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  1. Nice to be tracking already in November. Hoping for a long winter here
  2. Over 4 inches from today’s storm. Still snowing
  3. Snow on the ground snow in the air snow in the forecast
  4. We had hail in Denville a few minutes ago. Tons of lightning pouring rain thunder. Legit t storm for my area
  5. thanks Isotherm for the snowfall map. I look forward to seeing it every year
  6. It must have been downright frigid at those locations!
  7. 32 below at Lake Hopatcong wow
  8. Must have been quite an explosion. She thought it was picatinny arsenal at first. We hear them testing weapons often. Like a low boom. Not at night tho
  9. My wife heard this last night as well down in Denville.
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