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  1. Couple of pic I just took from home .
  2. The biggest surprise is how almost all the mods sniffed out the enhanced area moving through the valley and they locked on to that about 2-3 days out. You add in what melted and I’d say the 3-4” showed on most maps was pretty close to what actually fell. .
  3. Something I don’t remember ever seeing is snow on fall foliage. .
  4. I took this screenshot because it was funny that RadarScope was popping a hail indicator but you can see the band that set up on me. Now an hour before that the yellow was a little bigger and some orange was mixed in but when I looped the radar it was almost like a deform band where that backside edge was moving slower than the main body of precip. .
  5. Pic leaving my house. Almost 2” .
  6. Just woke up to heavy snow. Subdivision roads are covered with 3/4” on the grass .
  7. I’m north of 40 about 10ish miles up 75 .
  8. MRX has also lowered my low temp from 33 to 30 during the update .
  9. MRX now saying mods are showing an enhancement of snow in the morning for the valley and they might add Knox and a few others to the WWA. They upped totals in the valley. Seems like IMO they just wanted to wait until it seemed probable that the mods were on to what has been shown for the last 24 hours. .
  10. Friend of mine in Lexington Tn, NE of Jackson said an hour ago they had snow and 30 degrees. Seems like temps are falling lower than I expected. Edit: he just told me schools are closing in Jackson. He wasn’t expecting to get anything more than a few flakes. .