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  1. Ya it sure moved quickly. Looks like eastern Cuyahoga did well with 6-8" near Lyndhurst.
  2. Interesting that a few short rangers keep the bulk of the accumulation farther south, and not much near the lake shore.
  3. 1.75" here. Definitely underwhelming, but had low expectations. Hoping Saturday -Sunday trends a little better.
  4. Trends have not been favorable the past few days. Hoping for a last minute trend in our favor.
  5. Ya Chardon cam looks like a few inches. Snowing nicely here now though.
  6. Great writeup by @OHweatherhttps://www.americanwx.com/bb/topic/58383-some-thoughts-on-the-next-couple-months/ Looks like the possibility of some lake effect beginning next week.
  7. Officially on the board for the season. 3/4" snow here with just plain rain right now.
  8. Looks like a good chance of first flakes next week. Seems like it will be the earliest we have seen them for a few years at least.
  9. Fall is right on time this year. Leaves turning and even falling already. Hoping for a pleasant fall for a change.
  10. Sure enough, that line did weaken once it got near 71. Still got some rain out of it though. Definitely been a calm summer.
  11. Finally a bit of relief after the extended dry period. Had some good rain overnight and early this morning as well. Grass is finally growing again.
  12. 3.75" here, very scenic out. Looking forward to 70s this weekend.
  13. Sure is scenic outside this morning. Same here, I'm ready for Spring and 60s.
  14. Similar here, measuring off my deck about 1.5" yesterday before noon and 4.5" after...total around 6".
  15. Right around 4" here. Looks like a pretty widespread 3-5" east of 271. This afternoon could be interesting.. a few short rangers bring a lake effect band near the area with what looks like an upstream connection.
  16. Snowing nicely out. Latest Rgem brings .75" qpf to the far east side.
  17. Same here, ready for Spring unless it's a big event. I'm around 82" for the season including the 1" that fell last night. It's been a good season, and definitely one where storms for the most part have trended in our favor.
  18. Yep definitely very scenic out there this morning! I came up with 5.25" measuring off my deck. Includes whatever fell throughout the day yesterday as well.
  19. Ya snowcover is dwindling fast. Glad to get a few of the larger piles melted some more. Looks like back to winter starting Thurs evening.
  20. Yep, right at 5" here. Looks like we will have a shot at a few more inches with the front tomorrow morning.
  21. 3.5" of snow and a little sleet this morning. Definitely a small layer of ice on the bottom. Still snowing pretty good at the moment.
  22. Feels amazing out! Depth down to 6-8". Tomorrow will be a mess. Looks like some models trying to give us backside scraps on Fri.
  23. 2" here as well. Must have been a few cracks in the ice. Nice surprise. A few depth measurements avg around 18".
  24. Picked up an additional 1.5" throughout the morning. Going with a total of 12.5".
  25. There's still some good returns heading NE...may be able to tack on an additional inch or so.
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