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  1. centralmdwx

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    First flakes in Laytonsville, MD
  2. centralmdwx

    March 1, 2019 Light Snow Chance

    A few flakes in Laytonsville!
  3. centralmdwx

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    First flakes in Laytonsville Md
  4. centralmdwx

    President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    Flurries in Laytonsville, MD
  5. centralmdwx

    Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    Big flakes starting to mix in now in Laytonsville
  6. centralmdwx

    February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    Pixy in Laytonsville, MD
  7. centralmdwx

    JAN 23-24 anyone ?

    Flurries in Laytonsville, MD
  8. centralmdwx

    Thanksgiving Eve storm obs and nowcasting

    VERY splatty wet snowflakes hitting the grill in Laytonsville, MD.
  9. centralmdwx

    April 2014 obs and discussion

    Snow and sleet in Laytonsville, MD
  10. centralmdwx

    March '14 Obs and General Discussion

    All snow in Laytonsville, MD
  11. centralmdwx

    March '14 Obs and General Discussion

    Sleet and snow in Laytonsville, MD. Crazy!
  12. centralmdwx

    March '14 Obs and General Discussion

    Sleet and rain in Laytonsville,MD
  13. centralmdwx

    St. Paddy's Day Storm Obs

    Light snow in Laytonsville, MD
  14. centralmdwx

    March 2-3 Obs Thread

    Rain sleet mix in Laytonsville MD