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  1. Mostly snow with maybe some sleet is coming down steadily on Signal Mountain. Temp is about 37. It's not sticking to anything yet.
  2. I think we have around 3 inches or more on Signal now and it's still coming down. Wrecks everywhere and traffic off the mountain at a standstill. It's beautiful in my backyard though.
  3. It's snowing on Signal Mountain right now and appears to be sticking.
  4. Sleet started a little before 3 on Signal Mountain. It quickly mixed in with huge flakes of snow for awhile. The snow is lighter now but fairly steady and sticking to some grass.
  5. I've read every word of this thread, I'm enjoying following the speculation. I have a question about travel, too. I am driving from Opryland to Chattanooga Sunday morning. I'm mainly worried about Monteagle - any thoughts?
  6. Nice steady snow falling on Signal Mountain, but the roads are fine so far. School dismissed early, too.
  7. We had flurries on and off all day yesterday, even some in downtown Chattanooga, and then a nice dusting overnight on Signal. It was a pleasant surprise. They even delayed school. I am pretty sure we've seen more winter weather in the last 4 days than we have for the last 2 winters combined.
  8. Heavy wet snow on Signal Mountain (outside Chattanooga) right now. It's been raining all day so nothing is sticking and the rain is still mixing in at times. Interesting!
  9. My android did not alert me either and it usually does - I live on Signal and slept through the tornado warning. Nothing woke me until a tree fell in my backyard around 3:30 and usually I am a very light sleeper. Scary to think what could have happened.