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  1. 15 90F days here, after 4 this week. The period 9/3-9/9 could get quite warm again, with potentially a few more 90F chances.
  2. For what it's worth - The Old Farmer's Almanac appears to be forecasting another non-winter in the Northeast for the second consecutive year.
  3. 92.2F / 78F, HI 107F right now. Day 13 of 90F. Torching here.
  4. 89.8F/77F, HI 102F here now. So up to 12 90F days on the season. Very hot/humid day.
  5. The water near / immediately south of Greenland is only about 10-13 degrees Celsius, so it's neither objectively warm, nor is it sufficiently warm to possess the available energy to act as a forcing agent in and of itself. It's possible that it can act as a feedback agent, but if other atmospheric drivers supersede, they will mediate circulation structure unpropitious for blocking. The notion that water of a rather diminutive temperature can act as a controlling modulator of the pattern is tenuous in my view. Again, it's a factor, but on the list of what I would examine, tertiary. Edit: also note that the warmer than normal water south of Greenland was almost entirely forced by the z500 pattern the past three months, via higher geopotential heights.
  6. 00z ECMWF now indicates a fairly substantial heat wave, with 90s for most Sunday-Friday of next week. WAR rebuilds with geopotential heights of 591-94dm.
  7. Thank you, @weatherwiz for those kind words.
  8. 80.6F yesterday, 55.6F this morning; only 80.3F today, and down to 61.7F now. Beautiful weather.
  9. And therefrom, the temperature departure will continue to increase in the final 10 days of the month as geopotential heights reshuffle in concordance with EPO domain vicissitudes, and the walker circulation reinvigorates in the CPAC. August 18th-31st should be quite warm, pushing the monthly departures to +1 to +2 for most.
  10. Ended up with 2.65" here for the event. Impressive. Now at about 19" of precipitation for summer (JJA) 2019 thus far.
  11. Getting crushed here today. 1 inch of rain already. Training cells directed over my area.
  12. 850's must be slightly warmer at the shore. 100F reported in Point Pleasant right now:
  13. 90/78 here, before 10AM.
  14. Yesterday was 85F at this time here.