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  1. Finally a pleasant dry stretch of weather. Very much welcomed after last weekends trip back to winter. Should be a great weekend for yard work.
  2. Temp down to 33. Starting to stick to driveway and street. Crazy.
  3. Looks like this will be the second mother's day in a row that we have snow. Moderate snow, huge flakes and ground starting to whiten. Edit; The huge flakes didn't last too long. Definitely impressive for May though.
  4. Same here, let's move on
  5. Yes, the media sensationalizes. There are not people dropping dead in the streets from covid.
  6. Almost as good as the people in China that were supposedly passing out in the streets from the virus. Glad people are catching on.
  7. It sure felt like a great winter with the 2 big December storms. My total is just below 90" on the season.
  8. An additional 3" fell overnight...pure fluff compared to what fell yesterday. Just incredible that the area saw 8-10" over two days in late April.
  9. 5.5" on the deck this morning. Definitely a mid winter feeling morning. At first glance doesn't appear to be any tree damage.
  10. Lol "Well" below..... classic Fauci
  11. True, I'm still doing clean up from that storm. Oddly enough, this is the second year we have had no snow in March and a snowy April. 5" so far this year with the 4/1 snow (8" last year).
  12. Ya things are trending favorably (or unfavorably...) for NE Ohio. I'd prefer to get on with spring, but if it's going to snow, let's go all in . Possible lake enhancement showing as well. A few inches + are looking possible...
  13. Looks like this is from the same study. Almost thought I was reading a headline for an article about the vaccine "reduce your risk of severe covid." https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/04/14/regular-exercise-can-reduce-your-risk-of-severe-covid-study.html We're over a year in now. Plenty of time to have made healthier choices.
  14. Though many refuse to hear it, this is true. Those that love all of the restrictions are just afraid that their lives will go back to be boring after everything is over. They enjoy telling others how to live their lives.
  15. Just noticed the top report in this database is a woman who was hospitalized 3 days after J&J and later died. Not sure if this is linked to the vaccine or not, but close timing. https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data
  16. He may be just fine at his job, but he is not fine at being the front and center guy for a pandemic. Mixed messages = distrust whether you or I like it or not. Just because someone is in the position they are in, does not always mean they are qualified for said position. Look around goober.
  17. Oddly enough, this is a very true statement regarding alot of things that are going on with our country. The msm creates and fuels the outrage.
  18. Lol are you for real? His flip flopping tendencies speak for themselves.
  19. People wonder why there's so much mistrust, what a clown.
  20. If more masks are advised to protect against variants, why is this uncalled for? Sure, I disagree with it, but that's besides the point.
  21. It's common sense that more than 1 protects more right? Maybe there should be a 4 mask mandate!
  22. Alot of people in here like to claim others said stuff...it's a thing
  23. Hopefully the people in Michigan are wearing 3-4+ masks to stop this spread
  24. I thought it was bill gates that was going to microchip us https://nypost.com/2021/04/12/microchip-developed-by-pentagon-to-detect-covid-19/