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  1. Goodnight friends...til next years Super Elnino winter. Sigh...
  2. Troll
  3. Moderate Sn-
  4. Maybe airport ends up w/ just an inch or so leaving us still below 10. Wait, we all know how the airport measures snowfall! LOL
  5. WWA for 1-3!!!
  6. That 12z GFS looks warm here initially corrrect?
  7. Maybe we'll get a compromise between the 2.
  8. I know. Me 2. I'll be looking at the stupid 00z! But ask yourself, has the GFS ever come through for you/me/us in this type if situation where it is the ONLY model giving us hope?
  9. Stop doing this to yourself Buck. You're getting pulled into the vortex. Don't do it!
  10. I love winter, but this one seems like DOA.
  11. Exactly why I'm puzzled that this thread is still active. This one ain't happening.
  12. Sampling or or no sampling, we all know the outcome here. The GFS is NOT scoring a coupe.
  13. And then never hoist a WWA as its snowing approaching 3-4 inches!
  14. I actually think we will see a trend north, not for here, but on the coast. Just a hunch.
  15. There could b some clunkers in there. I was born in '72 so I don't recall. I can tell you that in the late 90s in philly area, there were definitely winters with less than 10. I remember buying my parents a snow blower AFTER the Blizzard of '96 and them using it once over the next 3 years!