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  1. 0.15" early this morning as TS passed. Currently overcast. No wind.
  2. Getting some close strikes now (18:20) but still only moderate rain at best . No wind.
  3. Lot o rolling thunder here but only a sprinkle of rain. Radar looks like its just west of us. Bowie maybe. Could blow itself out.
  4. June monthly total 5.16" Highest temp 90f, lowest 48.
  5. Received 0.65 in today's T-storm. Monthly total is around 5 inches so far.
  6. T- storm with heavy rain. Respectable wind and thunder, but mostly raining hard. Radar predicts us under it for a while, but I think it may weaken. Eta..power flickering too
  7. 1.53" from this afternoon's T-storm; struck about 16:00 with hvy downpour. Roadways flooded a bit (MD 450 and Rutland.) Plus a bit more in the evening. Temp/DP both 65.
  8. May total 2.58 inches. Highest temp 86, lowest 33.
  9. Very humid here today. Max DP was 77. Currently 72 and hoping for some fresher air blowing in.
  10. 3.38" rain for Feb. Highest temp 68, lowest 18. No snow here.
  11. Starting March in the teens....19f this morning. (Only had one day below 20 in Feb)
  12. Low of 25f this morning is my coldest obs this month.
  13. Suddenly getting strong gusts and rain at 8:40 in Mitchellville, PG Co. No thunder heard yet. Very quick onset.