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  1. And just like that there's fish in the stream! Now the question is, can we hook one?? At the very least the pattern looks solid.
  2. Something thread worthy for eastern parts of the sub could be in it's infancy stages....
  3. Can anyone describe the onset of their symptoms if they tested positive. I have what I'd typically play off as a sinus infection with a scratchy throat but don't want to take any chances.
  4. Perhaps the SE MI magnet is back! It only played out like this because no one created a storm thread.
  6. Every family has skeleton's in the closet, and so does every country. It's a fallen world
  7. Man! I enjoy the friendly banter in here so much better than the COVID thread. It's so toxic and divisive. Let's get a storm thread going!!
  8. That's exponential growth. IF nothing changes, then that's what will happen.
  9. While this whole pandemic has brought out the good in many, man has it exposed some nastiness in our society.
  10. Deaths will be terrible today.
  11. Who gives a &$%# about China right now. This isn't race for Pete's sake, it's rent, mortgage, food on the table for people that are out of work not by their actions or choosing.
  12. I know you're being sarcastic, but the actual stat of Americans that don't have past a 10 grade education is pretty frightening....
  13. definitely an overachiever on convection and precip in NW Ohio as well.
  15. What's your address! I'm gonna send you a present for making my day, lol.