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  1. MRX is being pretty bold with the Advisories this go around.
  2. Hoping that we can in on some of the snow squall action here in Maryville!
  3. Absolutely ecstatic with how this system turned out, and it ain't even over yet!
  4. Heavy snow here. Yard is pretty much completely white and just beginning to stick on the roads in my neighborhood.
  5. Concerning...Severe potential...Watch possible Valid 251932Z - 252100Z Probability of Watch Issuance...40 percent SUMMARY...Convection is expected to gradually intensify this afternoon. A few low-topped supercells could develop and pose a hail/tornado risk. Convective trends will be monitored over the next 1-2 hours. DISCUSSION...Water-vapor imagery shows a mid-level low slowly migrating eastward near the OH/MS River confluence. Visible satellite imagery shows low clouds eroding across southern portions of middle and eastern TN in wake of earlier showers. Surface temperatures have warmed into the middle to upper 60s F near Chattanooga in response to stronger surface heating. Surface dewpoints remain relatively marginal and range in the lower to middle 50s F. A couple of weak convective bands are forming across middle TN. It remains uncertain whether developing updrafts will become surface-based and intensify into organized/sustained storms. However, model guidance indicates sufficient buoyancy may develop over the next few hours for at least an isolated risk for strong to severe thunderstorms. If a few stronger updrafts manage to develop, forecast hodographs favor storm organization, including the possibility for a few of these updrafts to acquire supercell characteristics. Therefore it appears an increasing risk for strong-storm activity will materialize at least on an isolated basis later this afternoon. Hail and possibly a tornado may accompany the stronger storms.
  6. Sure enough, those western storms are really firing up.
  7. Keeping an eye on those cells to the West.
  8. Seems like the storm has weakened and the Tornado Warning has been dropped thankfully.
  9. There is a neighborhood and RV park according to Google Maps.