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  1. denvillenj

    Memory Lane

    It must have been downright frigid at those locations!
  2. denvillenj

    Memory Lane

  3. denvillenj

    Memory Lane

    32 below at Lake Hopatcong wow
  4. Must have been quite an explosion. She thought it was picatinny arsenal at first. We hear them testing weapons often. Like a low boom. Not at night tho
  5. My wife heard this last night as well down in Denville.
  6. denvillenj

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Condolences on the loss of your wife. hope we see a snowy winter.
  7. Blizzard of 96. Grew up on Central NJ coast. Town called Morgan right on the Raritan Bay. Lot of snow to rain events. Nothing big at all growing up. Barely remember 83. We even Missed the one in 89 that got Atlantic City good. Still sour about that miss. 93 was cool but was only like a foot with 4 inches of sleet on it. 96 was First direct hit of my lifetime....I was born in 79. Just kept snowing. Over 30 inches...Roads impassable. Heaven. Got me all into snow. Wanted more. Sill do. Great winter too. Moved up to north nj in 2004 all excited then watch the coast jackpot for a decade plus now. in laws in seaside park gettting monster blizzards. Unreal but loved the March we just had here in Denville. Had a few 20 inch plus storms here but nothing tops 96 yet...
  8. Was looking forward to seeing this! Thanks for putting it together and posting it. What an odd distribution in Sussex county. Wish I still lived in Jefferson but I did quite well here in Denville.
  9. denvillenj

    March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    7” and snowing nicely Denville Morris County. What a month!
  10. denvillenj

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    Excellent, excellent storm here in Denville — 19 inches. Had some rumbles of thunder. Snow stuck to everything. Lost power for 2nd time this week, Generator running again. Totally worth it. Storm was fun to track as well from a Morris county perspective
  11. denvillenj

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Very solid storm in Denville, Morris County 9 inches Silver dollar flakes falling now. Best storm of the season for my area...
  12. denvillenj

    December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    Headed to downtown Denville shortly to walk around.... nice storm out here in Morris county. Radar does look good still
  13. Huge flakes mixing with the rain here 600' elevation
  14. Maybe your latitude will help this year.....hoping for solid coating of snow down here in Denville NJ