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  1. Low temp this morning was 50, yesterday it was 52 and it’s Memorial Day weekend. What in the world is going on. Lol .
  2. 2017 was terrible. It rained every weekend. Every time we had friends over to swim it rained. On the other hand, it was the only year I never put water down on my lawn and it never became stressed out. .
  3. I’ve talked about this before in my thoughts about ETn severe weather…. Storm movement today will be west to east or maybe even a little NW to SE. shear isn’t all that great but it’s just enough. The biggest thing with storm motion is the low and mid level winds will intersect the cells at a better angle because of the storm moving SE. .
  4. Was gapped yesterday and it’s looking like most of the rain will stay just west of Knoxville. I’m not dry yet but this is heading in the wrong direction. .
  5. Got hit pretty good around Knoxville. Several hail reports and a few trees down, especially along the 75 corridor through Knox Co. I picked up about .75”. Some places got around an inch. Exactly what the Dr ordered .
  6. I’m worried about it. Winter/spring was about average on rain. I was realizing hoping for a really wet start to summer to help with vegetation/lawns. Picking up a moisture manager this week for my front yard. .
  7. I was reading the SE forum and they think MCS season is about to get going. Southerly flow at the surface with a NW flow aloft. Should have some buoyancy with a good mixed layer that will help lapse rates along with micro burst. Doesn’t take much shear, especially if there’s left over boundaries from other storms. Seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a true bowling ball come through. .
  8. Haven’t been on the board much lately… any drought concerns going forward? .
  9. from Clingmans Dome Sunday around 8pm the temp was 28 degrees with 100% humidity. Web cam is a still shot but it looked like it was snowing. .
  10. What a weird weather time we are in, been in. Last week in April and I’ll pull my window planters in because of the frost .
  11. I’m already seeing my fescue get some stressed areas. Not sure I’ve ever seen that this early. Guess I’ll apply my moisture manager now. .
  12. Some ULL type cells out there today, several hail reports down towards Blount/Knox/Sevier Co line. .
  13. A friend of mine doing some insurance surveying in WTn is sending me some pictures. From everything I know these are site built homes. The first picture had one house there, the second picture had several homes that are now gone. I found it odd that the homes were wiped clean but the tree damage wasn’t what you would expect in at least EF3 damage. .
  14. There’s so many videos from LR that just blow my mind. People just out enjoying their day, riding around while there’s a 1/2 mile wide tornado right behind them. An hour before that meso ever started to produce, I texted several of my friends and told them if they know anyone in LR, tell them there’s a tornado going to hit somewhere in that town and it could be significant. A friend of mine said…. Let me text my cousin who lives there. 10 min later I get a reply saying, “my cousin said there isn’t any warnings out”. I texted him back and told him to tell his cousin to find shelter and stay there. 2 hours later I get a text back saying his cousin is fine. “I made him go home where he has a basement. His home was about two miles away from the storm so it’s fine but he’s a little shaken up because he was headed to his gym to workout and now it’s gone. He would have been there. I’m not going to lie… it bothered me a little that I helped someone I didn’t know who was about to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. .
  15. 20k in Knox Co without power .
  16. @Holston_River_Rambler did you get any damage this morning? Seen several reports on social media that Morgan Co had some significant damage. .
  17. TYS had 4 gusts this afternoon over 60mph. Not sure if it’s coincidence or something is up with their system but TYS has had the highest wind gusts in the valley in every one of these wind events this year. They had a couple in the 70’s last week and one back in February of 87 mph. I believe most of these happened with the LLJ mixing down outside of thunderstorms. .
  18. Just to add… I absolutely agree with the SPC talking about storms being sustained further east into ETn. Because the QLCS will be well developed beforehand, it doesn’t take much if any surface based instability to keep the strong vertical updrafts going. For example the last system that rolled through had zero surface based instability. I won’t be surprised if the slight and enhanced risks will expand east to include ETn. .
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