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  1. Here is the top ten list for warmest Februarys since 1871 for Cleveland. 2017 is off the charts and shouldn't change much with the projected warm highs Monday and Tuesday. 1 2017 41.1 2 1998 37.5 3 1930 37.5 4 1882 37.0 5 1954 36.3 6 1890 36.1 7 1976 35.9 8 1932 35.8 9 1891 35.4 10 2012 34.9 11 1999 34.7
  2. Had 0.3" overnight. It was melted by 9:30am. It never stuck to pavement but that didn't stop the roads and sidewalks being coated in salt again! I'm feeling optimistic for March. It would be nice to at least get a 3" synoptic storm this season.
  3. In summary, yesterday was the warmest day in Ohio in winter since records were kept. For comparison, since 1871, there have been 53 Fourth of July's in Cleveland that had highs of 76 and below. Yesterday was 77 degrees at both CLE and BKL! Here's the running 12 month daily temperature departures for CLE.
  4. 77 was officially reached. What a day! If it's going to be 35, overcast, and snowless for days, what's the point? We might as well have these types of days. I still think we're due for at least a widespread 3-5" snowstorm sometime in March. Maybe we can still salvage a decent lake enhancement event too, especially with how warm Lake Erie is for this time of year.
  5. CLE hit 77 today! Not only does this surpass the previous all time February record high of 74, it also ties the warmest temperature ever recorded in meteorological winter in Cleveland since records began in 1871.
  6. 3pm temperature observations on February 24, 2017: 77 Columbus, Ohio 76 Cleveland, Ohio 76 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 75 Erie, Pennsylvania 74 Key West, Florida
  7. Just an incredibly historic weather day across Ohio today. To have sunny skies and temps in the mid/upper 70s in February is just unthinkable. It's crazy to think there have been 100s of summer days that have been colder than today.
  8. 75 at CLE and 76 at BKL for the 2pm observations. These are unthinkable temperatures for Cleveland in February! No doubt that 76 is the warmest temp ever recorded downtown during Meteorological winter in Cleveland.
  9. The all time warmest temperature in meteorological winter for Cleveland is 77 set on December 3, 1982. Today's 74 degrees ties for second warmest temperature recorded during met winter. 77 is probably out of reach, but I think 75 is doable. February 2017 is certainly rewriting the record books for warmth in Cleveland. We'll probably break the previous warmest Feb by over 3 degrees. No other month of the year has ever been that stand out.
  10. This is now the 2nd warmest meteorological winter on record for Cleveland. We'll see where it finishes the next few days, but who would have thought back in November with all the winter outlooks that winter would have wound up this warm?!
  11. 1882 was Cleveland's 3rd warmest February at 37.0 degrees. Feb 2017 is currently sitting at 40.2 degrees in Cleveland. I think there've been a couple days this month with fronts stalled across Lake Erie keeping Detroit's temperatures a few degrees colder overall.
  12. In terms of historically warm months that stand out, February 2017 will probably be the winner here. March 2012 was 1.9 degrees warmer than the previous record warm March for Cleveland. December 2015 was also 1.9 degrees warmer than the previous warmest December. September 1881 currently stands out the most of any month at 2.6 degrees warmer than the next warmest September. Right now February 2017 is currently 2.7 degrees warmer than the previous record warmest February. We'll see how it holds, but plugging in projected temps the rest of the month that number could rise to 3.2 degrees warmer.
  13. I'm wondering if this February can score an average temp of 40? Plugging in projected temperatures the rest of the month gives an average temp of 40.4. For comparison, the previous record warmest February was 37.5 degrees in both 1998 and 1930. By further comparison, March 2012 beat out the previous monthly record by 1.9 degrees. It's still too early to call as midnight lows/highs/clouds can end up playing a significant role in the final temperature, nonetheless the potential is there for a monthly record to be broken by 3 degrees which would be the largest margin of any month.
  14. Crocuses are already blooming across northern Ohio. That's just insane for February 20!
  15. The 6z GFS has a fantasy snowstorm on the 28th. I think this might be the first significant snow storm to pop up in the 7-10 day time frame all season!