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  1. Maybe change this to the 17-18 which I assume is what you are referring to.
  2. Funny you say that. Here is the 0z GFS for next weekend.
  3. Over here on the warm side, marginal risk has been extended into Ohio for tomorrow.
  4. So no credit to the "trash" GFS that has been on the more east track from the get go?
  5. Pivotal doesn't have freezing rain QPF for Euro.
  6. 0z Euro has some ice but not to the extent of GFS/GGEM.
  7. 0z GGEM also has the weekend snow showing up.
  8. 0z GFS keeping the idea alive for the weekend.
  9. 0z Euro is the only one showing anything significant for the day 7 potential and it's back to more of a cutter idea.
  10. 0z Euro still has the snowy idea this weekend.