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  1. If this were snow, I'd be right with ya. Ice, though...I don't have a problem with forecasts being wrong about ice storms, especially with my driveway being about 15 degrees from being vertical (slight exaggeration).
  2. Yeah, facebook just reminded me that we had a big snowfall here one year ago today. It was annoying then, and it'd be annoying now. I'm in spring mode, so I want this waste of a winter behind me. I resent stat-padding that'll make this awful winter look better than it was.
  3. Here's a NA-specific site I've been using (in addition to the John Hopkins COVID dashboard). This one seems to get results updated faster than any other site I've checked, and it's easy to see the delta changes. Plus, there's a county breakdown:
  4. Ugh, looking like another 1-3" for Peoria. Even if it magically stretches to 4", I don't want it, because I'm tired of these little nickel-and-dime snows. If we can't get 8"+, I'd rather skip it and go straight to spring.
  5. I know they used to say 'knee high in July' regarding where corn was supposed to be, but in recent years the corn seems to be much higher than that in July. I assume this is due to new hybrids, genetic engineering, etc. Does that mean less time is needed nowadays for a crop? And if that's the case, does that mean planting late is not as big a deal as it used to be?
  6. Yep, I know people who work at Cat buildings in that area. One told me that in his IT building, they've been told they might start working from home if the river hits 29'. One of the other factory buildings is only 15' above the river, so it might be half submerged if the levee breaks or overflows. The levee is supposedly in good shape, recently inspected, but who knows.
  7. I thought they were calling for it to crest at 27' at least two days ago, so I was a little surprised it was only bumped to 27.5' today. If it's cresting in Peoria on Sunday, and the more significant rain wouldn't come until's something to keep an eye on, but not sure it'll surpass the record.
  8. On the plus side, if you slip and fall off the roof, you won't fall far and you have a nice cushion beneath you.
  9. I agree. And I know it's probably an overreaction, but I'm wondering more and more if climate change is going to alter what's 'normal' for all of us, weather-wise. Maybe it's a short-term blip...but maybe it's also the beginnings of a new long-term trend.