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  1. Nash NWS update seems like they see more potential South of 40 after reducing totals earlier.
  2. Will be watching the temps hope they are come in colder because I’ve seen this movie before.
  3. Love the bump up in Williamson County must be forecasting the deform band
  4. Any idea what the models are picking up on to cause the western and mid state snow reduction?
  5. Been snake bit so many times they are so conservative.
  6. Nashville Discussion - changed Of course, the big story is this weekend`s winter weather potential and I have to say, the major models are doing a much better job with continuity today. Surface and upper lows are following very similar trajectories and as we all know, this can be the difference in one area or another seeing more snow, less snow or a wintry mix. Problem for Middle TN, the surface low looks to be far enough south to make everything snow for us -- and QPFs are looking, well, high. We`re starting to advertise 4 to 6 inches, with the highest potential across our north and east, but honestly, it could be more than that in several spots, especially on the Plateau. This is going to be another one of those situations where you`ll need to plan for widespread travel impacts starting Sund
  7. Nashville latest Discussion basically says not much accumulation unless your on Plateau and I40 North for middle tenn. Really No Snow for I40 south.
  8. Need those big 1040 1045 HP pushing south to keep the cold locked. I’ll take a slow moving slider over those mega miller A’s any day here in Middle Tn.
  9. Can’t wait - it’s going to be a fun 3 weeks of tracking
  10. Well that’s it for the Franklin area . Local forecasters were lost as they always are - the models nailed it . Good cold storm - hopefully we get another in Jan.
  11. Nice pulse of heavier snow in Franklin after I just shoveled 5 inches. Not sure but the radar return north of 40 if it will also swing through ?
  12. Temp has dropped from 31 to 28 in the past hour here in Franklin as the heavy snow continues. Hope the moisture field holds together and the storm slows.
  13. Dumping in Franklin roads covered in 20 mins
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