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  1. Any forecast over two weeks out and beyond is complete junk anyhow.
  2. After last winter's LES dumpster fire....this is nice to see. This was last weekend in the U.P.
  3. You can see the storm drying out in the snow sector everytime it moves west. A typical dry AF Midwest special.
  4. Some Russian beet farmer probably let his annual field burn get too far out of control..... the moisture from that fire caused a butterfly effect that eventually wiped out our storm.
  5. Hmm....maybe I should look outside.
  6. Less snow in December than November in lower MI.
  7. That's amazing. We have had measurable snow like 6 to 10 days at least.
  8. Doesn't look like it. There's a snow Potential on Xmas Eve.
  9. Lake effect has been non-existent for 2 years or more.
  10. Really wondering when we'll see another lake effect outbreak.... seems like we have gone years without one.
  11. I put about 200 miles on..... about 30 inches where I was riding. Between Newberry and Grand Marais.
  12. Heading up to Newberry in the morning to ride this one out....with my sled of course. Gotta get in on the fun before the warmup wipes it out.
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