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  1. This is starting to get borderline ridiculous, but this April is on track to be the warmest on record for Cleveland. I've lost count of how many top 5 warmest months have happened recently. The 12 month temperature anomaly for Cleveland is insane. When is the rubber band going to snap back to cold?
  2. Year to date average temps have now surpassed 2012 as warmest on record for much of the Ohio Valley! Many places elsewhere are still 2nd or 3rd warmest year to date.
  3. There have been a lot of fronts this year that have got hung up along I-80/90. Columbus has had 42 days this year at or above 60, which is also a record for them. The breakdown at CLE this year by month: Jan - 4 Feb - 9 Mar - 7 Apr - 11
  4. Today is the 31st day this year in Cleveland with a high at or above 60 and it's only April 17! An average year should have only had 11 days thus far. Previous record was 27 days in 1945. 2017 is definitely continuing the torch pattern.
  5. Not at home today, but traffic cams show no accumulation within a few miles of the lake.
  6. This will be the first time in Cleveland that March has had an above normal temperature departure, but was still colder than February. In other words, March 2017 was warmer than all 147 Februarys since records were kept except for February 2017. It really shows how freakishly warm this February was.
  7. Yeah. It hasn't been a good decade for snow here at all. CLE is running almost a 100" snowfall deficit the past 6 seasons, which is pretty incredible. To put that into perspective, if CLE had 16 more 6" snowstorms the past 6 seasons, there'd still be a deficit! 16-17 33.7" Deficit 15-16 35.4" Deficit 14-15 1.1" Deficit 13-14 17.9" Surplus 12-13 16.5" Deficit 11-12 29.3" Deficit Total 98.1" Deficit
  8. Here's some data that illustrates how little snow has fallen at CLE the past two seasons: The past 2 seasons have only seen 67.3" of snowfall at the airport. A normal season would see 68.2", so thus far the past two winters combined into one would still be a below average snowfall season. Sadly, I think the airport measuring has been a bit generous the past two years as small events have been given straight 10:1 ratio totals despite little or no snow actually covering the ground. The previous lowest back to back seasons at the airport were 1978/79 and 1979/80 when only 77" fell those two years. Obviously there's still plenty of time for it to snow yet this season, but CLE is still running 9.7" below the previous back to back lowest seasons. Based on the outlooks the next few weeks, there'd have to be a miracle mid/late April blizzard that dumps 10"+ to move out of the bottom. It really is amazing how little snow activity there's been around these parts the past two years, especially the lack of even a minor synoptic snowfall.
  9. Almost identical for Cleveland with 5 out of the last 7 below normal and 7 out of last 12 below normal.
  10. Congrats. The radar looked great last night around that area. I was also surprised at how even with sub freezing temps the past few days how the snow still melted from the ground up. My driveway was mostly scoured clear by the wind, but when I removed some of the drifts it was all slush underneath.
  11. Yesterday's 1.5" at CLE was enough to put this season's snowfall total just above last year. CLE is at 33.5" for the season, while last year it finished at 32.8". Interestingly the largest calendar day snowfall stands at just 3.6" this year. The last time it was that low was the 1969/1970 season. There's still a month left in the snow season, but the odds of getting an official 3" synoptic snowstorm this season are quickly dwindling.
  12. The Exeter, Ontario radar shows the Lake Huron bands (currently multi banded) starting to look a bit better this hour. We'll see what that translates on this side of Lake Erie in the next hour. I'd imagine there won't be a single primary band here until those bands in Ontario consolidate first? I ended up with about 2" total from the synoptic last night and lake effect today. When you look back at all the "storms" over the past few years here, it really is astonishing the number that busted. This must be the most difficult place to forecast snow in the US, especially based on population.
  13. It doesn't look like CLE will be adding that much to the seasonal snowfall total unless a Huron band decides to hit the west side later. I didn't really get that much snow after this morning (less than an inch). The radar looked way better than what was falling, but the heavier returns were just east and south of the airport. The guidance QPF for this event was extremely overdone. We're probably around 0.15" liquid on the west side. Edit: Perusing the webcams on Wunderground, there's one in Brookpark that shows the relative lack of snow near the airport/west side rather well. Looks like 1-2" on the ground at most.
  14. It really is amazing how little it has to "weather" for things to close these days. No doubt there's much more hype and sensationalism with weather than there was before social media existed. The irony is that the snow we've experienced the last few years has been some of the tamest in several decades. Just imagine if we actually had a widespread 10"+ event! It sucks that the synoptic snow didn't reach its full potential, but model trends yesterday morning hinted at that. Unfortunately the hi-res short term guidance last night around 6pm started to look quite favorable, which proved to be overdone. But it is funny how hard it is to buy a decent synoptic storm around here this season. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet on the lake effect. Surely the favored locales will end up doing well. Radar looks great right now.
  15. As feared, strong northerly wind component is keeping the best snows inland from me. You can see the flare ups occurring south of the turnpike in Lorain and Cuyahoga County and then along the higher elevation east of 271. If a Huron band develops, someone will jackpot nicely.