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  1. 1983 set the record low temp for Christmas at 0f. I recall some sneaky cold hanging around that winter.
  2. looks like 0.28 overnight.
  3. .01, sprinkle about 9:00. Otherwise just overcast.
  4. Max 82 here today. Tidewater is up too.
  5. Man, this thread is gone pathetic. Sorry to point it out. I promise to keep quite now.
  6. Finishing with 2.36" for Sept. Hi 85, Lo 48 (near water. We don't get cold nights easy)
  7. DCA: 11/22 BWI: 10/27 IAD: 10/26 RIC: 11/10 Tiebreaker: Number of days with a minimum temperature below 40F at BWI in October: 4
  8. Hasn't the sun been a bit active this month too? Not much spots, but some flare/storm/wind. Aurora was seen in 18 states including MD, VA. http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=11&month=09&year=2017 Eta another link: http://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/solar-flux-almost-as-strong-than-at-the-top-of-the-solar-cycle.580328/
  9. Ended with 0.52 plus another 0.13 for yesterday, (mostly pre dawn). We sowed some seed last week which is usually a formula for dry wx, so we're happy with what we got.
  10. Thunder here at 19:15 local. Now raining pretty good. Almost nothing on radar but I'm under it.
  11. I've been looking at 1986. Maybe not the last time, but a good time. Led to a pretty snowy winter.
  12. Got 0.10 at about 19:30L with bit-o-thunder. Pretty unimpressive here.
  13. Sudden moderate rain shwr out of nowhere. Just ending after about 3 min. Had 5.09 for August. Highest temp 90 on only 1 day. Dang, nearly had an Aug that never hit 90. I bet others did. Edit: woke up to .03 in the gauge.
  14. Here? on the MA forum? Pessimism? Come back for one of our winter storms. Skunks abound. (Unfortunately for snow lovers; the negativity is somewhat justified)
  15. 0.15" here. Must've been about 1800 local. Wife also reported a few drops while she was trying to view the eclipse. Unfortunately.