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  1. I'm sure this is an anti mask site though
  2. If you're referring to me, I never implied a virus will grow on your mask lol. Microorganisms yes.
  3. Are masks required in gyms in Michigan? Pretty sure the WHO says that is a cause of bacteria and not to wear one.
  4. Cool thanks! Best of luck with your decision.
  5. I'm still going to wait, thanks!
  6. I'm guessing you're referring to my choice to wait for the vax (the other part about pharmaceutical industries is a fact). Luckily we all get a choice. If you disagree with it fine, but it's ones personal choice.
  7. Haha yes. I just don't relate waiting to get the vaccine as being scared. Though I'm sure there are people that are, and rightfully so. The pharmaceutical industry is a dirty one.
  8. I'm sure they help, is the statement you quoted not factual? To the extent they help with covid is debatable.
  9. Agree with this, afraid (of virus, of vaccine etc) stay home.
  10. At least masks have been effective at eliminating the flu. Mask mandates = covid cases rise, flu cases fall.
  11. Or don't get the vaccine....or choose to wait...and still live without fear.
  12. Yes that is correct. No thanks
  13. I don't know about your state, but I haven't been able to go to work, a store, or other business without a mask for probably 10 months. That part isn't much of a choice.
  14. I've posted my reasoning for not getting the vaccine. Not being high risk with high risk individuals being the priority is my number one reason. Skepticism of a rushed vaccine is second. I am open to changing my view with time.
  15. Thanks, that's what I interpreted as well. Not meant to read too much into it, but we know there are reactions from the vaccine.
  16. I sure do, along with medical professionals feel being low risk, there is no need to rush to get the vax. I respect those that chose to get the vax, no problem with that. Edit;. I'm sure you're going to say you have medical professionals that say otherwise. We will just disagree.
  17. Fair enough, just looks like it posts reports of possible vaccine reactions. I did state the word Possible in my post. We know there are people that have the reactions.
  18. How is making a personal choice to not take the covid vaccine making one Afraid? It's a decision.
  19. So the data is false? I am not talking about the deaths, I linked the site for "reactions" or possible reactions to the vax.
  20. Not sure if this was posted, but this website has all of the (possibly) related severe reactions to all covid "vaccine" . https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data
  21. Lol those are some gems, but there are alot more (unless there's been careful editing..). Pay attention how he responds to @schoeppeya when legitimate data is asked for or further explaining. Or how he tells @MJO812 to get out of this thread etc.. Responses are from someone with lacking people skills acting it's his way or the highway. There's room for both sides, not just his "extremist" attitude.
  22. You do realize you just pretty much described stebo right?
  23. Feel free to stay, we aren't all like captain asshat.
  24. Right at 5" total, rather sneaky event as these late season ones tend to be. Agreed, let's move on to spring. I've still got alot of clean up to do from the early December storm Grass starting to green up, could be an early first mow this year.
  25. Do you have one of these? I'm sure these will be the next hit.