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  1. One of the biggest days in Knoxville in a long time and the Great Lakes short wave has tracked 300 miles south. I don’t like starting off script with this big of a game on the line. .
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CivSWp2LSso/?igshid=NjZiMGI4OTY= .
  3. 51 on my Jeep thermometer and I’ve got my top off. You forget how cool 50 is until it hits it at the end of summer .
  4. Thought I’d drop this off and see what you all think.. .
  5. Haven’t been keeping up with the weather much lately but I did see MRX talking about a upper low in August. How rare is that? .
  6. We were lucky on the seats, sorta. My wife works at UTMC and we get out tickets from a Dr friend of hers. The seats are in the NW corner of the end zone. Even though they are upper deck, they are the first row of the upper deck. I’ve been to hundreds of games and I wouldn’t trade those for any seat in the building. We also pay face value for the tickets so no fees or donations added.
  7. I’ll take 80ish high temps with mid 50 lows in September. I’ve been to many games at Neyland in September where it’s 90 up until 8pm. I was lucky enough that my season tickets were xx4 row 1 and that put us in the shade after 3pm. .
  8. MRX is hinting at some severe for next week. At least that’s how I read it. .
  9. Looks like starting this weekend the next couple of weeks will be nice. .
  10. The last few storms that have hit know has had some very low cloud decks with scuds mixed in. Took this several days ago… Also seen this tree down on some power lines yesterday in Powell .
  11. Not sure where this possible flooding will come from just looking at the radar. Nothing downstream either… .
  12. Knoxville doesn’t need anymore rain. Had severe flooding in spots a few days ago especially north of 40 from Powell to Halls. I picked up 3.25” in two hours and several roads had to be closed around my house in Halls. .
  13. Pretty big swing and miss on the forecast today and it was probably a good thing. As of 4pm no rain in Knoxville, mods where looking at 2-4” by early afternoon. .
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