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  1. Rain/snow mix here currently.
  2. Snowing pretty good in Lansing MI right now during the Maryland/MSU game which is on FOX if you want to check it out.
  3. SPC shifted the marginal area north some especially for IN/W OH.
  4. That's insane!
  5. 0z 3K NAM snowfall
  6. I would really love for this to happen but not holding my breath.
  7. Large day 5 15% area has been added.
  8. Local met mentioned this is the 9th wettest year on record so far.
  9. Well if you go by what I just saw on local news, they said three EF 2 tornadoes confirmed in Mercer county. One near Wabash in the southern part of the county, one near St. Anthony in the western part and another near Celina. But they also say the latter two were from the same storm. To me it sounds like it lifted at St Anthony and dropped again near Celina.
  10. Pouring buckets here now.
  11. New t-storm watch.
  12. Just east of me.
  13. Replacement watch coming for southern IN/OH.
  14. Got family in St. Mary's OH which is just east of Celina. Just a little to close to home so to speak.