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  1. 93° on my weather station, which is a 2022 high temp. Also hit 9.7 on the UV index. Year high. The previous UV high was June 3rd. Even though the sun angle is still getting stronger, the humidity impacts how much makes it to the ground. Records start May 12th 2022
  2. Summers don't feel as rough as they used to be, bur that probably has more to do with my lack of AC growing up.
  3. I'm working out in Battle Creek today. 93F. My backyard 79.5.
  4. A little better to my west, but Michigan is looking at 24 hours above normal. Next Wednesday
  5. This entire year has been horrendous. I really want out.
  6. Ironically, it's sunny here today.... but for how long?
  7. I'd take any dark yellow or blue. I'll fly to the mountain west for snowmobiling.
  8. If I could move my kids, girlfriend and company to a sunny location tomorrow -- I would. Very done with the clouds. Just feels like a waste of life.
  9. Every March & April I contemplate ways to move out of the Midwest
  10. Trails are closed March 31st. Can't do much with April snow.
  11. Barely looks like any negative trend in that.
  12. Considering the GFS & NAM are like duplicate copies..... shouldn't that mean something?
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