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  1. I’d give it an A- here just due to the longevity of the snowpack. Have had atleast 3” on the ground since December 29th, can’t do much better than that in N IL
  2. Finally feeling better. Goes without saying, but can’t imagine how awful the virus is for people with any sort of condition or anything that makes them more susceptible. Let’s hope the vaccines keep coming and we’re towards the end of this nightmarish journey
  3. Day 8 of nasty symptoms for me, I’m only 20 and it’s been pretty awful. Started to feel better Saturday but then woke up Sunday with a horrible stomach flu type thing, have heard of that happening to a few people. Just praying tomorrow will be the start of feeling better.
  4. Covid finally caught up to me, tested positive yesterday & feel like dog water today. Roommate’s gf likely gave it to us, oh well
  5. NAM a bump NW. 00z compared to 6z.
  6. There’s been atleast 4” of SD here in DKB since December 30th. Not sure what SD records look like but feel like by the end of the month we might be getting close. I can’t remember a year we didn’t nuke the snowpack at some point in Jan-Feb
  7. Hard to see on roads in DKB county due to the heavy snow rates
  8. Last night overperformed further south so hoping today’s wave will have the same effect further north. Should be a fun day either way with fat flakes already falling
  9. The things I would do to keep that band parked over us for several hours
  10. The convective nature of this is obvious. Going from SN+ to nothing in 20 seconds between better banding
  11. Downstream radar looks nice. Should be a fun afternoon
  12. Just start throwing it in the drainage creeks like NIU is doing
  13. 9.6” in DKB at of 4pm storm total. Trying to attach a pic but it won’t let me
  14. Ripping in DKB now, definitely exceeding 1”/hr