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  1. Shows how many actually care about the SAI anymore by lack of interest on this thread. Any updates?
  2. Hah!!! Yeah, I second that!!!!
  3. Right? Wet & wild. Hmmmm.... Sounds like the Old Farmer’s gotta get his mind outta the gutter! LOL
  4. Always get a kick out of these. “Wintry”. Yep, that covers it! LOL
  5. Can someone help with some intel? What was official snowfall total for Columbus, OH last winter? Thanks!
  6. Absolute snow globe right now. Too bad it’s not January! Sigh. Talk to everyone next winter. Have a great Summer!
  7. Ended up with 3 inches here in Powell. Of course, never stuck to the roads.
  8. Thanks man. Hey, what’s your thoughts on maybe another in the 8th-10th time frame?
  9. Thank goodness we have your expertise in this forum!
  10. Wow. Incredible how nickle & dimers add up!
  11. So true, but what changed with the model? Weird. What’s the 18z Euro looking like Buck?
  12. It’s Angrysummons brother!!!