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  1. There is yellow over my county. It has been one of the wettest August-September periods I have ever seen around here. Recorded 15 inches of rain since late July..
  2. Almost 10 inches of rain for August
  3. If things are that bad, don't you think a implementation of co2 capture and sequestration would be almost unavoidable? And if we could reduce co2 levels to 280 ppm, how soon would global temperatures start decreasing?
  4. Was just mentioning to my girlfriend how there hasn't been a drop since the big deluge on August 12th.
  5. yes sir. Some people think we're going to convince 7B humans to power their live's with magic.
  6. Pretty sure leftwingers are the main holdup behind nuclear energy. The Green Party was formed because of opposition to nuclear power
  7. Airplane travel is one fossil fuel usage that will be tough to replace, but power generation and transportation will switch over. Electric cars are cheaper to build, plus battery costs are plummeting. Same with solar output and pricing.
  8. The rain on Wednesday was almost exactly the same as radar estimates. It's surprisingly very accurate. Birds tend to perch on objects that are in open areas. This station is close to woods and birds have no reason to land on it....they also sell a bird repelling spike collar, but no need so far. I find moving parts fail on most consumer grade stations. I don't have a very good yard for wind with all of the trees, so I don't really pay much attention to the wind readings.
  9. There's no shield or screen on this. It's simply close to woods.
  10. 3 weeks of monitoring weather with my Tempest station. Placed in a very wooded location, but very good site for precip, much cooler than surrounding sites. But....shade is supposedly the real air temp.
  11. Post a few with my slurs. Good luck
  12. If I could post again in Ampol I'd just post there and we know what would happen. Imagine defibrillators.... Anyhow, I post at another forum and that's all it takes to be banned from Ampol. So...
  13. My ex-wife lives in the same town I do, I have power and she doesn't. Lol
  14. I suspect the majority came from a single person with 2 X chromosomes.
  15. Curious, how many reported posts came from one or two likely posters?
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