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  1. After a slow start and just a dusting overnight, right at 4" fell this morning as the band came south and hung out for a while.
  2. A few of the short rangers showing a decent lake effect setup tonight. WWA for 3-6 seems about right.
  3. I'm coming up with 6.25" for yesterday - this afternoon. Nice storm and right in line with the forecast.
  4. Same here. Rates and flake size have increased recently, but unfortunately the temps are creeping up too. Maybe 1-2" down so far.
  5. Still has the opportunity to be our biggest snow this year I believe. I have low expectations, but anything over 4" would be solid for the year.
  6. 37" Imby. Definitely the worst I've experienced out here. If only we could transition to a warm enjoyable spring...but of course it'll be 30s and crap for at least March.
  7. What an absolute dumpster fire of a winter. Lr doesn't look promising at all. Just about ready to move on to Spring.
  8. 1.5" new overnight. 5.5" total for the event. Not bad, and falls in line with the WWA that was issued.
  9. One of those days where it snowed lightly just about all day. Right at 4" since overnight when it changed back to snow.
  10. 2" here, but rain has been mixing in. Possibly more fell, but it's very compacted now.
  11. Starting to pick up a bit now. Looks like the current forecast of 2-3" is on track. Interested in the rest of the week with the lake effect. Looks like several chance that will add up.
  12. What's your thoughts on the wind direction for les later in the week? Thought I saw mention of WNW in one of the cle discussions.
  13. 4.5" here so far. Perfect winter day with the steady snow falling, no wind and coating everything. Have to see if we tack on any more with the wrap around.
  14. Current temp at 30. WWA for 2-4" seems to be a good call. Radar looks great to the SW , seems to be over performing in that area.
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