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  1. All that map says to me is...... TUG HILL PLATEAU BABY! Also, in Total I average 50” here. So that line is way North. And Burrilleville, RI Averages at Least 10”-12” more a season than me.
  2. Still probably better than 48" lol. Though I have somehow Meh'd my way to 8th Best February in the Great Snow Era (1992-1993 Onward). And a few inches from 6th. So that's not bad for 29 years. On a Much Grander Topic - I've now averaged 49" in the past 6 Winters. That's almost in Perfect alignment with 1991-1992 on back to the beginning of recorded data in the 1800's of 48". Where the 1992-1993 to 2014-2015 Average was a giant leap to 62". Is it Simply that.... We are now OUT of the "Great Snow Era"? And Back to the old average? BUT: My 5 year period of 1997-1998 to 2001-2002 Average was a horrible 34". And my 6 year period of 2006-2007 to 2011-2012 Average was an OK 53.5", but it included 2 of the Worst 3 Winters of my life. So is THIS.... just another 6 year Crappy Off Period INSIDE of the still continuing Great Snow Era? And 2021-2022 to 2024-2025 will be Awesome with Records broken? Followed by 5/6 years or Worse crap than 1997-1998 to 2001-2002?
  3. In What Universe, Whaaaaaaat universe, is Taunton Ahead of me in Late February in a year where the standard usual NW of me is ahead of me is at play. Jeez.
  4. “It’s nothing more than an aggressive baroclinic knot with subtending gradient whisking by at ludicrous speed.” Tip is the TS Eliot of Weather. What a poet!
  5. 12-13” pack. Most perfect dendrites imaginable from today. Sledding was Great. Though LOTS of melting
  6. I plan to start a thread of posting all of our Last 4 storm totals. THEN you will see the sadness. Even this, with 4.25". Most everyone North of me from part 2 and South of me in part 1 has more. The first storm of 5" where people 20 miles from me got 18" and those 5 miles from me got 10". The last storm of "A Poor Man's 2/7/03" with 10" was the one great one, except it does nothing for my major statistics of Southern New England unless it was a 12" storm. So even that was sad.
  7. Absolutely Gorgous Out. VT Level Dendrite Powder. 2.25" in 4 hours. 4.25" Total. 47.75" Season
  8. I am taking a Drive around town. May be the Very last score of the season. Only 2.75”. Snowing week in this band. And Finally Sticking to the roads.
  9. Barely 2" Here. MAYBE 2". Been in the holes Most of the storm. Pavement everywhere. No snow on roads. Outside of the look which is beautiful, it's Another Bust here. WHEN can we do a Zoom Hang? Tonight is perfect.
  10. The storm is going to be Too Far SE they said. TOO Far SouthEast...... And it’s All Well NW!?
  11. Wait that was......... that was IT for Round 1? Can't even call it a dusting. Which is sad because it was a Beautiful snowfall. But lasted 20 minutes.
  12. We are in the same boat there.
  13. J thought you like most were TISH weenies? I want Snow Everyday of my Life Forever. I don’t care if I Ever see 32*F Again. I don’t get it.
  14. How the F****** are we TOO FAR SOUTH by a Million miles on this current storm where it’s 56* and Rain, but TOO far NORTH on this one??