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  1. You got me curious, so I looked back, and last 99 here was 7 July 2012. Week after the derecho 5 day power outage. Also 99 in July 2011 (BWI made 106). I'm just too close to the swamp to make triple digits. (On DP however, we're tough to beat. Yuk.)
  2. 41f here. Was a patch of blue sky when I took the dog out but now overcast and lt rain
  3. Seem to hear thunder west of Annapolis. Not certain. Radar shows some very small cells. so. maybe Otherwise, quite overcast with a few scuds. Not raining yet. EDIT 15:40 ...OK, now it's raining.
  4. Is a hops an artichoke? I just assumed.......well nevermind.
  5. Low 46f Currently 47/41 sun Rather refreshing morning
  6. 66/66 and moist. Sun starting to break through.
  7. Yeah, I was surprised at the heavy cloudiness when I went out at dawn today. Dew point creeping up too. I hope that trend doesn't catch on for a while yet. 61f
  8. 32 for my low. (Colder than yesterday) DP 30 (higher than yesterday 24)
  9. Nice, but less surprising than Andrews making 31. Not bad.
  10. Low of 33. Pretty cold for our swamp location. (forecast 36 IRRC)
  11. When I worked next door to the stadium lot, it was $3 for employees parking, $5 general public; (my son worked at Boog's BBQ). So I checked the price: Looks like $15, if this is up to date. Still very outrageous, IMO. But at least it's not $30 yet. Heck, the $5 was considered a rip-off back then. The lot was only about 10% occupied most evening games. (This is the lot under 395.) I no longer work in Balto, and don't miss it.