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  1. Looks like a general 6-8" so far in geauga county
  2. Hmm this is what I use and usually updated. You can move the map around and change from 12hr, 24 etc. https://www.weather.gov/source/crh/snowmap.html?zoom=8&lat=40.53&lon=-81.26&hr=12
  3. 1.5" additional overnight. Total at 8.5" so far. Looks like the main band is setting up around 90 this morning. Currently steady snow in Chardon. The overnight wrf models show .3-.5" additional precip.
  4. Have had some heavy bursts on and off this evening. Just cleared an average of 2.5" additional since this morning. Running total at 7" . Another heavy band moving in now.
  5. Bands seem pretty disorganized so far The PC forecast seems to hit on tonight-tomorrow night with 7"+ possible.
  6. Winds have really picked up this morning. I see the spotter in South Russell reported 5.8" which seems high. Ya it seems like we will be south of the main band until winds shift again tomorrow.
  7. Between 4.5-5.5" on the deck this morning. Off to a decent start so far. Looks like some bands trying to form sw of CLE like Ohweather mentioned.
  8. I imagine conditions will be real bad with 50mph winds. I see Buffalo went with blizzard warnings for a portion of their area.
  9. Ya I'm definitely more interested in the lake effect potential.
  10. Seems like a decent window for lake effect Thurs-sat.
  11. Best of luck! Stop back by every now and then.
  12. Sure feels nice out with the slightly warmer temps and sunshine. Snowpack is slowly melting. I wouldn't mind the idea of an early dry spring for once.
  13. 2" additional between the arctic front and whatever lake effect last night. Doesn't look like much got organized.
  14. Same here, arctic front was unimpressive. The snow even had some sleet mixed in.