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  1. Jonger

    September 2018 General Discussion

    Gotta love how models default to warm and then adjust to reality when the time frame draws closer.
  2. Jonger

    Awesome Storms

    Are you going to Michigan Tech?
  3. I think we need to look at sequestering carbon underground. Just as one country can damage the atmosphere globally, one country can fix the atmosphere globally. I see almost nothing serious being done in this regard right now.
  4. Jonger

    September 2018 General Discussion

    Yesterday sucked... today, very nice.
  5. Jonger

    Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home

    Well, a world without access to abundant energy has short lifespans and cyclical starvation problems. The more readily available energy, the more society flourishes.
  6. Jonger

    Old-school farming methods could save the planet

    Most farmers in Michigan have been going no-till for years. I sometimes have to walk up to the field behind my parents and inspect the soil to determine if the field has been planted. They use a machine that cuts slits into the soil and automatically drops seeds in. The same farmer will also plant beets or turnips in the fall and let them rot and add nutrients into the soil. Smelled lovely in the spring, but it worked.
  7. Jonger

    Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home

    Not many people living today could say they have a worse QOL than when the earth had 280 ppm co2.
  8. Jonger

    August 2018 General Discussion

    Its 71F with no humidity or clouds. This isn't top shelf at all.... This is the secret stash in the back room kind of a day.
  9. Jonger

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    The system over Nebraska is more interesting than anything in the Atlantic.... and it's August 19th.
  10. Jonger

    July 2018 General Discussion

    Top shelf weather here today. 77F and LOW humidity. I'll take this right up until November 1st.
  11. Jonger

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    They can make an argument that condensed populations use fossil fuels more efficiently.... I can see how it's possible, but I'm not sure if that is really panning out. Less people the better -- everywhere.
  12. Jonger

    2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    I can definitely help you out.... If you want to talk via email, text or PM -- I can help. The biggest thing will be to know your budget. I can check all the proper channels for used or new sleds in your area. There will probably be a lot considering you're in sled country. I bought a new sled at Houghton Power Sports, that's a good place... I think they have a variety of new and used.
  13. Jonger

    June 2018 General Discussion

    48.3F as a low last night. Pretty cool for June 26th.
  14. Jonger

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    LoL You're going to be disappointed.
  15. Jonger

    June 2018 General Discussion

    Hung out in Grand Haven. Highes right around 79 to 81F at the beach.