley, but it has been rough with some wind (very minor) damage on the plateau
  8. Like y'all have been saying, it's been a "all day fire" kind of day up here in the plateau. Even though my usual trip to the SW is cancelled, today reminds me of some of the spring days above 6000' in the Southwest. Normally I'd be over it at this date, but the wood smoke smell makes it worth it!
  9. Got some pea sized hail with this line as it is coming through Morgan County
  10. That plateau one is about to hammer me. Looks like it was bowing out a bit the last few NEXRAD frames
  11. Sorry the above should say glad there's **NOT** a ton of sunshine.
  12. 12z new HRRR4 or whatever it is now is throwing some sort (I say that because it has a little black swath overhead) of severe storm right over my head at 23 - 0z this evening. Also popping some CAPE and decent (300 -occasionally 400) helicity values in my neck of the woods. 14z old HRRR looks similar. Not sure it will make a difference, but glad there's a ton of sunshine in sight right now.
  13. There's a storm in N AL that's looking healthy.
  14. WBIR reporting the Little Pigeon River is flooding near Walter's State CC in Sevier county. Apparently one person saying they've "never seen it that bad" and that has to be saying a lot after last Feb and this Feb.
  15. Bowing storm aiming at Dayton. The northern edge may hit me.
  16. Absolutely pouring right now. One of the heaviest rains I've ever experienced. Visibility down to >.10 mile with fog.
  17. To me it looks like there may be a piece of that airmass beyond the lower warm front that makes it into the southern valley, but it will be close to the time the main front swings through. Very heavy rain right now really working over the atmosphere. And that QLCS we were talking about earlier seems to have turned more east, rather than coming up towards Chatt, so some of the convection is perpendicular to the valley now. Hard to say with the line back in MS now though.
  18. If that QLCS holds together, the HRRR suggests that it might be making it straight for the southern/ south central parts of the eastern valley
  19. We hit about 30 and a couple of basil plants bit the dust, but surprisingly the tomatoes look good. This is the first year we've owned a house and this one came with a garden, so will be interested to see how all this does.
  20. Overnight Euro bringing winter back for the upper plateau and higher elevations next Wednesday if we can survive this weekend: Fair number of members on the EPS see the chance too.
  21. Yeah same here. Lucked out with some heavy rain to knock the pollen down though.
  22. Thanks Jeff and Calderon for the replies. McMinn, sorry about the outbreak word, I was probably too loose with that as far off as things are now. It is 2020 after all though, so my mind just went to worst case right away, lol. Yeah, hopefully something kills this threat Sunday AM, no one needs power outages and other major infrastructure problems right now.