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  1. Summer 2017 ended up being the 11th warmest on record for Cleveland (out of 147 summers). Considering 2016 was the hottest on record, it definitely skewed people's perspectives this summer.
  2. Over performed today in Cleveland with a high of 92. That makes it the 12th 90+ day this year. An average year is 11 or 12 days at or above 90, so this year is running slightly ahead of normal assuming a couple more 90 days pop up later in the month and September.
  3. Seems like the desert southwest is pretty humid as well. I noticed that Las Vegas had a dewpoint of 75 this morning. That's got to be unusual for them right? I don't associate Las Vegas in the dead of summer with 75 degree dewpoints. Similarly Phoenix had a 70 degree dewpoint earlier and is currently 99 with a 67 dewpoint, not what I'd call a dry heat by any means.
  4. Yep, June and July have the least variation between warmest and coldest on record. But, also that +3 departure is only based on the 30 year normals, it's actually +4 if you take into account the entire 145 year record history. Constantly moving the normals every decade keeps the anomalies in check.
  5. June should end up 10th warmest on record for CLE. 8 out of the last 12 months made a top 10 warmest list. Pretty remarkable.
  6. Saginaw (MBS) got another rain shower this afternoon which bumped their monthly total up to 10.03" of rain, which is second wettest of any month on record. Previous record rainiest June was 6.92" in 1996 there. Still a far cry away from September 1986 when an unbelievable 16.16" of rain fell that month. Nonetheless, most flood reports and river crests are coming in comparable to or just slightly under the historic 1986 levels.
  7. It's insane the amount of rain central Michigan has received the past week. MBS airport in Saginaw has already recorded over 9.2" of rain this Month (smashes the old record of 6.92"). I'm sure some areas are probably near a foot of rain.
  8. Today was the 7th 90 degree day this year at CLE, which ties for most on record this early in the season. There have also been 2 88 degree days and 2 89 degree days. Looking forward to some highs in the 70s.
  9. Record high of 93 at CLE today and also a record high of 93 yesterday.
  10. Turned out to be quite a wet May for Northeast Ohio. Temps managed to end up slightly above normal too after a cool 2 week period to start the month.
  11. CLE with both a record high, 90, and a record low max, 70, yesterday. Average temp of 80 is quite impressive for May 17.
  12. Impressive streak of below normal temperatures right now. This has to be the worst time of year for below normal weather too.
  13. I use this site: http://www.sercc.com/perspectivesmap?region=mrcc There's a wealth of climate information there by adjusting parameters and selecting individual sites.
  14. The warmest anomalies were to the south and east. Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington all had their warmest Feb-April period on record. It looks like Lansing had their second warmest on record. ORD, DTW, MKE, and IND also had their second warmest.
  15. April 2017 ended up being the warmest on record in Cleveland. February, April, August, and December have all had their warmest month established in the past year and a half in Cleveland. September and November had second warmest months established. So half the months have had either their warmest or second warmest month established in the past year and a half in Cleveland.