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  1. New watch
  2. Tornado warning in SE IN.
  3. TOG near Salem IA.
  4. They still might on the 4 or 9pm update. Wondering if they might also nudge it into W OH but we'll see how things develop.
  5. Already lots of thunder and lightning here. Lots more to come.
  6. Enhanced area shifted north into SW IL for tomorrow.
  7. New tornado warning in southern IN.
  8. Actually 2 of them one west and one north of Enon.
  9. Which I don't get because they mention in the disco that tornadoes are possible so they should just make it a tornado watch.
  10. Confirmed tornado southeast of Joplin MO.
  11. ILN very detailed concerning tomorrow.
  12. Enhanced area shifted farther west in KY/IN and mention of higher probs possibly being needed.
  13. And they mention possible strong tornadoes up here to Ohio.
  14. And then a week later (day 12) does show a snowstorm for the northern half of IL.
  15. Heck of a time for ILN radar to be down.