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  1. Yep, that's how it looks on radar too. A little circle of heavy snow will affect part of a county and dump a quick dusting or more before weakening. Doesn't take long to melt either.
  2. This happened in 5 minutes. Some of the snow showers are no joke tonight:
  3. WBIR said it was the most single day accumulation in Knoxville proper since the 93 blizzard, almost 29 years to the day! Very impressive. I did think the February 2014 event might have been 7-8" in Knoxville but maybe not.
  4. Yeah, that's what I was saying. The second one is just way off to the point it looks like it was referencing a completely different storm. In Cumberland County it shows the western half with more snow than the right, which is usually true, but not in this storm I think. So it's immediately wrong in that regard, minus the complete blank for Scott County. I wonder if the second map is based on reports and the areas that didn't report anything were literally left blank? Would be stupid but I can't think of anything since if anything the 72 hour map should look almost exactly the same as the 24, if not showing even more snowfall.
  5. That's weird. Both seem way off. The second one doesn't even seem for this event. The first has the line of heavier snow fairly accurate though. But some other areas seem way underdone, like Knoxville, and especially Arkansas. The second map seems more accurate for Arkansas and Western Tennessee though.
  6. Now it is, yeah. I don't have any shade in my yard and it's up to 39 degrees. Anything that is left today will surely be gone tomorrow. This camera is about 10 miles east of here: https://www.wate.com/weather/weather-cameras/fairfield-glade/
  7. The low temp was about 2am, so actually it happened closer to 10 hours ago. When I got up around 6am it was already up to 15, probably from when the clouds started rolling in. Now it's completely sunny again. Seems pretty possible to me. Mayland near me is reporting 35 right now as well and was 10 last night. I figured my station was off on temps but it looked similar to other nearby stations overnight. I was just going off what my station said. Snow cover + clear skies can cause the temperatures to plummet pretty quickly and then rise again as cloud cover moves in and wind shifts from the south.
  8. My station bottomed out at 5 last night NW of Crossville, but is already up to 35 today. It may be somewhat accurate because I did see a station 15 miles east reporting 5 degrees, and another 7. It seemed to melt more yesterday than today so far, but we've also had cloud cover today. Winter wasn't great in Knoxville this year but I have to think going out with such a bang like that makes it jump way up. If this storm happened in November or December and the rest of the winter was lackluster, it'd feel a lot more disappointing I would imagine
  9. 8 degrees currently here if my weather station is to be believed. Seems too low though Edit: now down to 6. My device may run too cold or too warm at times maybe because Crossville is reporting 10 currently. The previous low this winter was either 7 or 8 for me
  10. Crossville towercam. I've never seen it look like this before. The camera should be pointing right toward main street but really can't make anything out
  11. When I first clicked I saw flakes in the left side of the screen just blowing around randomly and for some reason I thought it was bees or insects for a second haha. It just looked way out of place compared to the rest of the video lol.
  12. I was disappointed because I thought it had quit earlier lol, even though it still showed on radar. Then I went outside and could see it clearly. It's 24 here now and feels like 10. Unusual for such high ratio snow in Mid-March. It's just blowing everywhere so not gonna be the "pretty" snow like usual probably but will add up quicker maybe.
  13. Yeah it's fine, barely can see it when I look at my security cam, but when I go outside it's really obvious in the street light. There is no snow on my vehicle to note because of how dry and windy it is.
  14. Dry powdery snow here. The wind is insane, looks like a blizzard at times. Flakes still aren't huge either but have gotten bigger from earlier. I can't stand to be out in it very long.
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