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  1. Yes - May snows were less than those - May records are 4.8" on May 3, 1935 in Madison, and 3.2" on May 3, 1935, and also May 10, 1990 in Milwaukee.
  2. In southern Wisconsin, the records for most snow this late in the season are 7.8" on Apr. 30, 1994 for Madison, and 5.0" on Apr. 30, 1907 for Milwaukee.
  3. 6.2" at my house this morning. It's not especially impressive given some of the guidance, but it's pretty. Also it looks like we might still get a couple more inches during the day today.
  4. This looks like a big storm for Madison with most models showing .75" QPF or more, and should be the biggest snowfall of the winter. I'm approaching it with more skepticism though, because the last storm 8" seemed like a lock, but we ended up with extremely small flake size and 10:1 ratios even with temps in the teens and only 5-6". This storm my list of things to watch include: - possible delay of heavy snow onset this evening due to dry air, suggested by HRRR and RAP - flake size, ratios (thinking ~12:1 with temp of 27?) - how soon will dry slot push in (4am or will heavy snow hold on longer), also will there be any heavier snow during the day Tuesday The way it looks right now I think we're good for the 6-9" that NWS is forecasting.
  5. Reduced vis. in lgt snow in Madison. Very tiny flake size, about a tenth of an inch accumulation so far.
  6. 3" at 9pm in Madison. The heavy bands have been missing us just to the south. I'm thinking we'll get around 6" total.
  7. .85" last night in my backyard in Madison. Not a ton of rain, but it's been saturated for weeks here and just keeps coming. The area lakes are still less than a foot below the record level they hit a few weeks ago, so if we do happen to get any of the heavier rain in the next week it will be bad news and probably new records.
  8. I know what you're talking about. We've been having those torrential downpours off and on for the last few weeks in Wisconson. They make me think, what, Wisconsin? Tropical downpour. In the flooding just west of Madison a couple weeks ago the state record for most precip in a 24 hour period was broken, believe it was 14" or more. Previous record was around 12".
  9. Snow rapid disappearage and it's not even 11am yet. Bring on springtime!
  10. I ended up with 4 inches at my house. One of the prettiest snows I can remember recently. Madison airport got 7.2 inches on the other side of town. 13.5 inches for the month has got to be one of the snowiest Aprils on record. Also 7 days with measurable snow seems like it would be close to a record.
  11. Thunder! So far we've gotten under an inch of slop, hasn't been especially impressive. Maybe we'll get some good accumulations soon though.
  12. Sleet has hung on in Madison contrary to what I said earlier. Still mixing in a few minutes ago.
  13. Precip started as sleet an hour ago and switched over to snow after about 20-30 minutes. Snowing steadily now but just a couple tenths accumulation so far.
  14. Yes, it's coming in a bit north of yesterday's models. DVN needs to downgrade their WSW zones to WWA. Here in Madison it looks like I will be slightly to the south of the heaviest snows. I see some heavier reports starting to come in from IA like 6.5 inches in Clear Lake, so the storm is producing. We'll see how well it holds together as it moves east.
  15. "but with high snow:water ratios up to 15 to 17 due to tremendous forcing..." High ratios on April 18th? This is nuts. Not sure they will be right about that, but it will definitely be interesting to watch.