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  1. Ha ha, I never hate snow, yet love it is alway so close by. The bulbs are up at my house and trees are budding out.
  2. Changing the subject, some snow porn from a late spring blast here in central Oregon. Had a coating at my house overnight and flurries all day with temps in the mid 30's. However, the higher elevations (above 4500' ) have been pummeled the past 48 hours. Ski resort is closed because of Covid but drove out and took some photos this morning . At least 3 feet of new snow and more than 10 feet on the ground. They are, fingers crossed reopening in May sometime? Base should be fine and more snow is coming.
  3. So a really dry sunny winter here but did manage a January like weekend with some fresh snow here overnight. High so far today at 11:45 am PT has been 17. FYI: Corona has shut down schools and the ski resort here. My wife works at the regional hospital here and they are setting up tents in the parking lot for screening. Be safe everyone. Photo from dog park this morning
  4. I totally agree, crazy amounts of snow can totally F-UP productivity and routines. That is why I love having moved close to the Cascades. Crazy amounts of snow a very short drive away. Love spring time, I can ski in the morning, drive 10 miles to golf at Widgi Creek and drive 10 more miles and mow my grass in shorts and a t-shirt. Got all the climates here without the damn humidity and bugs.
  5. Flat landers.. lol.. my brother struggled when he visited me here ( he is 62 ) hiking 7000 - 8000 feet. I recall getting light headed at pikes peak when I was in my late teens. Colorado has some seriously high ski locations, which hopefully will preserve the ski seasons as the planet shifts into “torch mode”
  6. Many of the beautiful towns (Like Jackson) in the rockies there just is not enough culture or economic diversity ( good paying jobs ) I've met three people over the years that lived in Jackson, they all said the town was too small. One guy (actually a horse rancher here now) told me he got tired of his guests / visitors spending much of their visit being altitude sick. LOL Gorgeous places to visit and see for sure.
  7. Great video captures the landscape well. The scale of things in the west is hard to capture on video or in photos. It has gotten pretty damn expensive here too but I have heard places like JH and the resort towns in CO are insanely expensive.
  8. Really cool map. Maybe that is why the PNW snowpack seems so durable and long lasting. Dense and thick ( see photo from 1 week ago at 8,000') there will be snow at that spot well into August. Noticed flying over the intermountain west in the summer that most of the summits are melted out while Cascades hang on. Washington State seem to always have a nice solid snow cover much of the year. Anyway, very dry February out here so getting nervous about fire season??
  9. Gotta move to Turkey. LOL
  10. Sorry such a crappy year there in the MA, painful reading the threads. I still have lots family and friends there who are sad for such a low snow winter. Lower than normal snow pack here in Central Oregon for this time of year. The consistent storm tracks have been into Washington and northeastern Oregon. Of course, a bad snow year in the Cascades is better than a great snow year in many places. Different perspective living in a big snow pack area than my memories of Virginia. I'm totally happy now if it doesn't snow at my house. It makes walking the dogs, life and work easier and there is always snow nearby. I remember many winter drives to Canaan Valley to get into the snow and they are even having a crappy season. February has been dry and sunny here but the skiing is great for now. Photo from this afternoon with 10,300 foot South Sister in the distance.
  11. After 47 years in the MA I am living proof you can uproot life, start a second career and move to a better place. Lot’s of great towns with much more snow. The economy is strong now, go for it! Life is too short to not enjoy what you love.
  12. Awesome ! Yes, good bye Stephens City. My oldest brother still lives there on Whyte Avenue. Spent many summer days on the lake as a kid and wired many of the homes there.
  13. Totally get that. Colorado is loaded with ski options! Colorado was on my relocation list, my wife wanted easy drive to the ocean coast. Not much coastline in CO. haha Mt Bachelor basically it for skiing here. 21 mile drive from my house, so I can go for a few hours in the morning or afternoon and work the opposite. Hoodoo & Willamette Pass are pretty close but I have not been to those to ski. I am too old for any crazy skiing and prefer the warmer winter temps. Spring skiing can be amazing in late March through May, still have deep base, more sunshine and almost no people. We get a bunch of Washington State ski tourists here. Couple years ago there were huge numbers of CA skiers. Snow here is more consistent, CA has had very poor snow seasons. Mount Hood is a pretty big ski area but the snow there is almost always heavy wet snow. We get way more powder storms here being farther from the coast.