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  1. Yep that's it. They're usually almost a season behind when they update lately.
  2. Ya, figured it was the lows.... definitely not a hot summer by any means. Color change is underway, hoping for a pleasant fall season. Let's hope the wet pattern can continue into winter. Speaking of winter...any idea why it takes Cle so long to post the winter observation totals? I always like comparing what I/we measure against other snowbelt areas.
  3. Agreed, this summer was wet and humid. Night time lows most likely causing this.
  4. Quite the storm yesterday evening. That was the first time I've received a push emergency weather alert on my phone for a severe thunderstorm warning. We had power flicker, but never went out. Looks like just southwest of here there were alot of power outages. More storms this morning.... really adding to the wet summer total. Starting to notice some trees getting some early color. Wonder if the wet, cloudy summer causes that?
  5. Ya the milky sky is something else lately. Seems like we had a few days like that last year, but seems more pronounced at least today.
  6. Just incredible, what a Summer so far. At least this week is much drier, but the yard is still too soft for the tractor. What was your June total?
  7. Another day, another few inches of rain. Just incredible lately.
  8. It's been an incredibly wet June, and noticeably more humid this past week. Looks like it clears up in time for holiday activities.
  9. Sure has been, several days in a row with good storms this weekend. The thunder yesterday afternoon was almost continuous.... something I don't think I've heard before like that. We were kayaking in Burton, and made it out just in time. Probably another inch from today's storms.
  10. Caught a few heavy downpours while we were out yesterday evening. The humidity sure has cranked up the past few days.
  11. Finally a pleasant dry stretch of weather. Very much welcomed after last weekends trip back to winter. Should be a great weekend for yard work.
  12. Temp down to 33. Starting to stick to driveway and street. Crazy.
  13. Looks like this will be the second mother's day in a row that we have snow. Moderate snow, huge flakes and ground starting to whiten. Edit; The huge flakes didn't last too long. Definitely impressive for May though.
  14. Same here, let's move on
  15. Yes, the media sensationalizes. There are not people dropping dead in the streets from covid.
  16. Almost as good as the people in China that were supposedly passing out in the streets from the virus. Glad people are catching on.
  17. It sure felt like a great winter with the 2 big December storms. My total is just below 90" on the season.
  18. An additional 3" fell overnight...pure fluff compared to what fell yesterday. Just incredible that the area saw 8-10" over two days in late April.
  19. 5.5" on the deck this morning. Definitely a mid winter feeling morning. At first glance doesn't appear to be any tree damage.
  20. Lol "Well" below..... classic Fauci
  21. True, I'm still doing clean up from that storm. Oddly enough, this is the second year we have had no snow in March and a snowy April. 5" so far this year with the 4/1 snow (8" last year).
  22. Ya things are trending favorably (or unfavorably...) for NE Ohio. I'd prefer to get on with spring, but if it's going to snow, let's go all in . Possible lake enhancement showing as well. A few inches + are looking possible...
  23. Looks like this is from the same study. Almost thought I was reading a headline for an article about the vaccine "reduce your risk of severe covid." https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/04/14/regular-exercise-can-reduce-your-risk-of-severe-covid-study.html We're over a year in now. Plenty of time to have made healthier choices.
  24. Though many refuse to hear it, this is true. Those that love all of the restrictions are just afraid that their lives will go back to be boring after everything is over. They enjoy telling others how to live their lives.
  25. Just noticed the top report in this database is a woman who was hospitalized 3 days after J&J and later died. Not sure if this is linked to the vaccine or not, but close timing. https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data
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