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  1. I would report the strange, orange, light ball in the sky right now; but it hurts my eyes and I can't investigate it. I'll guess the sun first appeared in Annapolis about 12:15. Last seen on Thursday, I think. A patch of blue sky also.
  2. September total 2.13". Driest month since last December. Highest temp 86; Lowest 45.
  3. 0.99" overnight. Bit breezy, 56f No branches down, which is unusual this summer, so I conclude there was no gusts overnight here.
  4. Been lightly raining for 4 hrs here and we've only got 0.04". Not complaining, but to look at radar earlier, I'd have expected a little more.
  5. BWI: 11/07 IAD: 10/28 DCA: 11/20 RIC: 11/10 Peak Oct temp at DCA: 88F
  6. The entire Florida Peninsula was in that cone.
  7. I think you could cut school. And it's a Friday too. In fact, why doesn't the County close schools? We'll go to class on a rainy winter day instead. Didn't get below 50f here in the swamps this morning, (normal), but it's breezy, and very nice.
  8. Had 0.10" rain midday, with gusts, then DP fell rapidly. Currently 64/49
  9. Oh great. Now everyone will want to make a positive contribution, and there will be no more negativity on the site. No more snide remarks, cynicism, pessimism, nor sneering disbelief. The power of positive thinking will reign. Peace will break out everywhere. We'll be ruined. Ruined, I tell ya. (BTW Maestro; I did read and enjoy the link. Never seen MM before. Wonder if he'll make a winter outlook.)
  10. 0.68" mostly on a t-storm scraping by to the north.
  11. The top 40' or the radio tower outside my work window has finally appeared after being hidden in fog all morning. Still plenty overcast here in Annapolis.
  12. August total 4.36" Highest max temp 92, lowest min 57 We are also in the Wall-to-Wall Green Summer club, with 20.02" for June-July-Aug. The Crepe Myrtles show it the most, flowering better than I ever remember. Generally a slightly cool, wet summer.
  13. 0.07" total here. Hi temp of 91 makes this my hottest since Aug 9.
  14. I like the boldness. A large blob of gusty heavy rain will form in the GoM and someone will name it. Then they'll declare it a Cat-1 based on recon. Highest actually measured gust will be 50 mph, and it will be called "the most devastating hurricane to make landfall this year". (sort of true) And there your prediction is ruined by one storm. (Sorry my post doesn't add much to the discussion, but it's just so slow now.)
  15. This is a pretty good description of the many oaks we've lost over the past 20 years. I've noticed that, upon cutting and splitting them, they're all infested with borer beetles. Don't know if this is cause or effect, but someone suggested protecting the trunk with permethrin in the Spring/early Summer, so we've tried that for the past 4 or 5 years, and so far have had less oak death. But, I just don't know if it really helps or just a coincidence. They don't look a heck of a lot better. Also, permethrin is not cheap. Also, it seems to attack the red oaks much worse than the white. Hope that helps someone. Guess this belongs in the garden thread.
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