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  1. One complete cycle for Earth takes about 26,000 years. By itself, the wobble of Earth's axis does not directly cause temperature changes like orbital shape and tilt. But it changes the portion of the orbit at which a given season occurs - that is, it changes when a particular season will occur.
  2. We are lucky to have your updates! Thank you.
  3. Everything here has been hyped and underachieving. Watch this go the opposite...lol.
  4. 00Z from last night was a rare gem for these parts. I'll take that are bring on the heat.
  5. Not sure if you any of you follow John Dee?? He fell ill a few weeks back and has since stopped posting on his site. Was curious if any knew how he was doing??
  6. 0Z Euro has an epic system just 5 days out for much of the sub. Curious.
  7. Looks like Grand Rapids is gonna issue Winter Weather Advisories. This is gonna leave SE MI in an awkward hole.....Curious.
  8. 12Z Nam beginning to show it's hand. Before you get too excited, the stuff in Mid-Ohio is sleet and freezing rain. SE Michigan looks to take the cake with this one, at least with this model, on this run. We are getting into the NAM's "accurate" range.
  9. WE are clearly becoming more confident as the winter goes on. Starting a thread a week out back in December would never happen. IN this set-up I say SE but with the SE Ridge coming back to life it becomes a Monster. 2008 repeater for CMH...
  10. I know I got shit for it, but he descending air mechanisms that dry slot produced, while it filled in, definitely did damage and changed the dynamics of the trowel making it more convective in nature. Hence the weird numbers everywhere.
  11. The shitty thing about my location is, that once we got dry slotted the returns are becoming convective in Nature. Not that nice meso banding that was going on west of Toledo. I can count on one hand in my 45 years that everything lines up. This is a frustrating hobby.
  12. This damn dry slot drives me nuts. Always seems to find me. Filling back in but I feel robbed.
  13. Thanks for the reassurance. Dry slot and sleet lasting forever was getting me down. You still think Toledo north is in a good spot?
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