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  1. Seems like you're triggered. A covid taskforce saves lives? I mean, maybe, but that's stretching it. The other examples of heroes are not stretching it and are factual.
  2. Lol a bit of a stretch. One thing is a law, the other is something that is voluntary.
  3. Ok "investigate" but, heroes? Man come on. I really hope you're just trying too hard here. This isn't "everyone gets a participation trophy.". There are actual ones who put their lives on the line who are "heroes."
  4. This got buried quickly.
  5. Lol! Yep, now those are conspiracy theories!
  6. Does your law enforcement actually do this? Seems they have enough on their hands than responding to calls about mandates (not laws). I'd much rather they are protecting the city from crime. We have a state taskforce that snoops on businesses enforcing the crowd limidto, masks etc.
  7. You should re direct your babbling to someone who is actually discussing far right vax conspiracy theories.
  8. He's talking to me. So much rage it's amusing.
  9. I don't try pushing my views. They are mine, and (many others for that matter). Sure, they may seem misguided to some, but their views are misguided to others as well. I have good sources, and actual medical professionals in the family. Some here just rely on what ABC news or Dr fauci say. It's whatever, agree to disagree.
  10. It's delusional to think personal attacks or any other bs threats is what will convince someone to change their stance on any given subject. Again, piss poor people skills. It's no wonder some anti covid vaxers won't change their mind.
  11. I mean ya lol that's their decision. Then thsoe who aren't vaccinated can take their business elsewhere I suppose. Same with masks. When the mandates are lifted some businesses will keep requirements, some won't.
  12. Lol. I'm not anti vax. Thanks! It is entertaining how worked up some of you get.
  13. I call those, their decision. Unless it's mandatory, do what you please.
  14. It is amusing seeing the different tactics used by the hardcore pro vaxers. There's been "the blood will be on your hands when this mutates!", and " all the cool kids are doing it" now "it's common sense."
  15. I've already said that masks help, but to the extent they help is debatable. I did not say they restrict oxygen flow, I posted an article that said exercising can. Re direct your common sense preaching elsewhere to the poster that is saying such.
  16. We just need to flatten the curve!
  17. Not arguing with this, the WHO is who posted the statement.
  18. Love it! Hopefully mid summer for other stadiums.
  19. Exactly lol, you made my point. See below what I quoted from Tim saying it's not possible. "And restricting your oxygen flow? Where on God’s green earth did you hear such a thing that you could babble about on an internet weather forum?"
  20. In regards to the bolded, the WHO message about exercising does say the mask may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Don't shoot the messenger
  21. How is saying that someone should have the resources to make an informed decision a funny matter to you? You must be a miserable person.
  22. Sure, which is why the doc part is in the reply.
  23. Nope no fears here. I posted it as the reactions should be known in order to make an informed decision (along with talking to your doc).
  24. I posted it and it was called anti vax