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  1. I've got 4" on the deck, probably half that on the driveway. Pretty good start so far!
  2. Heavier precip should help the temps drop. Don't think any accumulating snow was supposed to start until this evening. Edit; just saw this in the discussion " Slight concern that snow amounts will be lower with the warmer air lingering into the evening across the east. However for now we will not tweak them lower and remain consistent with the previous forecast."
  3. https://www.weather.gov/source/crh/snowmap.html?zoom=8&lat=40.53&lon=-81.26&hr=12 The list is towards the bottom
  4. Looking over the snowfall reports, looks like the event was focused east of here...even some decent reports south. Getting a nice flare up of a few bands. Not sure if they will amount to too much.
  5. I had a half inch when I left this morning. There's 2-3" in Chardon.
  6. Thanks for stopping by Ohweather, Good analysis! Looking forward to tonight as well as next week!
  7. I was a bit surprised the snow stuck around all day with the warm ground, sunshine and temps above freezing. Looks like tonight's event is mainly for northern areas, but will be interesting to see.
  8. First accumulating snow of the season. I've got 1" on my deck.
  9. It does seem they have dropped fairly rapidly the past few weeks. I've only got a few left that still need to drop. Maybe first flakes late next week?
  10. Now that October is here, I'm starting to get the itch for winter. Some leaves are starting to fall and temps finally look to cool off later in the week. September was way too hot. Hopefully it's an active lake effect year. Just took a look back at last year's paltry total of 57.5". What a miserable winter it was.
  11. Ya it's been a nice switch to summer like temps. I was quite surprised to find the back area of my yard still quite wet.
  12. Anyone else feel the earthquake today? Very distinct, but brief shake in Chardon. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us70003xny/executive
  13. Finally a stretch of nice dry days. Was out in the yard yesterday and surprised how not overly soaked the yard was. The past few springs seem to have been very wet.
  14. Nam trying to give us several inches Saturday night. If it's going to be cold on Sunday, might as well snow.
  15. Getting a pretty good burst of snow. From webcams looks very elevation dependant mainly 271 east, then rain elsewhere. Grass is about covered in Chardon.