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  1. Pretty incredible, 10 tornados (so far) confirmed across NE Ohio last Thurs-Fri. https://www.weather.gov/cle/event_20230824_severe
  2. After a dry start to summer, it's certainly turned into a wet one. A lot of flooding and a few roof collapses from last night's rain, especially west side. Looks like another round later this evening. The yard is nice and green and having issues drying out as of late. I've also got a few trees getting some fall color already.
  3. Definitely a dry start to the summer. We could definitely use the rain.... looks like maybe early next week. Smoky skies are ominous, even an air quality alert Seems like since last weekend they have been like that. Don't remember a stretch like this before.
  4. I am! Hopeful that the weather works out, but we have a backup plan just in case.
  5. Agreed, let's close out winter. 49.5" is my total, and low since I've been keeping track. What's your take on the long range? Are we close to getting back to some spring temps? I've got an outdoor wedding end of next month....
  6. 60s and 70s with dry weather sound great next week. Hopefully it has some staying power. Should be a good week for some yard cleanup after the high wind events we've had.
  7. After a slow start and just a dusting overnight, right at 4" fell this morning as the band came south and hung out for a while.
  8. A few of the short rangers showing a decent lake effect setup tonight. WWA for 3-6 seems about right.
  9. I'm coming up with 6.25" for yesterday - this afternoon. Nice storm and right in line with the forecast.
  10. Same here. Rates and flake size have increased recently, but unfortunately the temps are creeping up too. Maybe 1-2" down so far.
  11. Still has the opportunity to be our biggest snow this year I believe. I have low expectations, but anything over 4" would be solid for the year.
  12. 37" Imby. Definitely the worst I've experienced out here. If only we could transition to a warm enjoyable spring...but of course it'll be 30s and crap for at least March.
  13. What an absolute dumpster fire of a winter. Lr doesn't look promising at all. Just about ready to move on to Spring.
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