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  1. Arizona, Texas, Florida and California still aren't putting up numbers worthy of a freak-out. This thing is either weaker or doctors know how to handle it. Great news for opening up the country before the end of the summer.
  2. Are you sure compromised immune systems aren't more prone to catching the disease initially? Symptoms like coughing would probably spread the disease like wildfire compared to someome asymptomatic.
  3. The mask culture plus amazing health compared to our population..... add those up and that's more than likely 95% of it.
  4. Japanese have low prevalence of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in general. As someone in the science field, do you really think that's apples to apples?
  5. As testing becomes quicker and easier, you're obviously going to see more cases. I would strictly look at positive test rates and deaths. Is there really any usable data from simply looking at cases?
  6. Yea.... probably not going to see this happen.
  7. Getting mainstream media now discussing this heatwave as being historic, but tolerable for the low humidity. I'm perfectly fine with dry heat.
  8. Um... yes, I can touch the rim. I can't jump like I did when I was 27 (I'm 41). That basketball gif was about 4 years ago when I started getting my ass back into shape after the T2 diabetes diagnosis. I was about 265 lbs. I'm 6' 5'' around 225 right now.
  9. My parents lived in Kankakee just before I was born (I was conceived there ), my mother always talked about the T-storms and how much they used to terrify her. Basically she was telling me that our severe weather is crap in comparison.
  10. In case anyone wasn't aware, my son is a type 1 diabetic. My life pretty much revolves around the disease. Most of this has been discussed with an endocrinologist. I really wish I didn't have to know as much about it as I do, but I have a pretty vested interest in keeping my 9 year old alive and healthy.
  11. And I can confidently say that not a single person on this subforum could beat me 1 on 1. Since we all life close by, I'll meet ya in the middle and we can put that challenge to the test.
  12. Just like they can come about for people with no conditions, so you're right.
  13. Because diabetes can lead to complications that weaken the body to any infection. But.... as I told you before. Individuals with pre-existing conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, have a demonstrated higher risk for developing more severe cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection, leading to higher morbidity and mortality. A new study sheds light on improving outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes who are infected with the virus, suggesting that a focus on blood glucose (BG) control may be key. My sugar hasn't exceed 150 mg/dl in almost 2 years. So... that's why I responded the way I did.