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  1. Training is incredible...stuff keeps forming South of Greenwich in the sound and heads east. Constant thunder for hours now.
  2. Central Fairfield county is now on it's third storm, second one was potent with thunder and lightening, but winds seems to be a non factor. Getting some much needed rain however...
  3. Severe warned cell over Norwalk/ Westport. Confirmed pea size hail and strong gusts. Been awhile since I've seen any hail around here.
  4. 4.5 in Westport CT... Biggest of met winter. Hopefully besting that tomorrow.
  5. Band over the north shore and LI sound are stubbornly not moving north.
  6. The banding has been very small I'm terms of coverage. Just under 3 here in Westport. Precip intensity out side of the initial band has been spotty at best. Meh...
  7. By the time I was able to measure it had flipped to rain and everything was falling off the trees. I'm sure we probably had more at one point.
  8. Must be elevation related then. Nws has a trained spotter with 19 as of an hour ago. Ah, coastal living...
  9. Of cold miserable rain. Don't think we're changing back either. Don't think I'll have too much mashed potatoes left by morning
  10. A light rain, flipped quickly. Big drops too. Maybe we switch back in the last band. Real quick compaction with the mashed potatoes on the ground. Maybe half here at 95 than you.
  11. I'm assuming than thats it then... Maybe 5-6 inches of lumpy mashed potatoes I guess.
  12. Just suddenly turned over to a mostly light rain/little sleet mix. Very unexpectedly. Mostly likely in that small subsidence blob.