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  1. 40F to 78F yesterday, and down to 41F this morning. 37-38 degree diurnal ranges, very impressive for this part of the country. Foliage is finally becoming more lurid as a result here.
  2. Close here - 38F diurnal. Went from 40 to 78 today, and now down to 55F already. More akin to the interior West (a place like Grand Canyon at 6,000ft comes to mind - often in the 30s/40s by night and near 80 by day in the warm season). We should be well down into the 40s again tonight with the sfc ridge overhead and concomitant low dew points. The foliage is actually brightening up quite a bit here now, especially on the maples, due to these cold nights/warm sunny days.
  3. Impressive diurnal ranges with the low dew points and strong sfc ridge over head. 72F yesterday and 40F this morning here; 32 degree fall.
  4. +8.4 here. I think this is warmer than 07.
  5. Baroclinic zone was likely south of us; NAO values were arguably too negative in much of those winters.
  6. 42.8F this morning. Nice string of chilly mornings; this should help boost the color from its banal appearance to a more lurid one shortly.
  7. 37 and 38 for the past two nights respectively here. Was hoping for first frost or 32F, but that looks like it will have to wait until next week. Average first 32F is October 18th here.
  8. 37 this morning, never decoupled. Expecting colder tonight.
  9. So far we have a lot of bare / green mixture in CNJ, consistent with what others have noted. Peak is still about two weeks away. Going to be tough to beat this (last year, late October).
  10. Hurricanes themselves are redistribution engines. They utilize potential energy in the tropical oceans, convert it to heat release via robust convective processes, and subsequently transfer the heat energy poleward. However, hurricanes cannot "create energy" - they're not a radiative forcing in and of themselves. Internal variability within Earth's weather patterns modulate the distribution of heat but do not create it; an exogenous mechanism is necessitated for that. So in short, no, hurricanes are not responsible for the very warm fall pattern, and yes, the upper level flow does direct the track of tropical cyclones.
  11. Even though this month has furnaced, suburbia could pull off an average date first freeze with the cold surface high on Monday night. Typically, if we decouple with 850mb temperatures at or below 0c, that's sufficient for 32F readings outside of the urban zones.
  12. Another chilly morning here; down to 41.5F.
  13. The second half of 2008-09 was much better than the first half here in interior ECNJ. The norlun event of 2/3/09 produced 6.3" here, and the March 2nd coastal storm jackpotted me with 13.5". There was a stripe of 8-12", locally 12"+ up through eastern NJ and into Long Island. Overall, 2008-09 ended up almost exactly normal as far as snowfall in the CNJ/NENJ region, and with plentiful arctic outbreaks, I'd rate it as a decent winter. We were essentially straddling the "horrid" winter to the south over the Mid-Atlantic/DCA-PHL, and the excellent winter immediately north in New England.
  14. Ended up at 41.4F for my low. Beautiful chilly morning.