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  1. Scuds are often confused for tornadoes. They can look suspicious but most people look at the cloud structure and not try to find rotation. .
  2. Looks like a shelf or roll clouds moving in with imbedded scud clouds. Either way it’s beautiful .
  3. Have you ever turned your records over to MRX or at least asked them if they want them? I’d be interested in your mean temps compared to Knoxville over the past 30 years. .
  4. Didn’t we do that in October? Record highs in the low 90’s and then a chance of snow around Halloween? .
  5. Lots of sunshine now in Knoxville. Wind has really picked up. .
  6. The feel to the air has really changed in Knoxville the last hour or so. I’m assuming the WF has gone through. The wind has picked up and it has that feel to it. Temps are low to mid 70’s and DP’s are mid/upper 60’s. Sun isn’t out but it is juicy out here. .
  7. If we had some return flow, Saturday afternoon would be interesting. Will still have to be watched if we get plenty of sunshine throughout the day. .
  8. Sun is in and out at the moment. I’ll say that it’s really juicy out here. Completely different feel to the air from just a few hours ago. .
  9. Some clearing trying to move East. Seems like getting dry slotted would give us sunshine but would also lower boundary layer moisture. .
  10. ETn joined the party today. SPC a little more bullish than I expected. .
  11. That’s a bad track for the plateau and east of there. .
  12. That’s sending the low right across ETn? .
  13. Very interesting read https://www.weather.gov/mrx/tornadostudy .