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  1. Whadya mean!? This is AmWx! Of course we care. Pretty significant cloud formations approaching Annapolis. Might have to bail early to beat it home.
  2. Oh, what beautiful words. Only about 0.02" overnight here.
  3. I think it's an ordinary brown fig. That Chicago cultivar probably has a better chance of surviving a cold winter. When I was growing up in Howard Co my Dad grew a fig for decades, and those advanced hybrids weren't available back then. He used to insulate it with straw, but if there was an unusually cold winter it would die back to the roots, and sometimes we thought it was dead, but it just grows back to the same size or bigger. By the time we sold the house a ladder was needed to harvest the gallons of fruit it produced . We were hoping that in our warmer Anne Arundel winters we won't get much die- back, but were already worried. Our neighbor here grew a fig and insulated it each winter for years, then sold the house. The new owners didn't insulate the fig, and now it's gone. So far, the deer, squirrels and other pests have eaten most of the fruit.
  4. Is Benson a red poodle by any chance? A year ago I didn't know there was such a breed; now we have one. (Had several poodles, but not a red)
  5. Dormant fig starting to leaf out. Found a similar picture from April 16 of last year. It's about 3 weeks later this year. We insulate with shredded leaves (mostly) in winter. Just planted in 2020, so don't have any other data
  6. Congratulations, and may God bless your union.
  7. Looks like that 33f was set in 1874. Pretty cool. AAFB min 31f. (and 10 miles west of there, DCA lands at 42f)
  8. Low of 31f No scraping though. quite clear
  9. 34 for my low (...and where did this stupid wind come from? (me before sunrise this morning) )
  10. Fog, mist, with clouds. Not real bad, but occasionally needed the wipers driving in to work.
  11. Annapolis still overcast at 13:45
  12. IAD lists a Trace on May 26, 2002 . (seen at 2 different listings. Don't know if I believe it though) They also list Traces of snow in June 2015 and 2016, but by the temps listed, I suspect that's from hail or semi-hail. Gotta wonder about some of these obs. eta: Well, BWI lists a Trace on May 31, 2017. https://www.weather.gov/lwx/bwinme eta: OK, since we've started this....DCA lists a Trace on May 16, 1988...
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