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  1. This would be pretty heavy if it’s something frozen. This area as a whole has been getting better organized. .
  2. Last few frames it looks like the precip was moving more East than SSE. .
  3. Yeah I’m just under 38. I think the mix in the valley will be around I40 and south. Even in Knox Co I think if someone gets under a convective burst it could lay on the back roads. .
  4. It’s snow/graupel north of Knoxville .
  5. Just thinking about tonight..... it’s 23 at New Found Gap, 31 at Ober Gatlinburg and 37 at my house 1k feet. I’m not sure how much rain we will actually get out of round 2 with temp at 0c down to 3800ft. Not expecting a issue in Knoxville but even in the N knox co areas there could be “back roads” problems, especially in the shaded areas. I’d say the county roads are all in the 30’s by now. .
  6. Looks like Knoxville is gonna stay 5-7 degrees below our high temp. Thermal warming is about done and we are 37-38 degrees. .
  7. I mean..... if we’re looking at it like that I’d rather it be sunny and 70. .
  8. It’s really nice you follow severe this close so far out. Appreciate the updates. .
  9. Heavy dusting, 1/4” or so of snow. Woke up at 4am and it was really coming down. High ratio stuff. .
  10. WSW issued for Blount, Sevier and Cocke GSM. Sounds like over 6” possible on top .