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  1. Dust mites are 100x worse for me.
  2. No. Lack of grocery stores and the frequency of trips to get supplies is my guess.
  3. Might be quite a bit to this.
  4. Look up Italy for starters. That's what happens when it spreads uncontrollably.
  5. All Michigan K-12 schools closed until April.
  6. At my hotel here in Twin Lakes... 4 feet or so.. Got pretty warm today though.
  7. About 6 inches here. Most of those crappy storms produced here.
  8. Finally beat my 2.1° from Nov 13th with a -4.1° on the backyard station. Would have been weird having my lowest temp occur in meteorological fall versus winter.
  9. I'm well beyond the years of being excited about 1 to 3 inch snowfalls. Now, if they trigger a multiday LES event in Michigan, that I'm more than happy to deal with.
  10. If the lakes fired up, I'd be fine with that. The lack of LES in northern lower has been annoying.
  11. I'm more or less blaming it on the jet stream being uncooperative. Yea, we might average an extra 1C spread out over a year, but this is simply pattern related.