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  1. Ended up with a dusting in Madison, but there's still deep snow here from earlier storms. Glad to hear about everyone that got a big storm!
  2. Still light winds here, wet snow is falling straight down and really coating the trees. I just measured 2.5". I was expecting around 4" total and seems like we'll get there. My snow depth was 13" before the snow started.
  3. I'm at 5.4" this morning compared to just 3.8" at the MSN airport which is about 10 mi. NE of me. I see a 5.8" report from Verona which is closer to me than MSN airport so there's support for that. I've bettered the airport by an inch or two on each of the last three storms here. I'll check total depth later but it should be around 14-15" as it was 10" before the snow started yesterday. This is the best string of storms in several years.
  4. It's pouring small flakes in Madison. Heavier returns continue to approach.
  5. Light dusting of pixie dust so far. Down to 29 degrees.
  6. Good call. I think we have a shot at 8-9", but 6 seems like a good middle of the road call. NWS still going with 3-6" and WWA for Dane County. If it piles up quickly early this evening we may get bumped up to a WSW.
  7. Polar vortex is headed south: https://climate.gov/news-features/blogs/enso/sudden-stratospheric-warming-and-polar-vortex-early-2021
  8. 12Z 3k NAM pushes the heavier previp farther north and almost doubles the total QPF for MSN from the 6Z run from 0.40" to 0.75". Will be interesting to see if other models go in this direction too.
  9. 8.0" of fluff final measurement here, still a bit of snow falling but the sun is starting to come out too.
  10. Just measured 7.3" at my house, average of several measurements. Went for a walk too and side streets have deep snow, minimally passable for regular cars. So it seems about right. I guess the airport hasn't done as well as the SW side, or else their snow all blew away.
  11. 6.2" out there with more to come still this morning. This banding has worked out well.
  12. Wow, Madison has been getting pounded overnight, totally didn't expect this much snow. It's looking great out there, some serious drifting too. Will go out and measure later.
  13. We're getting good sized flakes and reduced visibility now, and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if we get a couple inches. I hadn't expected it.
  14. ...And now the 18Z HRRR is showing I get an inch later this afternoon. First run that I have noticed where I actually got any measurable snow. It's just a slight shift to the NW from previous runs. If it comes true then NAM will have performed better in my area than RGEM/Canadian which had everything staying farther SE.
  15. 5.7" total. Not bad, and agree with others Canadian model did a great job. 2 different 5+" snowfalls in December is a good thing. I got 8" with the earlier Dec. storm.
  16. Snow is really coming down now in Madison. I measured 3.5" 20 min ago.
  17. Finished with 8" even here. Nice storm. Now hopefully it will stay around for a while.
  18. It's really coming down out there. 1.2" in last hour, 6.8" total.
  19. 4.5" on the ground this morning, it's a winter wonderland. Wind is really blowing.
  20. Rain has switched over to snow in Madison, but no accumulation yet. We seem to be in a good spot for this storm so I'm going for 5" but holding out for possibly a bit higher if we get in some bands.
  21. Oh man, I feel bad for them too. At least in Madison the models were already trending downward yesterday, so they've had more time to back down from the initial predictions here.
  22. Yeah, on the GEM Madison just went from 10 inches to 10 flakes in one model run lol. Oh well, we've had our share this winter, so I can't complain either way.
  23. 6.0" storm total yesterday, depth is 13". Very pretty snowfall, but wet and tiring to shovel. Forecast was for 1-3", so this way overperformed. We finally got a winter weather advisory late in the afternoon after most of the snow had already fallen.
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