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  1. 3.38" rain for Feb. Highest temp 68, lowest 18. No snow here.
  2. Starting March in the teens....19f this morning. (Only had one day below 20 in Feb)
  3. Low of 25f this morning is my coldest obs this month.
  4. Suddenly getting strong gusts and rain at 8:40 in Mitchellville, PG Co. No thunder heard yet. Very quick onset.
  5. Total January rain 3.01 Lowest temp 17, highest 71
  6. 28f this morning, (and we are plenty "east of I-95"); fog too. Bird seed frozen in the feeder. Tarps frozen stiff on the woodpile.
  7. Downright frosty this morning. 23/21 Reminds me of winter.
  8. Went out before 5 am for my poor, sick dog, and it was heavy rain with about .75 in the gauge. Currently 1.22 inch at 46f. Rain seems to have stopped for now.
  9. These little icicles don't seem indicative of our day, but here they are. (Patio umbrella) 32/32 dzl mist.
  10. Neither flake, nor pellet, nor drop here. Currently 29/20, overcast
  11. Was 30 this morning, currently 25. Had 6 straight days above freezing previously.
  12. Change from rain to all snow about 2:30 here in Mitchellville. SN+