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  1. Won't matter who's president, as long as people are in bad health, they'll die if weak enough. Big wake up call to people who think being fat is ok.
  2. Just because something is worsening doesn't mean it's not still lower than most countries.
  3. China probably has one of the lowest obesity rates on earth. I'm sure their tally is a total lie though. COVID just gave many people on the brink a little nudge off the cliff.
  4. Are we really going to ignore obesity rates and how that has played into all of this?
  5. 8,000 Americans die everyday with or without COVID.
  6. Hit 30.2 on my backyard sensor. Birdbath was frozen.
  7. Dude, I'm pretty ripped now days...been lifting for 2 years now. Thanks for the compliment, you should sub my OnlyFans page*. *joking.
  8. I tried doing the bench press at home with a mask on this past evening just to see what I could expect. My face was hot as f-ck, but it's doable. The only reason the gym matters at this point has more to do with the lack of equipment for sale. You're limited to Facebook marketplace and people are gouging because they can. A 45 lb. plate is $120.
  9. Hyped for Tuesday and the end of the 6 month closing of gyms. Gains > COVID
  10. This thing is wrapping up in Michigan. Virtually everything is opening up again this week or next in Michigan.
  11. This sums up COVID right here. It's a respiratory disease with a low fatality rate and it impacts people in bad health primarily.
  12. And despite the vaccine it still kills a half a million people each year. So, how many is too many?
  13. We could shut down the economy every flu season then.... influenza is often global. People die too. How many deaths does it take for you to side with shutting everything down?
  14. My area has seen a 134% increase in people dying at home since March. People are scared to go to the hospital. Suicides are also up. 29 deaths in a county of 190,000. Far more of these deaths than COVID. Business taking quite a downturn now.... and we sell food.