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  1. Has grown plenty humid here. DP 73
  2. Went for a damage patrol drive. Many pieces of tulip poplar on roads but only one or 2 of size. Md rte 450 flooding has neen moved further east. Passable. This white pine 0.7 miles from my house may have took lightning. Bark is peeled and the area smells like a Christmas tree lot. Doesn't seem like wind damage, we didn't get much. But maybe.
  3. Should've been very close to me , per Rhino's radar shot, but no evidence here. Except the longest, strongest T&L of the season. P.s. power back on for now
  4. Legit, strong, close CG hits. Still waiting for rain or wind
  5. Mega thunder here. No rain, no wind. Patch of blue sky to the SE.
  6. Non-stop thunder to my west past 5-10 minutes.
  7. My August total 11.91" Rain on 19 days. (Blech) Max temp 91; lowest 62.
  8. Roughly an inch for the event so far. 18 rain days for August. (Around 11.6") Good thing I mowed the grass on the one dry day.
  9. 0.36" so far. LWX radar seems to have us in the yellow, but no rain currently. This makes my 17th day with rainfall this month.
  10. A few sprinkles. Classic dry slot over us, per radar. So far, at least.
  11. Max temp only 71 here today. It's halfway through August and we've only had 5 days without rain. Well over 10". Currently 68/68
  12. About 0.2" so far. T- storm was gusty at first. Otherwise the strongest just missed us. (They seem to be getting it strong to my north in Millersville area on radar.)
  13. I hope you're right. But after 5 straight days with rain...well y'know, trend is my friend, and all that.
  14. You inspired me to dump the gauge. 2.90" for last night. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a bit more. My electric gauge had 3.76, but in summer there's lots of tree interference on that Davis, and it can't be trusted.