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  1. The new NWS radar output is horrible. I never use it for that simple reason.
  2. I have held off booking my flight for the end of March due to not being completely sure who will have the mandate or not. I might opt for Texas in this case.
  3. Depends on which day he went up.... I was in St. Ignace 5 days ago and there was less snow than Howell.
  4. Surprised you went up there... I think there was more snow in Howell than Mackinaw City.
  5. I'll continue keeping myself in shape and just live my life with minimal risk.
  6. Just say, outside of February.
  7. With the reports of the flu being non-existent this year, I wouldn't be shocked to see certain pols calling for mandatory mask usage during certain months even after COVID fades into history. I'll be voting against those pols at every chance.
  8. I'm waiting to see people clamoring for lockdowns to protect the population against the new variants that the vaccine doesn't protect against.
  9. You gotta be shitting me.
  10. Won't matter who's president, as long as people are in bad health, they'll die if weak enough. Big wake up call to people who think being fat is ok.
  11. Just because something is worsening doesn't mean it's not still lower than most countries.
  12. China probably has one of the lowest obesity rates on earth. I'm sure their tally is a total lie though. COVID just gave many people on the brink a little nudge off the cliff.
  13. Are we really going to ignore obesity rates and how that has played into all of this?
  14. 8,000 Americans die everyday with or without COVID.