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  1. I love the little circle of despair around LAF in both years
  2. Let's Talk Winter!!

    what about my area, stebo?
  3. 2017 Spring/Summer Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    On the hazard simplification note I feel that "Winter Weather Advisory" is just unnecessarily vague in general, and especially so now that they are consolidating the Freezing Rain Advisory into it. It looks like their goal is simpler/fewer types of warnings/watches/advisories with more to-the-point detail in the description. To be completely honest I don't think the public cares too much about this stuff. I think they check the forecast for any sensible weather, i.e. "will it rain tomorrow" and leave it at that. When there's hazardous weather I think they sort of hear the type of advisory (i.e. they see Winter Storm Warning) and then they listen to their preferred TV weather man break down the threat. But my opinion is that they don't care too much about the hazardous weather except when it's a very newsworthy event directly affecting them. Just in conversations with people I hear them misquote forecasts all the time if weather comes up. For instance if there's a Winter Storm Warning and it comes up in conversation they might say "Oh yeah I heard we're getting another 6 inches tomorrow morning!" even if the actual forecast was for snow tapering off by 11 P.M. that night. Just the other day my professor mentioned that hurricanes Irma, Katia, and Jose would all bring hurricane impacts to the US when Irma was the only one that had a realistic threat of that (a Jose landfall was (and still is) way out of predictability range). I think he just saw a headline containing the three hurricane names but didn't investigate any more. This is the real challenge in making a WRN. The public just doesn't care at all about interesting/hazardous weather, and they're perfectly fine with only being generally aware of a warning/advisory being in affect and nothing more (with the exception of maybe Tornado Warnings, at least here in the Midwest).
  4. Tropical Banter Thread

    forecasterjack really wants us to visit weather.us
  5. August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

    A question I have is why on visible satellite loops areas far from the totality path appear to get very dark when on the ground there is not much (but still noticeable) dimming.
  6. May 2017 Discussion

    PDS Severe Tstorm Watch with 50% tornado probabilities was issued earlier (http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0280.html). Has this ever been done before?
  7. September 2016 General Discussion

    Absolutely beautiful today.
  8. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md1023.html "Watch unlikely" for SW Michigan, including a portion of the moderate risk
  9. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    Quality thunder right now on southern edge of rain shield
  10. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    can someone tell me their thoughts for my area (bloomington in) wednesday? from what i can tell i think i'm too far south/west
  11. 2016 Spring/Summer Banter, Complaint, Whining Thread

    I know spring has been rough around here but for me it has at least been more interesting severe-wise than last spring. I'm about to pass the 2015 severe tstm watch total (3) on May 11th.
  12. April 2016 General Discussion

    winds today were as impressive as I've seen since moving here. Been without power for 4 hours now
  13. somewhere in the D range here I don't know what my total was because I don't keep track but we didn't have any storms with more than about 3 inches of snow. I guess climo here plays a pretty big role. Was kind of painful being missed to the south by the mid atlantic storm but it wasn't too close to me. Just kind of annoying when south IN ends up being too far north instead of too far south.
  14. February 2016 Discussion

    Got 70 in the point for Saturday I'm ready :^)
  15. Anyone have some good severe threads we can read to pass the time? Doesn't matter to me if they busted in the end just as long as there was pretty good hype in the days prior. I just finished reading June 12 2013's thread and it got me thinking about how events that are well hyped to have some big MCS/derecho don't always seem to pan out like we plan (I guess that's true for all severe events but it seems it happens more with MCS events). Don't know if there's any actual correlation but June 3 2014 and obviously June 12 2013 came to my mind immediately. I guess we're still pretty bad at predicting storm mode? Maybe someone can offer insight or give counterexamples.