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  1. This is all you're getting brother.
  2. Look up the effects of low testosterone and insulin sensitivity. There's a direct link between obesity, lower testosterone levels and insulin sensitivity. This plays into the COVID outlook for patients. And overall, the vast majority – 89% -- of the COVID-19-infected men, including those with mild disease, showed testosterone levels below what’s considered to be the normal range when they were admitted to hospital. The men in the current study with severe COVID-19 had average blood levels of testosterone of just 53 ng/dL when they entered hospital. Any testosterone level of 250 ng/dL or below is considered ‘low’ in adult men.By day 3 of hospitalization, their average testosterone levels dropped even further -- to only 19 ng/dL.
  3. I'm in favor of bringing back the Travel Advisory. Fog is definitely worthy of an advisory. The advisory system was fine in my opinion, but a travel advisory seems to be a good compromise.
  4. Kind of weird that mods tolerate insults like that.
  5. Damn, that was halarious... I remember being fat. Those were the days.
  6. Just bought a new house 2 weeks ago, I move in July 15th. Where should I be living?
  7. And that's a thread right there. Weather warnings should be for conditions that could impact life when not in a vehicle. Fog.....has anyone ever died from fog when not in a vehicle?
  8. I have to play video games with a good headset to experience thunderstorms. The real ones ended 10 to 15 years ago around here.
  9. Lawns are just a placeholder for something else, it shouldn't be the focal point of your property/house. Places that don't have enough water to sustain it without burdening the surrounding environment should just put in astro turf or gravel.
  10. Age, Obesity and overall health.... This is a comorbidity, there was never a reason for EVERYONE to quarantine when the situation could have been handled on a self-quarantine basis. I rarely get the flu vaccine, I'll probably pass on this one too. There's basically a higher chance I get hit by lightning than die from this. I turned into a fitness nut 3 years ago and I'm going to ride that wave from here on out. I'm not completely ruling out the vaccine, but it's not high on my list. PS: Made a lot of money off of the quarantine, so this isn't some sort of butt-hurt assessment of it. I made out from COVID-19.
  11. I would say that American obesity was 10X the factor in deaths than the president. The top death per 100,000 countries are mostly top 10 most obese. This matters.
  12. 100+ years and we're still battling the Spanish Flu. How many mutations do we have of COVID already? I'm not telling people to avoid the vaccine, I'm pro-science.... but, thinking we're going to globally eradicate covid and its variants isn't realistic.
  13. There's nothing stopping mutations and new variants, just have to accept that life comes with risk. My best bud just got Covid last week. Stuffy nose and a sinus headache that lasted 3 days.
  14. But my comment received 3 weenie dogs yo! Some people really dig the lockdowns. Imagine wanting that.... yikes.
  15. Wait another 2 months and most of these issues will be long over with. The Spanish flu is still around in the form of a variant..... Covid is never going away. Who cares...