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  1. Strange pattern we are in right now. Bermuda grass is struggling. .
  2. I think ETn is out of the severe threat for this afternoon unless we get an extended period of clouds breaking up. LI are pretty high for this afternoon with the cold pool moving in but SBCAPE will probably be just a few hundred JK unless we get some clearing. Storm mode is a lot more messy than I anticipated. .
  3. This spin up looks pretty healthy headed towards Crossville. Radar is so far away it’s hard to tell though. .
  4. That fire hose in the foothills needs to shut off soon or there’s going to be trouble .
  5. Could be a weak spin up just north of Nashville .
  6. Took this pic earlier from Knoxville looking north. Probably just a scud or maybe a weak down burst. .
  7. MCS could lay down some boundaries in our area since it’s tracking north of us. .
  8. If we can get some clearing tomorrow after the morning MCS it might get interesting, even in ETn. .
  9. Damage confirmed just west of Atlanta .
  10. TDS with a storm moving into Atlanta .
  11. Over the last 10 to 15 years I’ll go with Cullman. .