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  1. I remember 2002. Almost wiped Mossy Grove off the map. .
  2. 30” of rain the last 2 February combined. .
  3. Playing Woodlake GC in Tazewell on Friday. Should be some beautiful views. .
  4. I’m enjoying our weather ATM though. Warm afternoons and cool nights are nice. .
  5. About 4 days in a row now the mods have pushed the cool down back a day. I’m sure climo will catch up eventually but that cooler than normal look we were getting is fading unfortunately. .
  6. Oh yeah. I’m more knowledgeable during the winter but I’ve always been interested in severe weather and lately I’ve been studying more. I’m not into climate stuff, especially long term. Thank goodness we have guys on here that take a special interest in it. .
  7. So maybe some action later, I like it. .
  8. Cullman Co literally has a target on its back. That place has taken a beating the last 10 years.
  9. My burning bushes are starting to turn. .
  10. I’m north of Knoxville close to Union Co and we have had an unbelievable amount of rain. Wettest August I can ever remember. This is just from today. .