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  1. I definitely remember the 2009 event. We were supposed to get a few inches of snow here in Crossville then as well, but it was going to be close on temperatures. Instead, it stayed about 34 degrees the entire day and rained, rained, and rained some more. Never switched over.
  2. Here is the only picture I have from that February 2004 event, and it's very poor quality. Anyway, this was after we had started up the "mountain" and then turned around after running into heavy snow. So within 20 minutes the ground went from nothing to this. And then 5-10 minutes down the road it was completely clear again and never snowed. I just remembered as we traveled south on Highway 27 we kept seeing cars coming in the northbound lanes caked with snow on their front ends, like they had just literally ran smack into it.
  3. Ours has hung around longer than I expected but as of now it's mostly gone except for the areas in the shade. Hopefully there's potential for everyone in the Wednesday system but we'll see. Weather channel says it's 48 here currently even though my gauge says 40 so I might need to go check and see if it fell in the snow lol. EDIT: had fallen down in the snow lol.
  4. Yeah that's insane. I knew Oneida didn't get anything because we traveled through there during the event to get to that Church, and then on the way back we went through again and there was nothing in Oneida, or at my house 10 miles north of Oneida. However, 5-10 miles south of Oneida there were several inches. It was definitely a spotty event and I'm still not sure how it happened that way.
  5. This must've been at least one of the events, and one that John is referencing as well. This post is mainly about West Tennessee, but the way they mention it seemed to be very spotty and hop around from place to place sounds a lot like what I remember from that system. In fact, in the image at the link below, it shows about 9" of snow for my current location in NW Cumberland County (I lived in SE KY in early 2004 during this event and we received nothing in this storm), and virtually nothing in Monterey, only ten miles away!
  6. I found something! This is the exact event I'm thinking of. It was so isolated that Crossville got almost a foot, and Jamestown a dusting. Both locations are on the Plateau and normally receive similar snowfall. It seemed like it jumped over certain areas and hit others, almost like a pop up thunderstorm in the summer. I just remember it supposed to have been a widespread event, but thought it was a complete bust until we tried to go to church that night, and then seeing newspapers from Morgan County and Cumberland that week showing a heavy blanket of snow. I honestly don't believe we received a drop of snow OR rain at my house from it, so it wasn't even like temperatures came into play for me, the storm just missed us somehow Note: Deer Lodge and Sunbright are both in Morgan County and received heavy snow in this event, but I believe Wartburg, in the same county, received very little as well, if any.
  7. Man, I almost wonder if this was the other event you're talking about in that time frame then. I do specifically remember us driving to church that night to a church we had never attended, so I suppose a Sunday night is possible. I just remember being in high school the day before one of those events and them calling school off due to around a foot of snow incoming, but it never did anything where I lived (McCreary KY). Maybe in the 15 years since my brain is combining two different storms. I'll try to research it more. I actually have a very grainy picture on my computer somewhere of us trying to get off Brimstone Mountain that night after we ran smack into the snowfall. It seemed like within 30 minutes there were already three inches of snow on the ground, heaviest snow I've ever seen, but just down from the mountain it was bone dry.
  8. Yeah it was very unique if I remember. It just reminded me a little of yesterday's event but on a much bigger scale. As far as I remembered it was supposed to hit most of Tennessee and Kentucky super hard, but ended up being super isolated to certain places and nothing in others. I didn't realize that some places actually got the huge snow that was forecast until we picked up a copy of the Morgan County TN News (parents family from there) and saw where they were using backhoes to clean the snow off the roads. Pretty crazy to see when we were 30 miles from heavy snow but got nothing. @John1122 probably got a good snow out of that one since it hit parts of Scott, Morgan and Cumberland counties
  9. Side note, I lived in Southeast Kentucky in 2004 and I remembered a big snow being hyped in mid February that year. They were calling for around a foot of snow and had already canceled school the day before in anticipation. Well, we went to church that night (I believe it was a Wednesday night or a revival maybe, but during the week) on Brimstone Mountain south of Oneida, TN. The snow was supposed to come in later that evening and snow all night. We were driving South and were seeing cars coming in the northbound lanes with snow caked on the front of their cars, but there was no snow anywhere on the ground in Oneida. Once we got up to the church we found the snow and it was pouring extremely heavy. Church was canceled so we turned around just to try to get out safely because of how quick it was piling up. By the time we got down the hill, there was no snow again. We went back home that night and woke up the next morning to no snow at all. I was confused to how it could be snowing so hard in one place and nothing in others. I found out later that somehow the snow only seemed to hit Scott County, Morgan County, and Cumberland County (maybe a couple of other counties but it was very spotty) despite supposed to have been a pretty big event for all of Eastern TN and KY. Does anyone remember that system? I was only 15 or so then so I don't remember all the dynamics, but I know we stayed dry as a bone at my house with no precipitation at all, but the places above really did end up with around a foot of snow. This pic may be from the event I'm thinking of, February 16, 2004:
  10. Yeah that's crazy, I know it makes a difference, I just didn't realize how much a degree or two would affect it sticking if it was coming down pretty hard regardless. I went to Monterey this morning (they usually get the same or more snow than where I live despite being about 100-200ft lower than us) and going down the small hill from Cumberland County to Putnam County it was like the accumulation just stopped and by the time I got to Monterey there was almost nothing left. One of the local meteorologists shared this map this morning. It was a finicky system.
  11. We got down to 15 degrees this morning with the snow cover. It's only up to 21 so far, but by the end of the day most of this should be gone. It sounds like it was a bust for most of the forum but mainly due to temperature issues and not precip. I'm not sure what made it stick so easily here (even to the roadways until mostly melting later) but I guess a few degrees in ground temps can make a huge difference. Like I said in a previous post, I watched Cookeville's weather cam some yesterday and every time it looked like it was just pouring snow but the grass was still green and it's only 20 miles west of here, but off the Plateau. Looks like there could be more snow chances middle of next week so hopefully that one will be better for everyone.
  12. I was watching Cookeville's weather camera today (just off the Plateau to the west of me 20 miles) and it looked like it was snowing like crazy all day like it was here but it just never stuck there. It may have just looked harder on camera, but it looked like it was coming down just as hard as it was here and nothing ever seemed to stick. Like someone else said, if it was at night time it probably would've verified for everyone
  13. System has moved past here I think. Just flurries now. It was a good system and hopefully will give you all a few more hours of snow. Kinda wish it came in the evening so it would stick better for everyone
  14. We haven't had a lot of snowy days here this winter, BUT it seems like every time it has been cold enough to snow, it has. And every event has overperformed here it seems like. I consider it a pretty good winter with as much warm weather as we've had in between the occasional snowfall. Still light snow here, and hasn't melted as much as it looked like it was going to at first on the roadways. We have about 3 1/2" and I'm sure that's probably where we will top out.