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  1. 1.32 since last night obs. Most came in the mid afternoon downpour. Typical super-humid rain day. Hi temp 77f
  2. 0.24" (includes last night overnight) 67f
  3. 0.10" overnight total Currently partly cloudy 69/67
  4. After 45 mins of dry T & L, we are finally getting some rain (at 10:30)
  5. T & L at 4:10 am, but not a drop of rain. Yesterday's high of 93f surprised me a little considering the cloudiness we had here. Tied for my hottest day of the summer.
  6. 91 hi today. Noticeable cloudiness at times may be what knocked a degree off yesterday. Same for KNAK
  7. Is this it? I looked to see if there is a battery, (yes), which you can put a meter on and check, and seem to find a few tips in the review section. (A lot of complaints too, but that is not what I'm after. Not relevant. ) https://logiaweatherstations.com/products/7-in-1-wireless-weather-station-with-wi-fi®-and-solar-panel?_pos=6&_sid=36d79f11e&_ss=r#shopify-product-reviews Might help a little
  8. Hi 92 today. Driving home from work, dashboard reading 94; topped the small hill into the South river watershed and it quickly fell to 90. And it felt like it.
  9. Looks like they hit 91 on Sept 21 that year. Not record, but pretty hot for the date.
  10. Hi 91 here in AACò, my hottest day since 7/27
  11. Interesting; DCA seems to have finished below normal at -0.7 Probably true for both, given the moisture/dryness difference.
  12. Aug total looks like 4.65". Starting to get dry here despite it all. Highest temp 89, lowest 56
  13. Managed to pick up 0.04 from miscellaneous sprinkles throughout the day. High of 79f
  14. High of 78f here today. DP down to 60. No complaints.
  15. (Add'l Canaan Valley) Well I found this from a 1996 FWS report... "The growing (frost free) season averages about 90 days in length. The average date of the last freeze is June 1 and the average date of the first frost is August 30. Frost can occur on the Valley floor during any month. On the average, one out of six Julys will experience a temperature of freezing or below. The growing season is too short for most-crops and is about the same as Fairbanks, Alaska." I think this was written before the VaTech station was installed, but not sure. It doesn't appear to mention first freeze either. CANAAN VALLEY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE ... - ECOS https://ecos.fws.gov/ServCat/DownloadFile/43764?Reference=43210
  16. Does that mean First Freeze on Aug 19? Seems early, but I haven't much looked in to it. Low of 56 here .
  17. 0.60" from a rather mild T- storm
  18. Hi of 87 today makes this the hottest day of the month so far . Plenty humid too after 0.05" overnight
  19. "Dream Big" mentality. Compare to entries in our annual snowfall contest. Even better. Part of the fun.
  20. 0.28" overnight. Still drizzling a bit.
  21. 1.98" yesterday plus 1.37" more overnight. Event total 3.35".
  22. Hi of 79 today under clouds/ovrcst. Yet to get above 80 for August.
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