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  1. Somehow after a ton of rain last night and 50+ on Sunday we still have a little left in heavily shaded areas. And this "line" of snow that slid off the roof and has been there all month lol. Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 50s so I doubt it survives any longer.
  2. Would've been another 7-9" incher if it stayed snow I think. It started at 1.5" per hour rates and right as the heaviest stuff on radar came through it went to all rain. I'm still very happy with it considering it was supposed to be 45 and raining here last night until a couple days ago.
  3. Yeah I was gonna say it seemed like a complete junk winter for middle and west TN till this week. And it seemed like most of East TN had a good one (except Chattanooga and a few other areas)
  4. That's probably a better description of what's been falling here. Definitely a lot of freezing rain as well. There's almost no ice on the trees surprisingly though.
  5. I still have sleet...I would even call it snow, mixing in. But it's like the very last gasp of a snowflake before turning into a raindrop lol.
  6. Yeah exactly, me too. I think on Sunday our high was showing 46 here for today with an inch of rain. We have been on the good side of the "busts" this year for sure.
  7. Definitely was (and still is...just wrong ptype) pumping it down fast. Would've been a cool one to see in the daylight. TWC shows Monterey randomly going back to snow at 3-4AM before it ends (light amounts). We are still 31 here but Crossville is reporting 32 and freezing rain.
  8. That's what happened here before it switched to frz rain. Hopefully it won't for you. I just saw where Cookeville had went to huge flakes and then rain as well. If only we were all 5 degrees colder
  9. Just jumped to 31 now
  10. No, it's holding at 30 for the last hour. It started at 29 about 3 hours ago. Monterey is reporting 32.
  11. Seems to be 50/50 snow & rain. But if it switches fully to rain I'm hoping it gets to 33+ quickly or we're in trouble.
  12. Yeah this could be bad because it looks like there's quite a bit left to come so if it stays below freezing the whole time it'll be a big mess here
  13. On second thought...they may be right. We are under the heaviest band of the night and it has switched to freezing rain here. Still 30°. We had 4" before the switch. I figure now that it's switched it probably won't go back to snow.
  14. Yeah they were showing me at 5-8" just now with "heavy snow" and only showed Monterey with another inch before switching to rain. I doubt that's ever happened here before and I hadn't seen a forecast like that for here in the past
  15. TWC suggests Monterey (10 Miles west of me) will change to rain in the next hour while we will stay all snow with an additional 5" here...what are the odds they would actually change to rain but not us? We are only 100ft higher than them and they are a little north of us
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