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  1. I agree on being ok with highs in 60s. My grandfather always talked about the little winters here on the plateau, dogwood first I think,and woolen britches winter and whippoorwill winter and I think blackberry winter is around the end of May when blackberries are in bloom. Someone else in the thread may have mentioned this already
  2. Any chance they're wrong and we might get more? Probably the last snow anyway...
  3. Rain coming down hard and we have gotten some pretty strong cracks of lightning and thunder, should be heading everyone else's way east of me
  4. Thinking the gust front just came through, but it wasn't very strong, dogs are freaking out though
  5. Never cleared out here in Cumberland, sky has noticably gotten darker in last 2o minutes and cloud layer lowering.... starting to hear thunder
  6. Noticed the NWS has lowered our temp highs for the next few days. They had 60s and have now posted high 40s because of snow. Anyone else notice it in their areas?
  7. Wind has definitely been a factor all night, final band very gusty. It's knocked the snow out of a lot of the trees onto the ground .Glad to see more members get snow this time as well
  8. Was just outside, and had the same thought. Very similar to snows we had in Missouri
  9. Gonna keep it and look at it in August when it's about 90 degrees
  10. Interesting....had several customers tell me they heard on local radio ( the TV met report) that areas in Cumberland county were getting 10 Inches ...I listened on way from town but didn't hear it ....oh well don't know what to make of that !?!
  11. Just got home from work and it changed from rain to sleet as I drove from Crossville
  12. Yes I tried to take a picture but was unsuccessful.... Nice surprise and hope it is a good omen for tomorrow!!
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