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  1. The 12Z NAM has some energy left back. Curious?
  2. I'm sitting here in NW Ohio looking at one of the best storm wide radars i've seen in a long time. It's hard for me to believe we are gonna get 2" out of this. The thing would have to littereally fall to pieces like now. Any thoughts on this?? Is there more phasing going on?
  3. Is it just me, or does the 00Z NAM have less moisture stripping away from convection down south. Seems like a much healthier DEFORMATION band setting up.
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the Beer-Holder
  5. It's like a war between the North and the South. North says PHASE! South says Weak/No PHASE! This set up will tear are Sub apart, LOL.
  6. Not only did the Euro trend south with this one, but also for the big dog next week.
  7. Radar is starting to fill back in over Northern Indiana.
  8. According to the 18Z GFS, this thing is just getting started with more coming later tomorrow?? Some of the local offices hinting at this actually happening, but has the GFS now confirmed it??
  9. A little concerned about radar returns in Indiana. Anyone else downstream in Southern MI/NW Ohio concerned?
  10. This will be one of the best snows of the entire Winter in NW Ohio. 4" that doesn't melt in 5 hours may be the best we get.
  11. I'm scratching my head as well. I"m no Met, but i've got this feeling that everyone's been burned so bad, they are all taking the conservative route. Is it the lack of dynamics that they think will keep everything low??
  12. Is keeping it where it is 2 days out too much to ask. Just want to take the kiddo's sledding for Pete's Sake.
  13. That's the feeling i'm getting. These are the set the eastern lower lakes usually do well in.
  14. Watch the eastern sub light this board up! It'll end up somewhere in the middle. Been a while since we've had one like this. To track that is...