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  1. had about given up on seeing anything but rain. Temp has fallen to 29 and a mix of sleet and snow is falling. I don't see anything on radar here in nw Cumberland Co.but glad to see something frozen!
  2. we have a light cover on the grass but still snowing in nw Cumberland co- I had about given up on seeing anything!
  3. It's up to a good inch and the change occurred for good at about 34 degrees sleeted about twenty minutes first. The temp is now 30 down from 38 when it was raining. I am about ten miles nw of crossville elevation 1988.
  4. Of all the posters here but have only posted one other time. ....Just still learning!
  5. They only predicted flurries for me but it is snowing big flakes about a half inch on ground already -started about five thirty p.m. I am in northwest Cumberland co. The Mayland area. I hope it keeps up! I am a fan
  6. 31 and light to moderate snow in Cumberland County but not sticking to the road much
  7. Hi ! I have been reading here for a long time but this is my first post . I am an amateur weather lover esp snow and anything frozen next on the list would be rain and storms. Anyway have learned so much just trying to understand this forum very enjoyable ! So here goes ....the obs from Cumberland County are light snow in the form of very small particles mixed occasionally w/ sleet and temp is 24-27 (have two thermometers dont have station yet ) aand my elevation is 1988 ft. Thanks to all for all I have learned and hope to get better !