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  1. I haven't really noticed the smoke, but there have been some cool mornings the past week or so. Hard to believe snow season is fast approaching already.
  2. Happy 4th all! Really has been a pleasant summer so far. No long stretches of humid, hot and dry weather yet. We'll see what the rest of the month brings.
  3. Hopefully that's the last until October!
  4. Had an additional 1.5" of very compacted snow since this morning. Going with a storm total of 6". Bring on the 60's now!
  5. After today's snow, I believe I'm over 80" on the season. All in all it felt much worse. I had to double check my excel formulas this morning, because it doesn't feel like that much snow fell. The lengthy and frequent snow less warm spells that this winter has had are what will be remembered.
  6. Measuring off of the deck, had 4.5" as of an hour ago. Curious how central and west Cuyahoga did. They had some good returns in that area for a while , but may have not been all snow.
  7. With all the wet weather lately, have really noticed the grass greening up and starting to grow this past week.
  8. Just glancing at the radar, may have some impressive snow rates in time for rush hour unless it warms enough for just rain.
  9. I definitely noticed yesterday while plowing that the bottom layer was slushy. This morning it was definitely true powder.
  10. Looks like 4.5" fell since 10pm last night. Storm total is at 15". I'm guessing there may be slightly higher overall totals just to my west near chagrin. The band hugged that area for a while.
  11. Wow that looks intense! 271 - solon, OHweather bullseye right now. Really hope it expands or nudges each a little.
  12. Been getting mod-heavy snow the past few hours. The wind makes it look really impressive.
  13. Looks like an average of 4.5" fell while I was at work. Total of 7.75" so far (3.25" avg am measurement ).
  14. Central and Eastern cuyh county as well as Medina county have been under that lake enhanced band for several hours. Good to see the airport get in on some of the action....if they measure it correctly. ... Need the flow to back a little to get it more east.
  15. Yep that sounds about right, I was between 2.5-4". I can't remember having a good setup the past several years for a Huron band. Seems PA always does well with them. Should be interesting.