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  1. Just went out to measure. 6 to 6.5 depending on surface being wood/grass/metal
  2. Got about 1.5" from the overnight wave. Wave 2 now getting underway. Pumped.
  3. NAM trying to push towards blizzard like conditions in NW OH for tomorrow night. Wind gusting 30-40 with 1"/hr snowfall rates for about a 6-8 hour time frame.
  4. Breaking the waves down for Toledo Metro, I'm thinking 2-3 for wave #1 and 7-9 for wave #2 for a total of 9-12. I came to this conclusion by taking the average qpf of all models minus the highest (NAM3k) and lowest (GEM) which ended up being 0.62" and a ratio of 15-18:1 overall. Looking at trends there should be a WWA for wave #1 and a WSW for wave #2.
  5. I'd pay big $$ for the 3k NAM to verify
  6. I know that. I just don't believe the ratios spit out at WB and want to compare more apples to apples to the 12Z run.
  7. Fully prepared for the Low Party to be at my house.
  8. Those snow maps may need to become my new avatar.
  9. I measured 4.25 here in Toledo an hour ago. Pouring snow right now. Probably pushing 5 now. HRRR suggesting 5 more. Surprised Cle didn't upgrade to WSW. Lucas Co under level 2.
  10. At least for NW OH is still getting love from the GFS. Hope the other major models follow.
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