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  1. Never say never is right!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a decent winter.
  2. If nothing else, it will be fun to track! LOL
  3. You are going away 3 times during the winter? Lock it in now, we are going to get slammed!
  4. LMAO!
  5. How can it be that we went from a good chance at an El Nino, to now a very good chance at a La Nina? Is it that unpredictable?
  6. Goodnight friends...til next years Super Elnino winter. Sigh...
  7. Troll
  8. Moderate Sn-
  9. Maybe airport ends up w/ just an inch or so leaving us still below 10. Wait, we all know how the airport measures snowfall! LOL
  10. WWA for 1-3!!!
  11. That 12z GFS looks warm here initially corrrect?
  12. Maybe we'll get a compromise between the 2.
  13. I know. Me 2. I'll be looking at the stupid 00z! But ask yourself, has the GFS ever come through for you/me/us in this type if situation where it is the ONLY model giving us hope?
  14. Stop doing this to yourself Buck. You're getting pulled into the vortex. Don't do it!
  15. I love winter, but this one seems like DOA.