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  1. An exact repeat of that is what it looks like.
  2. I'm getting this weird feeling that things are shaping up exactly like last year. It's almost a Deja Vu feeling. Ripping pacific jet, signs of Strong El nino, etc.... Many Winter Forecasts are identical to last year at this time. .....Anyone else getting that feeling?
  3. Soooo, what you're saying is this cool November will flip a warm DEC-JAN-FEB, like what typically happens with a strong El NiNO??
  4. Not quite in the Nam's wheel house yet.
  5. I truly believe that Winter (13-14') was a once in 50 year event. I would be amazed to see something like that come together again, in my lifetime.
  6. Not gonna lie, I've been hoping for this thread to started as well! Way too early to get excited about any particular prognostication, but the CDC's outlook gets me excited about my first Great Lakes Christmas Ale during the first flakes!!
  7. From an anomaly standpoint, does this heat wave extreme compare to the Arctic Outbreak with had this past January?? It's a windchill vs. Heat Indices thing but I was curious to see what everyone else thinks?? Also, interesting to note that this heat wave will come and go in three days much like the Arctic Outbreak did. Went from a high of -10's to a high of 58 in 3 days.
  8. So the prognosticators of an epic Winter with a persistent Negative NAO nailed it! Just 3 months late. Put this pattern in January and you bury the Upper Ohio Valley with lots of snow and cold. Rat Fart!
  9. This Scenario sets everyone up for failure. Best just to sit back and enjoy the knuckle/curve/slider/fast ball that mother nature is pitching....
  10. I believe that was around Sunday, April 8 2016
  11. Wow! Some epic output 12Z runs on many models for the lower great lakes.
  12. How apropos....... this "Winter" season will be book ended by two epic off season Blizzards......possibly.
  13. Has the energy been fully sampled? Is it possible this could be a stronger system?