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  1. Dude, that sux! Feel better!
  2. Just some rain & lightning here. Dudd.
  3. Big dudd here as far as severe weather is concerned. Just rain and a lot of lightning.
  4. 80! 80! 80! 80! Can we do it?
  5. Well you just jinxed us! Now we will have a tornado outbreak tomorrow. It's like when the announcer says, "He hasn't missed a field goal all season!" Lol As for weather, I am truly only a snow fan myself. Sure, I like a good Thunderstorm but generally don't like seeing people's houses & lives destroyed. Rarely does that happen w/ a good 'ole fashion snowstorm. As for tomorrow, hell let's go for 90, but still that doesn't make up for the total disappointment in this year's lack of winter weather.
  6. Changing your name to Heat Mizer!!! Lol
  7. Danke. Will be interesting to see where we end up this year. Looking real good to finish well below that #.
  8. Can someone post how much snow Columbus got last winter? Thx!
  9. Anyone got Dr. Cohen's adresss? I have 3 dozen eggs.....
  10. LMAO x2!!!! Sad state of affairs this winter that we have to resort to this for entertainment. Sigh... Also, sad that if we kept this going, I still don't think we'd hit 14 pages!