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  1. Two of the three pine trees in my backyard blew over during this, here NW of Crossville. Power was out at my house for about 24 hours.
  2. It's 36 here but seems like mostly or all rain unfortunately
  3. February 7, 2021, or a different one? That was one of the prettiest snows I've seen in Crossville on the trees
  4. Most of what fell here at daybreak melted as it stopped snowing. Now it's coming down pretty good but tiny little pellet flakes
  5. Light Dusting NW of Crossville already. Nothing on radar.
  6. We got almost three feet of (mostly unexpected) snow from that one in Southeast Kentucky (McCreary County). No power for two weeks and no school for three weeks. The National Guard had to come in to clear trees due to the weight of the snow. I believe they were only calling for 2-4" tops after it switched over from rain, but it switched way early. I also read where motorists were stranded on I-40 up Monterey Mountain in TN where they ended up with around 15"
  7. Cumberland Cove in Mayland (somewhat near Monterey) had some pretty areas today with snow on the trees. Second pic is Davy Crockett Campground west of Crossville (between Crossville/Monterey):
  8. The ponds are frozen enough to stand on here already. I'm surprised they have snow cover since it only snowed for a couple hours. That would mean they had to freeze over fast. But then again it could've been from the dusting last night
  9. We have some fine snow crystals that have been falling for the last couple of hours giving us another dusting so far. They are hard to see with the eyeball but I can see them on the security camera
  10. Our high so far today NW of Crossville is -1. The Wind Chill has been consistently -20 or colder since this morning. I am happily staying indoors all day.
  11. Around an inch about 10 miles NW of Crossville. Could be slightly less. Seems to be done now other than flurries. Down to 5° and feels like -15. The low IMBY is forecast to be -5° tonight. Brrr
  12. The snow had no problems sticking to the roadway here despite raining literally minutes prior. My gauge shows 31, but TWC says 27.
  13. Heavy Dusting on the ground NW of Crossville. Did rain heavily before switching
  14. Yep, that's how it looks on radar too. A little circle of heavy snow will affect part of a county and dump a quick dusting or more before weakening. Doesn't take long to melt either.
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