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  1. I can't believe you didn't cut class to check. What's more important, after all? New overcast deck blowing in here. Haven't seen any precip yet.
  2. That amount of snow has trapped someone? Shouldn't the roof at least be covered? Now we know how those in wintery places feel when they read about Fairfax Schools.
  3. 0.20" overnight Currently windy with a bit of clearing.
  4. Skim ice on both the swamp and the river this morning on the drive in.
  5. Well of course, now that the contest is decided they turned off the heater. (We should be flattered they watch us so closely) You inspired me to look, and it shows Mannassas went to 17. Dang. Teens and 20s into VA and the Carolinas. Tallahassee went to 28f.
  6. Not much bio information about Doug Hill on the net, but I saw this article, and think most AmWx members would like to read it: https://www.somdnews.com/recorder/news/local/veteran-broadcaster-hill-makes-the-switch-from-weather-to-the-ministry/article_7694b20a-7c43-587c-98c4-01f39d2dbf04.html Youngsters note that Mr. Hill didn't have a college degree, and even with the USAF, (one of the biggest names in weather), he was not assigned to a weather detail.
  7. True....but Nov 20 however....those stations were all in the 20s while DCA still clung to 33. Andrews 25, I think, so that's 8 degrees right there. Nat'l Arboretum was 28. DaleCarlia was 27. I'm not digging into the reasons, wind direction etc, but just to make an honest comparison.
  8. Low of 26. And beautiful sunshine.
  9. About 0.40" in the gauge and still raining.
  10. .....with numbers like that. You were shooting for 55 (I think). I don't pretend to know what's a top number, but don't sell yourself short. Aim high.
  11. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/climate?wfo=lwx I think WxUSAF said DCA so that's what I looked at.
  12. A great winter for snow lovers. Very similar Nov so far....cold early then quite warm. Didn't freeze until 11-27-02. Then quite cold to end the month.
  13. 31 but approaching 30 when I left. Will see when I get home. First freeze for my station. Plenty of frost throughout the neighborhood.
  14. Almost all local dewpoints have now fallen to below 32, as of the 1pm obs. Including Richmond
  15. 34 here, but must've been too busy raining to frost. Dripping wet out there, and .02 in the gauge. Sky clear however. Edit at 8:10...Frost on neighbor's roofs. Up the street the usual places have heavy roof frost; like the picture Mappy posted.
  16. Drive to work observation: One lane of Rutland Rd blocked by downed tree. Tidal South River level up, but not as high as it's been in the recent past. Power out at the traffic light. Power out at work. (Came back on, else I wouldn't be typing this) Wind has subsided noticeably past hour. Rain minimal, for now.
  17. Plenty of wind at work. Just recovering from our 2nd power off/on event this afternoon. (First was probably around 2pm)
  18. That seems to be 24 hour records. I got the impression Snowen is thinking of a 3 day event. Heck, either is OK for me. I think a station in HoCo measured a bit over 50" in Feb 2010.
  19. ...which hasn't even happened yet. At this rate, we'll have run out of complaining by the first 70f day of January.
  20. Ooof, No Mercy from this crowd, eh? Rhino, the next time you look at the AFD, check the time it was issued. Well, here's one: Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC 349 AM EDT Tue Oct 19 2021 Weathermen are expected to live on a higher plane than the average student. (Remember, we tease because we love)
  21. 42 here. Very isolated frost...on 2 roofs up the hill about .75 mile from my station. (Always colder there in winter)
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