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  1. Those of us in the lower lakes region have to recognize this up coming system as about the perfect set-up for an epic winter storm....of course it's late September and we'll never get it to happen in January.
  2. If the warm blob in the NE pacific typically equals cold winters in the Midwest, what does this mean??
  3. Not sure if this already came up or not, but in my 45 years of existence, i've never witnessed a year where the cotton didn't fly. It's probably one of the most pleasant changes i've seen. I'm guessing it's from mid may cold snap we experienced in NW Ohio. Any enlightenment is welcome. I'm more of a micro physics guy so this is outside my wheelhouse.
  4. It's so outlandish that I think it's possible, LOL. This.....and Ending Later.
  5. Here in Toledo we have 5", so far. Crazy to see 5" on the my table but a dusting on the concrete. Will probably hit 7" before compaction.
  6. Man! Never saw Toledo get so much attention. Of course it comes in an off season snow storm when Nobody wants it! 5" before compaction......2-3" when everybody actually see's it at 7am...........gone by 1pm
  7. Can anyone spare a pick of the Euro?? It is off season and all.
  8. Seasonal Trends............ Remember the mid February storm. Trended SE but corrected more amped at go time. Can't ignore this. NAM hints at it .....GFS fails SE as it usually does..........and the Euro will sit back and clean up. This will be a Redux of that storm, in spirit at least.
  9. It's funny how 2020 seems to be forgotten. I find myself remembering something from 2 years ago, thinking it was last year.
  10. Are you calling me Dori?? Wait....why did I ask you that??
  11. If we truly are 15-20 days ahead like many have said, then this could be bad. Imagine getting a 5" snow fall in the middle of May.
  12. SE MI/NW OH-------Credit to Channel 13
  13. Michigan schools being asked to go to remote for two weeks following spring break. Being a teacher in the schools, it is worse now than any other part of this pandemic. Good call from the inside.
  14. Not quite.....I teach in Michigan and we have tons of kids getting it. We just shut down our high school due to too many cases to contract trace. Kids are definitely showing it differently than they were 2-3 months ago. Way more symptomatic.
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