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  1. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    It Snowed AGAIN yesterday in New England and I missed it?
  2. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Wait - It's Snowing at Home?? And we have chances after today?? Wow!! I'm in Chicago on tour with Pritam, but I may be coming back early Sunday. Or Monday mid-day. I can choose. What should I do?
  3. April 2nd SNE stats padder no foolin, obs and discussion

    I've spent Quite a bit of time attaining the most accurate totals of seasons past. I started here in 2002-2003. But don't doubt how much time I spent on a zillion sites (I'm The Snowman!), and running down to the Town Hall with my connections to get any weather data.
  4. April 2nd SNE stats padder no foolin, obs and discussion

    I am somehow at #19 in Total Seasonal Snowfall, at 75.5". Almost 35" since March 1st. Incredible Catch up. #19. Never thought we'd get close to that.
  5. April 2nd SNE stats padder no foolin, obs and discussion

    Got 4", Wow! 2nd MOST Snow in April (to 2016) since 1997. But 95% of the Snow was GONE by 2pm.
  6. April 2nd SNE stats padder no foolin, obs and discussion

    Can someone tell me when he's NOT dissapointed?? He is always the biggest Weenie on every storm. Though THIS year that guy who kept going 40" for the Cape was 3X amounts on every storm. He's the new Weenie king.
  7. April 2nd SNE stats padder no foolin, obs and discussion

    I didn't know it wasn't going to Snow until everyone came over for Easter and said... "OK Snowman, How much are we getting and HOW can it Snow at 42?"
  8. Snow bomb obs March 21

    So this storm will forever be known as The Snow Bomb which dropped 5" Per Hour on Islip and made the 12"+ map by our favorite 40" Snow Predictor look beyond hidious. Glad I'm in Florida at least this time. Crazy the NWS was still going 12"/13" for a high end around me recently.
  9. You never learn........ do you. If all those areas get 12" + I will play NAKED.
  10. Yes. Inside Joke to his camera guy in the studio as they were having trouble setting his green screen height up from the previous Met. But it came out ar a Perfect (perfectly Wrong) time.
  11. New "Post of the Storm" even though I think about this and tell people about this all the time. Did i I tell you guys WHY he said that / what it meant?
  12. Except the last one was NOT doable. As was the Blizzard of 2011 or the Grammy Week Bombogenisis storm of last February. But this one is.
  13. If I changed flights, do I have to get back by Wednesday morning or Tuesday night?
  14. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    That's my Snowstorm Present for Ray haha! Did he say Ray's Name? I gave bomb the whole name.
  15. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Pete Bouchard answered my messages about Ray (WHY does this only allow for a 92KB picture!? Ugh. I'll copy and paste) - "Ahh...the old school measuring method. According to the NWS Chat boards, they thought it was overdone. Eric Fisher presumed he measured the snow from the previous storm? (Don't know where he got that info.) I asked on the board whether they would accept it, and they said since he wasn't Skywarn, they would omit it. Then it was posted again this morning before they again struck it from the list. Honestly, I can see how he could get 31. It's a tried and true method! And the RIGHT way to measure snowfall."