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  1. Had some pretty good tree damage at my neighbors rental house in Halls just a couple of miles from where I live. At my house the winds were not that serious 30ish mph but they were definitely swirling around and not so much straight line. Not suggesting a tornado but there was definitely some SE inflow and this damage was just NNE of me. A barn was destroyed by a tree. .
  2. Catching up on rain fast right now. [emoji23] .
  3. Getting a good slow soaker this morning. .
  4. I’m getting screwed on the rain. Last two days I’ve only had a few hundredths. Today I got outflowed by the complex moving through N Knox Co. It blowed out just to my NW and refired to my East 4 miles where they got almost 2inches. Similar to yesterday with the complex that trained through Knoxville. You can see my location as “home” on RadarScope [emoji2369] .
  5. Our neighbors have their own house on Cape San Blas and we usually do fall break there. There it’s very easy to social distance because it’s not crowded at all. I love that place. They were very lucky that hurricane Michael didn’t destroy that whole peninsula, considering it protects parts of Mexico Beach. .
  6. Throwing this pic in here of me and my son who had a great time. I wasn’t really fired up about coming here with everything that’s going on in our upside down world but I just couldn’t tell him we wasn’t going to the beach. We just did carry out most nights when we didn’t eat in. We did go to the outlets one day but they were not all that crowded and we obviously had on masks. I’d say 90% of the people we saw in public had on masks. .
  7. To be honest where I’m at in the Windy Hill area of N Myrtle which is directly across from Barefoot Landing the beaches were more crowded than I expected. Today we had perfect weather, upper 80’s and a very slight breeze. We went out around 9ish this morning and we actually had to look for a spot on the beach to sit down. It’s not exactly packed but we had to look around for a spot that was 6 foot or so away from people. Here’s a pic I took and the majority of the time the beaches were about 50% more crowded than this pic. .
  8. This is a beautiful pic. Did you use an iPhone? I have an iPhone 11 Pro but I haven’t figured out all the camera options yet. .
  9. I’m at N Myrtle and thought I was seeing a water spout forming but it never tightened up. Couple of pics I took. Could have been a scud but there was already 2 water spouts confirmed about 30 min up the road. With this low pressure spinning in central SC I am on the good side to see a spin up. .
  10. I’ve had about eight inches of rain over the last two weeks. There was 40ish roads closed in west Knox the other day after that conveyor belt of storms came through. What’s even more crazy is one of my friends just east of Jackson Tn is begging for rain. He went over 10 days at one point. .