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  1. Here? on the MA forum? Pessimism? Come back for one of our winter storms. Skunks abound. (Unfortunately for snow lovers; the negativity is somewhat justified)
  2. 0.15" here. Must've been about 1800 local. Wife also reported a few drops while she was trying to view the eclipse. Unfortunately.
  3. Kinda like vampires in reverse, I suppose. (I'm sure they would be cute little vampires though) Thought this was a gag at first.
  4. and, looking at my record book, I'd call today's Rmax of 96f "low hanging fruit". (2002) (Lowest August Max temp actually)
  5. Looking at my LWX forecast page...seems to advertise a max of 89f, and also a Heat Advisory. That's strange. One of them must be wrong.
  6. 0.91" here.
  7. So, a factor of 3 difference. Not far off the pace really.
  8. Agnes in 1972, but l would like to mention hurricane Floyd in September 1999. Due to strange circumstances. We lived at a little house in Laurel where we never lost power before. I had been trying to get BGE to trime trees in our tiny backyard under the power lines. After the storm went through, there was plenty of power out. I drove home from work to find the local FD closed our street due to lines down. I walked up to my metal fence gate and found it was welded shut. How odd! Was a weak weld, and I busted through with effort. Went to the crawl space to find a copper water supply pipe cracked and leaking. Went to shut the water valve and noticed there had been a small fire or explosion, fotunately put out by the water break. All evidence of a lightning strike maybe, but in fact the power line had fallen in the neighbors chain link fence, welded my gate, traveled through copper flashing on the sill plate, (was kind of old house), sparked to the copper water pipe, then ground. Had hit a small car in the parking area behind us and burned it completely to the ground. Never could ID it, might have been a Nissan. Power out 4 days. I sent photos of the burned out car to BGE, and they finally trimmed the trees. Can't believe I typed all that. Eta: Dammit, this landed in the wrong thread/tab K, how's that?
  9. One here too about 5 minutes ago, and that is it. Have had nothing but overcast. (Quite pleasant actually)
  10. This is Intellicast for Canaan Valley (32F): (Hope that reads OK)
  11. Plenty of heavy rain in here in Bowie/Mitchellville. Seems like it's been steady strong for about 20min. Road quite wet. Bit of wind and T&L too.
  12. I took in 0.40" total. Small storm parked near us (per radar). Drove home from PG in pleasant wx til about the Pax river. Then reasonably good rain. Over and done in time to walk the dog.
  13. Closed out July with 7.65" total precip. Hottest, 93f on the 20th Coolest, 58f on the 30th
  14. Reminds me of snow measurement. We kept on about a winter-style noreaster, so...SLD measured it that way. Pretty impressive. I had 1.35 ovrnt on the electric gauge. Haven't dumped the official one yet, but it's close.
  15. Getting it here somewhat. RN, bit o thunder, dark sky. Think it's weakened