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  1. RIP to peoples homes along the great lakes.
  2. I'm actually enjoying the lack of traffic and reduced crowds. Large cities are probably much nicer than usual right now.
  3. 05/13/2020 06:43AM 25.29°F That beats my previous low of: 05/09/2020 07:22AM 25.34°F
  4. Oh look... an Ampol poster.
  5. Once you hit 40 it's time to shave your head. For single men, women prefer guys who buzz anyhow.
  6. I bet the life cycle of most viruses work this way. I'm financially set because of this situation, so it's hard for me to be upset -- but I'm still going to weigh in.
  7. People die everyday, now they die and if a positive COVID-19 result is shown, the virus is labeled as the cause. Random viruses cycle through the population all the time, we just don't go to this extent of testing with most.
  8. African Americans are overwhelmingly being affected the most and type 2 diabetes is highly prevalent among that population. So, yes..... the south will be highly affected. I have heard more than one researcher link the death rate to vitamin D deficiency.
  9. That was almost 3 weeks ago when that was revealed, I'm guessing the numbers are only going to get higher over time.
  10. The accuracy of maps/graphs/charts right now is quite poor due to asymptomatic people never being tested. That's my biggest issue with reporting test results.
  11. Cases, that's more of less where you're getting a high rate of testing. Most people aren't getting tested, my county has around 300 positive tests out of 180,000 people. I bet an antibody test would show 50,000 positive results. That would be close to what we see in random tests, not people who "think they have it".
  12. I'd throw out political parties and just break it down by ethnicity and underlying health. Where is type 2 diabetes prevalent, versus where it's not as prevalent.
  13. Of course many red states have embedded blue areas that are pumping up case statistics.
  14. Looks like red state workers are choosing to work versus staying home. Infections are almost exclusively bad in blue states though.
  15. Demographics. Pop up a daily plane flight path map of the world.
  16. The U.S. and U.K are like 10 countries in one. There's no apples to apples comparison being displayed here.
  17. The world wasn't ready for a social media freakout over a virus that kills primarily those with 1 foot in the grave as it is.
  18. It was a hot little ditty making its way around certain partisan outlets.... partisanship shouldn't have a factor in this, but it certainly did.
  19. Here's a life lesson that applies to making it past life expectancy. Don't smoke and don't get fat.
  20. The virus has already taken out the most vulnerable, that's how diseases work. Lets see how things go after reopening... that's truly the only way we can see how this is going to play out. LOL "pandemic response team", That's a partisan excuse.
  21. Unless they started a program of reducing obesity and successfully achieved that goal -- I doubt it would matter. The link between type 2 diabetes and COVID deaths is undeniable.
  22. Right... because that was ready to move on COVID-19. Sure..
  23. There's a definite divide between private industry and public when it comes to economic pain. I'm pretty sure public workers have very little risk of losing their jobs when we reopen -- they're budget is made whole by tax payers. The restaurant owner, the hotel owner.... they're ****ed.