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  1. Sunny and not a cloud in sight, but only 34f here . Wind too. DP 12. Was working outdoors for a few hours, was downright cold. (Gonna light the kero heater for phase 2)
  2. Temp was 32 before bed last night. Awoke predawn to 34 and good dusting on cars. Fell to 28f overnight according to the Davis. Mostly melting at sun up.
  3. Today's obs... ...eighth straight morning with low in the 20s
  4. Too soon. Besides, there's a AmWx rule that no Christmas lights shall be removed until after snow has fallen on them. (True, some years it's tough.)
  5. Seems to be a little sleet mixed in with the rain on the skylight. 35/33.
  6. About 1.2" total past 2 days. DP has fallen to 32 at least.
  7. Breezy overcast. Still almost no rain in Annapolis, as of noon. Agrees with radar.
  8. New LWX radar page. Pathetic. If it aint broke; fix it until it is.
  9. Very light snow falling here. Surfaces just barely whitening so far. 30f, dp 28.
  10. Started as light snow West side of Annapolis about 11:25. Steady lt sn now.
  11. LWX shows Naval Academy reporting light rain on the hour, but I'm in west Annapolis and still have nothing but a grey day. As of 11:00am