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  1. Had just over an inch last night of fluffy snow. January is definitely making up for a dud December. Running season total right around 50".
  2. It was snowing pretty hard early this morning. I came up with 3" total, yesterday+ overnight/morning. Pretty snowy past week!
  3. Same here. Is the overnight 1-3 fc coming from lake effect?
  4. Hell of a game last night. Allen is the real deal! Won't even get into the OT rules.... Was hoping for a Cincy vs Bills afc championship like in 88. As a Bengals fan, there is room on our fellow small market team bandwagon for the playoffs
  5. Had 4.75" just as this last band moves through. Probably make a run at 5" before the night is over. Definitely a nice surprise. Let's see what tomorrow brings.... maybe a few more inches...
  6. Surprised to see the WWA. Looks like the Huron band is pivoting this way.
  7. Pretty incredible how widespread the 12"+ area is.
  8. Had 17" at this end of Lake Erie, fairly widespread areas just south of the lake East of Cle between 12-19".
  9. I'm going with 17" here, average of several measurements. Decent amount of blowing and drifting now.
  10. What a storm! We traveled home yesterday from VA so got to experience the snow down there as well. I'll get a measurement shortly, I see there's a 19" measurement from South Russell, with most between 12-15". Still moderate snow falling.
  11. It's not often we get favorable trends this close to the beginning. Looking like a great storm with the potential to be similar to one of the December storms last year.
  12. I like where we sit to the NW side. The bleeding to the E seems to have halted. Ukie came west, and Cmc and GFS still give a good storm. We're very close to being big storm, just need a slight bump W.
  13. I would not be too concerned with off runs. 0z suite looked great. GFS was a monster crush job. It's good to see the Euro continue to come W. We need a stronger secondary piece to pull the storm a bit to the W. From CLE Models trends over the last 48 hours have been tot he north and west with the track of the surface low, bringing better chances for snow to the region. The evolution of this system will be impacted by a secondary piece of energy moving through the northwest flow into the back of the trough on Sunday night. Depending on the strength of this secondary piece of energy, this can tend to pull the system westward, lending confidence to the recent trends we have seen in the deterministic models over the last few cycles.
  14. Agreed! More model support other than the gfs would be nice. Though others seem to be ticking back west. I would think we would get some lake enhancement into play as well.
  15. Looks like winds are W now keeping the current main band closer to the lake. Hopefully the turn more wnw later today.
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