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  1. Ended up finishing right at 80" of snow for the year. Much better than last year, but still below normal. Looks like most of the snowbelt was between 72-96" according to this map https://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/interactive/html/map.html?ql=station&zoom=&loc=Latitude%2CLongitude%3B+City%2CST%3B+or+Station+ID&var=snowfall_season_d&dy=2020&dm=5&dd=20&dh=12&snap=1&o11=1&o9=1&o13=1&lbl=m&mode=pan&extents=us&min_x=-88.116666666668&min_y=37.533333333329&max_x=-74.625000000002&max_y=45.124999999996&coord_x=-81.370833333335&coord_y=41.3291666666625&zbox_n=&zbox_s=&zbox_e=&zbox_w=&metric=0&bgvar=dem&shdvar=shading&width=800&height=450&nw=800&nh=450&h_o=0&font=0&js=1&uc=0
  2. Surprised to wake up to accumulating snow this morning. I had 1" on the deck and a bit less in the grass. This will be the second time in 5 years I've recorded accumulating snow in May.
  3. I've had 2.5" of snow on the deck, less in the grass and none on pavement so far. Looks like temps are creeping up slightly now.
  4. 4.5" of snow on the deck this morning. Nice surprise!
  5. Getting thunder / lightning with some snow now!
  6. Quite a week of weather. Heavy burst of snow just now was enough to begin whitening the ground.
  7. Ya it was one of the more intense storms we've had in a while!
  8. Hmm sarcasm missed? .....
  9. Got a link to this? I've heard it too but haven't seen the report.
  10. Yep, I'm ready to move on and hoping for a nice spring for once.
  11. Happy Meteorological spring! I'm ready for sunshine and warmth after that dull winter. Saw this posted of the recent snow.
  12. I've got 4.25" new. Looks like most of geauga was between 4-6". Storm total would be 12.75" here. Chagrin falls looks to be 9", Burton 10" and Chardon around 13". Decent storm spread out over several days. The winds definitely made the first part hard to measure.
  13. Looks like a general 6-8" so far in geauga county
  14. Hmm this is what I use and usually updated. You can move the map around and change from 12hr, 24 etc. https://www.weather.gov/source/crh/snowmap.html?zoom=8&lat=40.53&lon=-81.26&hr=12