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  1. Seeing quite a few mild outlooks so far. I guess it would be fitting for 2020.
  2. Always look forward to this. It means we are that much closer. Probably another disappointing winter around here but one can always hope.
  3. -NAOs always seem to be there in fall & spring!!! Frustrating
  4. Luckily got TP last weekend. Then my wife ventured out this morning to our GE & got pretty lucky. Got chicken, pork, milk, bread & eggs. There was no ground beef though. She also said they were literally stocking shelves continuously so things that she passed when she got there that were empty, were already stocked on her way out.
  5. First confirmed case in Columbus, OH.
  6. There may be enough on the ground for the kids to go sledding!! Crazy!
  7. Absolute snow globe of snowballs right now! Figures!!!!
  8. Hah, yeah. There is no one out there who has 70% success rate. No way.
  9. 70%? Who? I’ll pay more attention to them! DS did well w/ his winter forecast this year.
  10. Are we asking for too much?! LOL
  11. How anyone pays Bastard’s group anything for their analog based predictions I’ll never know. For next Fall, here is what I want to see or not see: NO frickin warm pool of water off Alaska. When it’s there in the Fall, it goes away just in time for winter (at least last 2 yrs it has). Give me a mild Halloween! Last couple of years it’s been cold (even had flurries this year). No crazy early cold/snow for November. Give me a seasonal Thanksgiving & maybe I nice step down to colder air as we progress through December. None of this is scientific whatsoever. I don’t care. I just want to start off differently next year. Tired if this BS! LOL
  12. Time to put the analog theory to bed like the SAI.
  13. Now down to “up to an inch” LMAO! Dumb