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  1. Lol trying to point out something funny, ease up.
  2. Here I'll spoon feed some more
  3. So let's say the article is wrong. Are you saying it's ok to wear a dirty mask then? Of course not, what are we arguing over?
  4. This argument is over a "dirty mask". The WHO posted it as well.
  5. I posted an article. If you disagree with it fine, but don't say I don't have evidence.
  6. I really do not care if you are pro mask, pro vax or whatever.
  7. You have issues man. You know damn well there's people with personal insults in this thread. That's not how things get done.
  8. Didn't say you, said some of you.
  9. What part is not good faith? I have no agenda like some of you.
  10. Ok we will leave it at this then. The mask contributes. "This infection cannot solely be caused by wearing a mask, but the conditions a mask provides is perfect for the infection to grow. " Edit..this refers to wearing a dirty mask.... https://cw.ua.edu/65524/top-stories/full-time-mask-wearing-brings-its-own-set-of-problems/
  11. I never said my opinion on that, quit putting words in my mouth. A dirty mask can cause infection is what I said.
  12. You should ask someone in that situation that I laid out. I can't answer that.
  13. This is a thread is for coronavirus but thanks.
  14. Not sure if you're aware, but last March the message was to not wear masks..
  15. Yes it will be , he called me out without checking his facts. It's well documented about "dirty" masks and infections. We are not arguing over opinions.
  16. Prior to the pandemic lol. I'm not arguing with you, it's pointless.
  17. Yes, it's on the person to know the information regarding washing and changing them out. You may be giving too much credit to people who have never worn a mask before and don't know that.
  18. Stop it, I am not going to spoon feed you articles that show dirty masks can cause infection. Is it rare? Yes, but captain know it all @Malacka11 acted like the statement was totally false.
  19. Weird, I thought I "verbatim" said masks cause infection. Which is interesting because dirty ones in fact do in some situations.
  20. Was this a recent statement? I did just relay what the WHO says about exercising and microorganisms. In addition, wearing a used mask filled with bacteria isn't good either. I'll own it if I said it somewhere, but you've already tried coming at me about this. https://cw.ua.edu/65524/top-stories/full-time-mask-wearing-brings-its-own-set-of-problems/
  21. The messaging with the vaccines has been very poor. In the beginning it was take the vaccine, but you can still transmit, get infected, have to wear a mask, have to distance etc. Now, I believe there is more data on at least reducing the transmission. There has to be an end, otherwise you will never convince more people to take it.
  22. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me
  23. You would think we would hear more stories like this from Texas or Florida where there are no restrictions.
  24. Ok, yes, it's your opinion. I am not denying the task force saves lives, I did say maybe. It's just not the same as some of your other examples who do in fact save lives.