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  1. Brite banding over Knoxville. Rain drops are about the size of quarters with some sleet mixing in. .
  2. Here’s a couple of pictures that show what a difference a couple of degrees makes. These two pictures taken minutes apart. The top one was 29 degrees in South Memphis, the bottom picture was in North Memphis at 26 degrees. .
  3. We will be disappointed regardless but we kinda knew or had a good idea that winter could be a dud. The lack of opportunities is kinda surprising to me though. To this point we really haven’t been all that close to sniffing on one. We swing and miss on some around here but we haven’t really seen a pitch yet. .
  4. It feels like the temp in Knoxville has really fell off the past hour or so. .
  5. FYI… TWC app now has added “light Fz rain” into my GPS forecast for Wednesday morning with a low of 32°. They have also changed to a 50% chance of ZR for Friday morning with a low of 28. None of this was there when I checked it this morning. .
  6. A lot of times the tick to the North happens because there’s nothing to keep it from doing that. Here we have a situation where high pressure behind the front is actually trying to move everything SE. So IMO if we see a little jog, it will likely be more south than east. SER is strong so it will not move much. I could be totally wrong but that’s my opinion. .
  7. A buddy of mine who does boiler work for me lives in Del Rio. That upslope event a few weeks back, he picked up about 8”. He’s around 4k feet. .
  8. I completely forgot you were in Knoxville for a while. One day I’m going to retire to Wears Valley and buy a cabin up to at least 2k feet. Would love to get above the 2,500ft threshold though. .
  9. With temps around 30 degrees, I don’t think this will be a travel issue for the most part unless it’s mostly at night. Bridges might need to be watched. Power going out would be my only concern. .
  10. You are correct and I should probably narrow down my “ETn” reference to a mention of valley locations. You might not realize this and maybe I’m in the minority here but IMO if you are not in the valley, I consider those areas grouped in with “elevation” areas. For me, anyone NE of Morristown is part of elevated forecasts even if you’re under 2k feet. John is in a similar situation. I’m 30 min north of Knoxville and the difference between the two can be significant in the winter. When atmospheric conditions are normal, I’m 7 to 10 degrees colder that downtown Knoxville. The difference between my location and yours is as significant if not more than mine to Knoxville. So that’s why I consider you all part of elevated forecast. .
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