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  1. Combining HECS/MECS totals across IAD/DCA/BWI- The Top 10

    My youngest sister was born in the blizzard of 66 so it was part of family lore. We grew up in fairly snowy times, but it's hard to convince folks that we've gotten more snow since, in spite of this listing. And I think it's explained in Gym's comment. In the 60s side streets were not salted, and they just remained icy for 7-10 days. The Counties used to put half barrels of sand at the bottom of hills in winter so anyone could throw it on the road when needed. In HoCo we had snow fences too. I was told that in the PG section of West Laurel the County never plowed the many miles of side roads. I remember a new but closed road which we sledded on for a couple weeks one year. Nowadays we get salt 2 days before it snows. Then a little more for good measure. I just walked the dog and there's still some salt on the cul-de-sac. Maybe Cobalt can find some old photos or something because I don't see how younger guys can know what it was like. Well, that's enough slogging through the snow for now.
  2. Combining HECS/MECS totals across IAD/DCA/BWI- The Top 10

    Interesting that on first glance, one might think you listed in chronological order, not magnitude. Reverse-chrono through the first 6. I half expected 1966 to be higher, but I guess my memory is wrong. I was pretty young then. (So was IAD I suppose)
  3. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Walked at 5:10 and was hit by sudden sleet flipover, now rain. Measured 0.8 at the time 32.7/32
  4. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Our (admittedly shaded) street going white. 32.7/32
  5. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Back home in AAco now. Was pouring snow at first, now quite wet, but still snow. 37/32 Leafy areas slightly white
  6. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    In HoCo Laurel... Just starting light snow. A bit graupelish, but snow
  7. February Discobs Thread

    Hey; I notice that LWX dropped the "severe drought" from the home page headline, even though it's not Thursday yet. Well done Sterling. See; AmWx voices are always heard. (Well, not really I guess) Partial clearing here, but still quite cloudy.
  8. February Discobs Thread

    3.03" for the weekend Around 4.50 for Feb here
  9. February Discobs Thread

    Can't you get Jebman to come clean out those leaves for you? Just got back from the dog walk. Overcast, breezy, but no rain. Very soggy though. 1.79" in the real gauge for today so far.
  10. February Discobs Thread

    90 day departure was -5.50 365 day was -3.63 ...as of 2/7/18 We seem to have picked up over 2 since then. Still a bit droughty, but I guess it's the "severe" hype headline that bothers me. Next issuance will be Thursday. http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=LWX&product=DGT&issuedby=LWX
  11. February Discobs Thread

    61f here. 1.35" on the day so far. LWX is still carrying a "severe drought" headline over flood warnings on the homepage. Embarrassing. Click through it and see that the "severe" area is a small strip of I-95. Basically a trick of the algorithm. Hopefully they drop it tomorrow.
  12. February Discobs Thread

    Drove to Edgewater with mod rain. Returning about 9:45 much heavier rain and Rte 214 was flooded over at usual places. Local pasture was under a few inches of water; farmer had the livestock on higher ground. Over 2 inches for the weekend so far.
  13. February Discobs Thread

    1.15 still raining sporadically
  14. February Discobs Thread

    0.84" (e-gauge) 45f Davis Instruments says it's raining cats and dogs. Typical weekend
  15. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Scraped the windows and drove into the depths of PGCo. Not slippery like Monday was. No precip since 6:00 +/- Salters are out. Bumper temp tickled 33 at one point, but otherwise at or below frzg all the way in. Both counties 2 hours late on schools and probably reasonable. Closing would not be.