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  1. Snow globe here right now. Sticking to everything but pavement. Looks nice!
  2. We had a nice one last year, about 3 inches Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. Snow showers all day as well. Pretty nice. That pretty much guarantees us here in central Ohio see no snow for Christmas over the next 20 or so years! LOL
  3. So tired of them and their analog BS. Rarely works out. If you put out the same forecast over & over again, eventually you will be right once!
  4. Wow, an early post! I just thought I’d take a peak & didn’t expect to see you in here already. Hopefully a winter with much more from you this year! Cheers!
  5. Indeed. Have a great Spring & Summer! Talk to you in the Fall.
  6. The Christmas snow was special b/c it actually happened on xmas eve/day. That may never happen again in our lifetime (unless you are in your 20s). If it wasn’t for that boring stretch in all of January, this winter probably was an A in my book. So I’ll go with a solid B. You know me, always reminiscing of yesteryear & my days on the east coast where we got real snowstorms. They did quite well again, Philly north to NY, this year. Around here, if we don’t score a true clipper train for a time in winter, generally it’s not a great winter & we get stuck praying we don’t get the WTOD with storms.
  7. Hah, yeah, ask The Weather Channel!
  8. Unlike the last one, there should actually be decent ratios & no sleet!!!
  9. So you’re saying there’s a chance? LOL
  10. Saw the same thing. That forecast needs to be updated.
  11. I yearn for another clipper train that can lay down snow cover like this (2010). Maybe next winter. This pic is out my back door that has 2 steps down to ground level. The snow was up past both steps to the door!
  12. Versus the other models it kept it much further NW so it was sniffing out something. Was it 100% accurate? No. But it kept a fly in the ointment the whole time.
  13. NAM definitely scored a coupe with this one!
  14. We got about 4” of sleet/snow
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