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  1. Working at Chicago outlet mall & easily thousands of people here today. Mall said they were gonna only allow half of the parking lot to fill up before blocking it off, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Atleast every store is enforcing the occupancy policies, but still kind of unnerving (but not surprising) to see these crowds still
  2. That’s another thing too. It just really seems like the path we’re on is not sustainable for hospitals and something has to give
  3. Do you honestly think a national lockdown will be imposed during this administration? Like really, if we got to a certain point would they be forced to finally do something?
  4. My theory behind the cases seeming to plateau in IL is a combination of the warm spell we had a few weeks ago & maybe coming close to a (temporary?) testing ceiling. Would guess numbers might start going up more next week & beyond. Maybe I’m wrong, just a hunch.
  5. The last several months have confirmed most of this country values capitalism over lives/quality of life, they’d rather save the stock market than give people another check
  6. Kishwaukee hospital in Dekalb already had to turn one of their med/surge floors into a COVID unit 3 days ago & it’s full, the ICU is rapidly reaching capacity as well (per roommates gf that works there) so that lines up pretty well. Lasalle/Peru are 5th in the nation currently for rate of spread compared to population in the entire country as of yesterday. Almost surreal how fast this has gotten so bad, not surprising necessarily though
  7. Neighbor’s boat flipped over here, thought winds maxed out around 80mph but I feel like it’d take atleast 90mph to do this.
  8. New warnings in IL mention 80mph winds lasting for over 30 minutes
  9. Has the potential to be one of the more widespread wind events N IL has seen in many years
  10. I think a lot of people don’t understand how bad it could potentially get if no precautions are taken and hospitals start getting overwhelmed. We’ve avoided that for the most part so far, but if current trends hold it could be an issue soon in states like TX/FL/AZ/CA, etc. In that case you’d be having people die who would certainly not have died if they were able to receive proper care, and a lot of people seem to fail to realize that or think it just won’t happen because it hasn’t yet
  11. Cool to see CAPE values in excess of 5500 j/kg before noon. Hopefully we get some good storms this afternoon
  12. 86/70 here already with little/no sun behind the WAA storms. Definitely has that soupy feel to it
  13. KLOT just tweeted they have technicians working on it but no estimated time of restoration.