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  1. Hearing some rumors from the Twitter Mets that severe weather might make a return in a couple of weeks. .
  2. Looks like next week we get a shot at some rain and early fall like temps. Mother Nature has given me the finger on some rain. Haven’t had any in over two weeks. I’ve consistently been gapped by everything that’s came through. My poor lawn is fried. [emoji53] .
  3. Looks like upper 70’s to low 80’s most of next week around Knoxville. [mention=499]John1122[/mention] might get into the upper 40’s one morning. .
  4. Severe thunderstorm warning for east Knox Co and MRX is down under maintenance. [emoji53] .
  5. Only thing that bothers me, mostly because I have battered snow syndrome but we have been in a good, extended pattern for winter during the middle of summer and the odds of it being the opposite come winter is realistic IMO. Nothing scientific about my thoughts, just based on our luck around here. .
  6. Still worried about the heat getting pushed back a day at a time in the LR. Mid 90’s for Saturday now, around 90 on Sunday. But this is encouraging…. .
  7. I don’t like how the end of the high temps keep getting pushed back every day. This time last week the heat wave only looked to last a few days. Now it’s going into the weekend. Not good. .
  8. In Knoxville, we have probably had as many 70 degree days as 90 over the past 6 weeks. Aug is on pace to be the wettest and coolest on record but I’m sure that will collapse starting this weekend .
  9. I was on Emory Rd coming from Powell to Halls and that was probably the worst storm I’ve ever driven through. 40-50 mph winds and quarter size hail. There was definitely a little low level rotation in that cell. I was coming up 75 and had a good look at the wall cloud. Cloud structure was beautiful .
  10. Do you know how to look in the past on RadarScope? .
  11. Little damp this morning. [emoji53] .
  12. I’m by no means an expert but when I was watching Ref and Velocity, I didn’t see anything all that alarming until about 2:10pm on RadarScope. You could tell there was a little twist to the cluster on Ref. Inflow on Velocity wasn’t all that great but you could tell the backside had started to wraparound. The very next frame is when the CC drop showed up. The tornado was rainwrapped and I don’t have much experience with that but I have seen in the past that sometimes a rainwrapped tornado isn’t super clear on Velocity. Two frames later, or about 2:20 you could see the winds accelerate and bow out. Almost seemed like the RFD choked off the inflow and the cell collapsed creating the 70-80mph winds from Knoxville to Dandridge. In East Knoxville, RadarScope was reading 90-110mph at 2k feet. .
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