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  1. I thought the west side was finally going to score with this one. Add another 2-3” snowfall to the list.
  2. DJF temperatures at CLE will end up right at the 30 year normals, it's too bad snowfall wasn't anywhere close to normal. If the late week storm follows seasonal trends, you can bank on there being 2-3" across northern Ohio with significantly more snow just 25-50 miles to the north.
  3. February will likely end up tied as 7th or 8th warmest on record for Cleveland depending on how warm it gets tomorrow.
  4. So the winters of 15/16, 16/17, and 17/18 will have all had a 70+ temperature in met winter in Cleveland. A 70 degree temp in winter in Cleveland is pretty rare by itself, let alone to string 3 consecutive winters with one. It’s funny how it’s now more common to see 70 degree days than it is to get a 6” snowstorm. This winter was so close to being good, but it ended up being another Detroit special.
  5. Cleveland just cannot catch a break when it comes to decent synoptic events. It’s been years of miss after miss with perpetual 1-3” snowfalls instead. The airport is still running a 7” deficit on the season. Truly takes a miracle pattern to have normal snowfall these days. March 2008 was a decade ago already, and it seems the credit card it was put on still has lots more payments to be made.
  6. It really is amazing how you could bank on a widespread 6-12" synoptic storm across NE Ohio almost every year or at least every other year. Now, it's becoming once every 8 years. CLE had a 3.7" seasonal snowfall deficit as of yesterday. It practically takes a miracle pattern just to get close to normal these days.
  7. Watching these models the past few days emphasizes how incredibly difficult it is for Cleveland to score a 6"+ synoptic storm. Still plenty of time for things to turn around, but it would seem this will either end up being a run of the mill 3-6" snowfall or a narrow miss.
  8. The irony of a cold and snowy end to 2017 is that 2017 still ended up being Cleveland’s warmest year on record. This coming off 2016, which was at the time, the warmest year on record.
  9. No doubt that Erie got clobbered with an immense amount of snow, but I’m betting totals are inflated. ERI reported 54” at the 7 am update yesterday but the snow depth was only 28”. Seems awfully suspect. Perhaps it’s just the way the snow is measured by clearing a snow board and then it blowing back on the board. It’s kind of like going to a casino winning 500, losing 250, and then winning another 500. You walk out with 750 but you can say you won 1,000.
  10. Right now 2017 is currently the warmest year on record for Cleveland. The cold snap this week might be enough to swap places with 2016 for record warmest. Nonetheless, the past two years have been exceptionally warm for Cleveland.
  11. Impressive totals in Erie. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the snow totals at the airport there are a bit inflated this month. Looking at the ERI December F6 they got over 20” without a thaw earlier in the month and their snowdepth never exceeded 4 inches. Later on the 15th and 16th they reported 13” new but the snow depth only went up by 3” to 7”? Seems suspect even considering the fluff factor of this type of snow.
  12. I hope everyone enjoys their white Christmas! It seems not much has changed with the NW trend pulling another nice storm out from under Cleveland. One of these years the rare and elusive widespread 6”+ snowstorm will hit NE Ohio.
  13. Turned out to be quite a wet May for Northeast Ohio. Temps managed to end up slightly above normal too after a cool 2 week period to start the month.
  14. Impressive streak of below normal temperatures right now. This has to be the worst time of year for below normal weather too.
  15. April 2017 ended up being the warmest on record in Cleveland. February, April, August, and December have all had their warmest month established in the past year and a half in Cleveland. September and November had second warmest months established. So half the months have had either their warmest or second warmest month established in the past year and a half in Cleveland.
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