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  1. 25th-28th u say? I won’t hold my breath!
  2. Flat out effin pouring snowballs right now!!!! That didn’t last. Taint mixing in now. All well. Fun while it lasted!
  3. I’m in southern tip of Delaware County so we have about an inch right now. Thx OHWeather!
  4. OHWeather lurking? Would love to hear his input. SWS just posted says snow for next few hours before changing to rain.
  5. Starting to stick to driveway & side streets. Snowing nicely still
  6. Sweet. Maybe we’ll get lucky for once!! Down to 33 here
  7. Coming down at a decent clip & starting to stick to grass & cars.
  8. Just snow now. Not sticking to anything obviously Temp dropped to 34 as well
  9. Nice! It seems temps have stopped climbing so if we can get into that heavier precip for a while & it can drag some of that cold air down, we may be in biz.
  10. There is saying I believe that says something like if you want the heavy snow, you have to smell the rain.
  11. Seems to never fail. Hopefully it’s wrong.
  12. Shit, we’d take that & run these days! Whattawinter 5 inches IMBY? Will seem like a foot!!! Too many model runs between now and then so it won’t happen.
  13. I called 911 this morning because I didn’t know what that white shiz was on my grass!
  14. Thx as always for your detailed, yet understandable, explanation. Sad that I’m excited for an inch of snow! What a forgettable winter.
  15. Thx OHweather! So where is the “wave” now that will bring the snow overnight?
  16. Caboose wave ain’t looking good fellas outside maybe DAB. It’s still raining/drizzling! What a winter....
  17. WWA for rain. LOL What a winter.
  18. Today’s run did, a little bit. Need that caboose wave to deliver. That’s our best shot.
  19. Uncle Ukie keepn hope alive for OH & that caboose wave!
  20. And other than Uncle Ukie, what other model has anything significant? Most show a POS