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  1. ILX did indeed issue a late advisory (along with DVN)for Canton, Galesburg and points south .. PIA airport from the first wave per climate data : .1 late WED, 1.5 thru 4pm Thursday so total 1.6 first wave final report for Thursday 3.2 . so another 1.6 up to midnight yesterday from wave 2 Event total so far 3.3 . as of midnight but per hourly obs... another .2 inches of precip falling 12-3am ...so more after that
  2. IDOT cams showing decent snow over western IL including SPI and Jacksonville ...some roads slushy again just started here ...decent sized flakes dynamic cooling killing it ILX and SW parts of LOT areas going to a surprise..may need a quick advisory
  3. 18z GFS has a bulls eye of 1.4 inches of precip over IKK..alot of it coming tomorrow night..all liquid basically
  4. nice slug of precip moving north near STL..may get a quick 1-3 this evening on the NW fringe
  5. I have no idea ....it will be a NOWCAST situation...but never underestimate dynamic/convective cooling and a deformation zone later if it stays all snow many people are going to be surprised
  6. Nice burst here now..big flakes under the heavier returns going to be some "uneven" storm reports totals I think ....depending on how often one clears the snowboard to measure before it melts or compacts (every 6 hrs for some longer for others)
  7. Temps so marginal and such a waste of precip (about an inch ) ..if only it was January.....................
  8. Nice deformation band stall over IL on the NAM
  9. but it has frozen precip on the outer edge of the precip shield ..odd
  10. slow? edit: accidentally deleted previous post
  11. back to back to back....3 days in a row ...minor systems for IA, MN AND WI...the first now,,, with an interesting weak LES band moving into MKE from the southeast Northwest WI and central and northern MN has deep snowpack and will be adding to it this week....water equivalent too for possible MS river flooding problems later
  12. yep..after next weekend ...nothing...18z GFS continues to show a system over the northern Gulf and then rides up the east coast... but not really huge amounts of cold air dumping in behind it...no clippers..a north wind for days over the Gulf eats out all of the moisture..will take days of a south wind to recover....IF another SW flow sets up later in the month
  13. at 12z friday GFS has 1024 mb pressure in SW SD..Euro has 999mb low there (GFS 1001 mb low in SE CO) yet both end up with a low to mid 990's low over SE MI area at 12z Sat....with Euro being a tad weaker and more NW