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  1. Was gonna report at about 6:00 that I finally hit 2" after -SN all day, but we're suddenly getting our best of the day. My total will jump suddenly. Will report later.
  2. First flakes 7:50. Rather graupel like.
  3. I think it was linked from here: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/forms/ Read all those documents and you'll know more than the interviewer. Before computers took over, paperwork was king.
  4. Are you referring to an FAA item? This maybe? https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/orders_notices/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentID/12891 Seems to be 7905, sort of. I guess I'm too old, but I think the real book was from 1969. Was surprised to see it on Amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Weather-Service-observing-handbook-National/dp/B002ZVPHKK Probably free somewhere from NOAA.
  5. Stay on the sunny side.
  6. No fog at home departure (about 6:30), but hit a wall of fog on Rte 3 in Bowie. After turning westward it got to be wicked thick fog in Bowie. Then, went back to reasonably good visibility by the time I hit Mitchellville. Significant windshield scrape this morning too. Winter knocking on the door perhaps.
  7. November total rain here 2.13. Could be worse.
  8. BWI: 16.9 DCA: 9.8 IAD: 17.1 RIC: 8.2 Tie SBY: 6.7
  9. Lo 23.4 DP 14 Tough to get teens in November this close to tidewater.
  10. 1.33 at last night's obs, then another .15 indicated at wake up. Significant number of trash/recycle bins knocked over, but I can't decide if it was the gusts or just some pre-Halloween pranksters. (Seems unlikely they'd be out in that wx). All the white pine areas were heavily littered with needles, as if it had snowed needles.
  11. was 36.4 when I left at 6:30. DP 35 so I figured I'd be one of the higher ones (as usual this time of year), but not so sure that will be true. Definitely didn't have to scape anyway.
  12. My windshield wipers squeezed off a fair amount of "partly sunny" on the ride in this morning. (Not LWX bashing; just trying for humor) So officially: light rain/showers driving in. Probably no more than a couple hundredths
  13. 1983 set the record low temp for Christmas at 0f. I recall some sneaky cold hanging around that winter.
  14. looks like 0.28 overnight.
  15. .01, sprinkle about 9:00. Otherwise just overcast.