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  1. Did we Break Any Low Maximums Today It truly would be Astounding after last week in this country.
  2. Non-Stop Lightning, Incredible stuff, for a long time, and as heavy rain as you’ll ever see. But after driving all over, there is Zero damage. Very lucky.
  3. This is Terrible. I don’t know How you guys make jokes out of it. There are enough things we poke loads of fun at. This is not one that needs to be at All.
  4. Ya I am NOT liking this radar. Waiting for a Tornado Warning to come out.
  5. This is SO FREAKING WRONG on SO MANY F****** Levels. Holy Crap I'm screaming at my Screen. That's pictures from EXTREMELY LIBERAL CITIES! And Garrett Richards Interview after the Last Start was THE MOST Disgusting Interview in Sports History. Don't get me started. Felger and Mazz nailed it, and didn't hammer it enough.
  6. OH My GOD!! James is GONE!? That is So touching to All of us to see "Our Weather Man". Us Air Force. A Massive Salute to you Sir James. I can't get over "Our Weather Man". Wow. This is terrible. What happened??
  7. Man. You guys are going to have a Lot to say when I get my Capitalism Talk out. I’m a Severe fan of Capitalism, and think ANY HINT of Socialism and Regulation is an Utter disaster, making for a worthless, excuse making, lazy society. Including the Minimum Wage which is asinine that it exists. The Free Market in a civilized society fixes everything on its own with zero regulation. Didn’t realize many on here were fans of socialist “Help” people out by unfairly taking from other people ideals.
  8. I just sent in my reports from Wales, MA (10.5") and Union, CT (12") since the NWS doesn't have ANYTHING like it. Also can't believe an 1.5" difference in 5 minutes of driving. But it's Hilly in that area!
  9. Also: I think the NWS is getting a pass, even though I promote them to everyone I know like they were Family. This was a SNEAKY All-Time Top 10 Worst Performance. Because it's April, we give them a pass..... but..... I mean where people got 12"... they had Only 10% Chance of getting 1"-2" at Most!!
  10. That would have been Funny N of the Pike if I DID come with you, and I played Accordion walking up to the door where the Naked Man greeted you with No Wifi. TREMENDOUS Job picking a spot though! 17"?? Like.... a Jackpot maybe?
  11. I have no time. Have to go back and teach a lesson. And AGAIN, like with Will. TELL me then. We need a thread for tips on roads in areas and special spots in New England.
  12. I don’t know where that is! Tell me sometime. Wales, MA - GORGOUS btw. The Smell of Fire Burning. Old New England. 9”-10” Compact. So 12” total possible. But just Mike’sf from here, it was 4”
  13. I can NOT believe this: The Monson, MA F3 Tornado? Damage 8 years later All across Route 20... CLEAR AS DAY!! Wow!
  14. To account for 6” to 1” and glop? I’m heading west on the Mass Pike near 84. It’s raining, wet, barely Any snow even on the side of the highway.
  15. I’ll be in WALES, MA in 40 Minutes!! The Snow Measuring Police are on their Way! #TheSnowman
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