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  1. 1/2" here. Was near Chesterland and Chardon yesterday and suspect an inch, maybe two there. Possibly more in far north geauga. The bands seemed to move too quickly to accumulate much.
  2. Last year was late..... first week of December I believe.
  3. Both morning wrfs have a 4-6" band, but in different locations. ArW in southwest cuy, and Nmm is through southeast cuy and Geauga.
  4. Ya noticed GFS may be caving. Maybe we'll still get something. The short range models should be interesting.
  5. Looking forward to at least a chance of accumulating snow this weekend. HWO from Cle. DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Wednesday through Monday. A strong cold front will move through the area Saturday. Cold air will sweep in across Lake Erie likely producing lake effect snow that will last from late Saturday into Monday. Accumulating snow should be expected.
  6. Huron band swinging through. Maybe a quick 1/2".
  7. Yep, feels good to be back into winter mode and see an ohweather forecast! We're lucky to have him! Sure is going to feel like winter the next few days. Will be nice to see some flakes.
  8. You aren't kidding! East on Washington is closed at Snyder. Here's a few pics. One looking east and one west.
  9. I was out of town for the storms last night, but looks like they stripped most of the remaining leaves off of the trees. Glad to see we're back into a wet pattern. Now just need some cold air.
  10. Good catch! Around 100" in my neck of the woods. Probably pushing 125-150 to my north east. Here's to a good season fellas!
  11. What a beautiful weekend! Looks like it may be our last taste of 70s for a while. Flakes next Sunday?
  12. Winter watches and warnings being consolidated. Looks like we still keep les warning. http://www.weather.gov/cle/news_winter_hazard_simplification2017
  13. Nice to see the rain again. Looks to continue off and on the next week. Hoping we start to get back into a wetter pattern with snow season quickly approaching.
  14. Good deal, hopefully we have a good winter. The lake should be primed pretty good with the recent heat wave, and more in early October.
  15. Going to be a nice week if weather. Dry and 80s. Would like to start getting into a wet pattern soon. OHweather. ...you going to be here for this winter? You mentioned maybe moving last year.