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  1. Temperature already hovering around 50 and one last windy shower around 4 came through before clearing started
  2. Agreed!!! So often it melts the next day in the South, would like it to stay and multiply
  3. Same here, another maybe inch, true to form it was after the advisory was cancelled
  4. Here's the grocery store today in San Antonio, from my brother
  5. Pics from my brother in San Antonio, where it's snowing again... will it come our way ?
  6. I have pics but will post them in the banter thread?
  7. Yes, my brother in San Antonio said it's snowing there, he has no power and the stores are empty of everything.
  8. Not sure when it switched to rain ,had sleet at 1 a.m. for a while. Had a nice 4-5 inches before the rain started ruining it! Still coming down and not showing up on radar. Currently 33/32dp
  9. I have heavy sleet at 30....
  10. Walked out to take a shot of the road....it's all sticking
  11. Wow !! Dewpoint 27 ..... Amazing, I'm new to checking the dp, it really helps! It has gone up from 22 in about an hour and a half
  12. Down a couple of degrees to 27.... all snow
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