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  1. The_Doctor

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Derecho? A few more wind reports occurred east of Cleveland after the 12z cutoff. Not too shabby considering a lot of these areas had <=5% wind probabilities until the 01z outlook.
  2. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Joke right?
  3. The_Doctor

    May 16-21 Severe Threats

    One of the odder looking probabilistic outlooks I've seen, with the sig area totally separate from the higher probs. This is the Day 2 outlook for tomorrow.
  4. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Just came across this YouTube video of a tornado captured by a drone, taken yesterday. It is easily the coolest video I've watched in some time. https://youtu.be/jD2cCJBDauA
  5. The_Doctor

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    It had quite the reflectivity presentation on a previous scan: Despite that look it didn't have any significant CC drop to my untrained eye and the velocities weren't too impressive. The warning isn't radar confirmed
  6. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    I can access KIND on Radarscope
  7. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    May through mid-July for Indiana, at least in terms of general severe weather. This loop is pretty good to get an idea of trends throughout the year: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/new/SVRclimo/climo.php?parm=anySvr
  8. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

  9. The_Doctor

    April 10-12 Winter Storm

    Bullpen has been appalling lol. For real though I hope this goes north. Would be nice to get some storms out of this.
  10. The_Doctor

    1974 Super Outbreak

    Maybe a dumb question, but is there any chance that there were a lot more tornadoes that occurred on that day than we know of? Since it was back in the 1970s? Especially since 30 violent tornadoes occurred out of 148 total, while the 2011 super outbreak had "just" 15 violent tornadoes but 216 total tornadoes. I imagine part of the gap can be explained by the fact that April 27th featured a lot of early morning tornadoes even before the "main event" got going.
  11. The_Doctor

    March 2019 Discussion

    Some gigantic snowflakes falling right now... I'd hoped we were done with this lol
  12. The_Doctor

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    I'm also hoping that thunderstorm season gets going around here soon. This is my last spring in the Midwest before I move to the West Coast at the end of summer, so hopefully I can experience a couple more thunderstorm events! The West Coast is definitely a downgrade in terms of weather I find interesting (thunderstorms and snowstorms) but the atmospheric river events will hopefully keep me engaged at least. One thing I will not miss is the cold winters. Consecutive 10 degree days has really gotten old for me, especially since I have to walk around in it.
  13. The_Doctor

    List your Strongest Tornadoes ever

    It's just one dude's opinion but some of his analyses are pretty thorough and in depth at least, even if you disagree overall with his assessments. https://extremeplanet.me/2012/07/01/the-non-definitive-list-of-the-strongest-tornadoes-ever-recorded-damage-intensity/
  14. The_Doctor

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    06z FV3 drops ~20" in like 12 hours across northern Illinois about a week from now. If this replaces the normal GFS...
  15. The_Doctor

    Winter Storm - February 11-13, 2019

    LAF actually fighting at 32. Just took a short walk and there are some nice slick spots where there isnt any leftover salt.