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  1. So nice of Mother Nature to give NOLA a huge hurricane on the 16th anniversary of it's last huge hurricane.
  2. I love hurricane discussions on here, there's always one group of people saying the hurricane is looking weak and one group saying it looks like it's getting stronger. Both groups are looking at the same radar. Lots of wishcasting going on.
  3. Per police scanner they are finding collapsed buildings in the area. Multiple requests for ambulances on the scanner.
  4. I haven't experienced a real thunderstorm since I moved to Macomb County, MI eleven years ago. I went to Michigan State from 02-07 and they had some awesome storms. For eleven years I've watched awesome storm systems roll off the lakes on the west side of the state and just absolutely die as soon as they hit the Oakland/Macomb county line. It's enough to make me think about buying a decent truck and spend a few weekends a summer chasing storms out on the west side.
  5. I literally just watched a nice cell slide by on radar about a quarter mile to the East of my house. My yard hasn't seen a drop of rain today. Is this enough of a reason to sell my house and move?
  6. Metro Detroit in particular has been ridiculously lean the last 10 years. I can count on one hand the number of storms I've seen with more than a couple lightning strikes since I moved to Macomb County in 2010. It gets really irritating hearing thunder from miles away as all the storms dance around Wayne and Macomb counties. I can't count the number of times I've watched my zip code ride a slot in between storm cells to stay dry.
  7. This system is giving me flashbacks to all the systems that Detroit has whiffed on in the last 10 years.
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