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  1. Only for the last 10 years and obviously not all Ninas. The March 2008 blizzard was the last big snowstorm(10"+) from a southern based storm. Since then its been either the track you mentioned or too far south and east. Had to rely on overachieving clippers to get a decent(5-6") event. I think I speak for most of the Ohio posters when I say that one good west Apps runner is all we ask for this winter.
  2. Well I did say it was in fantasy land and there is no reason to believe it now but if it's still there inside of 180 hours then i'll believe it more. It's not impossible to cool down that much. I've seen snowflakes fly here as early as mid October. After all it is getting to be that time of the year.
  3. It will probably be brought up so might as well get it out there. 12z GFS fantasy land showing a pretty deep trough. 540 line makes it to IN/OH and 850mb 0 degree line at one point gets down to I-70 in Ohio. We all know that will change though.
  4. Decent band of rain training over me for the past hour.
  5. Latest WPC 7 day QPF.
  6. 12z Euro brings Harvey northeast up to about Cincy before heading eastward.
  7. Met fall is almost upon us and it appears at least the first week of the month will feel like it.
  8. Euro has been pretty consistent with this. GFS has been flip flopping between OV or hanging around TX/Mexico. GGEM has been either hanging around TX/Mexico or moving east across the south.
  9. Had 90% coverage here in Dayton but it was still a great experience. Can't wait until 2024 when I get in the totality path.
  10. Possible watch for E IN/W OH.
  11. Another PDS
  12. Safe to say this was unexpected.
  13. You and me both.
  14. Most of IN/OH now in a slight risk on new day 2.
  15. Quite the unexpected wind event here yesterday. Lots of trees down and power outages all around Dayton.