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  1. Plenty of wind at work. Just recovering from our 2nd power off/on event this afternoon. (First was probably around 2pm)
  2. That seems to be 24 hour records. I got the impression Snowen is thinking of a 3 day event. Heck, either is OK for me. I think a station in HoCo measured a bit over 50" in Feb 2010.
  3. ...which hasn't even happened yet. At this rate, we'll have run out of complaining by the first 70f day of January.
  4. Ooof, No Mercy from this crowd, eh? Rhino, the next time you look at the AFD, check the time it was issued. Well, here's one: Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC 349 AM EDT Tue Oct 19 2021 Weathermen are expected to live on a higher plane than the average student. (Remember, we tease because we love)
  5. 42 here. Very isolated frost...on 2 roofs up the hill about .75 mile from my station. (Always colder there in winter)
  6. Looks like I'll have 0.19" for today. 57f now.
  7. Not much blue sky here for the morning. But it has the look of impending clearing. 59f for my low.
  8. Ugh. Now you really are talking cringe-worthy.
  9. Checking the front loaded 1989 at locations that just had the ultra-cold Feb 2021....Tyler, TX (e.g.) hit 97f on 10-3-89 but finished October as normal. Went on to record a very cold Christmas with lows of 9, 0, 1, & 14; from 12-22 to 12-25. Daily departure of -39 on 12-23. Monthly departure of -9.5. Very cold for east TX. I'm starting to think these guys selling the December-to-remember are looking better and better.
  10. Today's LWX AFD is mentioning these record numbers for Friday: DCA - 87 in 1975 BWI - 86 in 1989 IAD - 88 in 1989 I think we don't get anywhere close to these, but wanted to note that October 1989 led to the coldest December ever recorded. Departure of -14.6 at IAD; -13.2 at BWI. Second coldest in Balto was in 1876, (departure -11.3). 12 of the December record min temps at IAD were set in 1989.
  11. I see there are a lot of October rain-complainers around. But, I was noticing last night, when I emptied the 0.02" total from the gauge, that I've had almost no rain this month. Not worried though. (yet) Low of 63f this morning, and overcast.
  12. These 3 stick out, if it helps any. (Meaning, I don't know how big of a nina each year was. Someone may know.) 2007...63.6f 1984...61.8f 1971...61.4f avg of 56.6f all at IAD The 1971 led to a warm Dec+Jan, but cold snowy Feb. 1985 led to a record cold spell in Jan 2007 led to pathetic, don't ask.
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