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  1. Enhanced for E IA on new day 1.
  2. Day 3 disco saying considerable upgrade possible.
  3. Took care of it since I noticed I had the first post.
  4. Enhanced area has been issued for tomorrow for parts of MN/WI.
  5. Well kind of. They do talk about it in the 4-8 day outlook.
  6. Interesting day in western Ohio. A supercell developed in west central Ohio near Van Wert and moved SSE through Dayton before dying out. Several hail/wind reports from its path.
  7. Confirmed EF 1 in Park Layne which is in southwest Clark County.
  8. Thing is that it was anything but a "brief spinner" which is his point I think. No one expected a tornado to be as strong as it appears to be and on the ground for as long as it was.
  9. This was just a crazy night here around Dayton. Lucky for me it stayed just east and north of me.
  10. New watch
  11. Tornado warning in SE IN.
  12. TOG near Salem IA.
  13. They still might on the 4 or 9pm update. Wondering if they might also nudge it into W OH but we'll see how things develop.
  14. Already lots of thunder and lightning here. Lots more to come.
  15. Enhanced area shifted north into SW IL for tomorrow.