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  1. Ended up with .76”. Seemed like it was much more though. .
  2. Was not expecting this much rain this morning. Also quite a few severe reports in the typical favored areas. Northern Plateau and southern plateau to Chattanooga. .
  3. There was a short lived TDS this morning around 6am cst NE of Nashville in Hartsville. Velocity was kinda one sided but had strong winds .
  4. With winds that strong you wonder how snow would even reach the ground .
  5. Friday into Saturday is definitely worth watching .
  6. I’ve got to get tires for my Jeep. They are 35/12.50r18 and around 400$ a piece for what I run. .
  7. Are you in a good location for NW flow events? .
  8. I would take another 4-6” on Christmas Eve. Que the… “that’s what she said” joke [emoji23] .
  9. Oh that’s awesome. I saw a video from Mitchell and it was snowing pretty good. .
  10. Wonder if the mountains above 6k are getting snow today. Clingmans Dome is 35° in a NW flow aloft. .
  11. Tornado earlier today with a TDS near Beaumont Tx .
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