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  1. Did anyone ANY Snow this last night???? Snowed before I looked out my window at 8pm while watching the 4pm games, got Maybe 0.25” at Best, and that was IT!?
  2. Wow, thinking Everyone was Crap since we got 0.25” and half that has already melted... BUT NOOOOOO NO! Everyone has 0.75” - 2”. I can’t even break even with the average in These crappy events.
  3. I"LL GO PLAY IN YOUR DRIVEWAY IF THAT VERIFYS! I can probably Walk to you! You near Nate Whipple and Mendon?
  4. 0.5" Before the Changeover. Can't Complain! Was Gorgeous Dendrites beforehand. Now Pinging.
  5. I have had 22 20" Storms (from what I can tell by alllll my research over the years) since 1897-1898. BUT!! 10 of those 22 Since 1992-1993!!
  6. Oh I’m Absolutely Right with you! That’s like Rule #1 in my Nazi Level Snow Control.
  7. I just had a 1H 30M Weenie call with Paul Kocin. Even HE can not explain this storm. “The Set up was Excellent, but Nothing can explain widespread 30”-45” amounts. Can’t wait to research it more. Especially from a storm that was not only Not Depending, but losing power.” Says it IS a KU! And Louis Texted him while we were talking
  8. My thought exactly!! did we just break the All-Time Snowfall Rate at Okemo with 10” per hour had she measured those 60 minutes in new ground, AND Break the All-Time Vermont Storm Record!?
  9. You’ve Seen..... 10” ..... Per Hour..... Rates......
  10. 0.5” in the past 90 minutes and it’s getting weaker. Get a few more tenths is more likely.
  11. 12”, 10.5” Compact. And I NEVER got dryslotted, Never got into a subby zone... ...and it still took 14 hours to get 12”. And the Radar is done here. 0.5” in the past 90 minutes so the radar has been done for a while.
  12. Dendrite thought he wasn’t getting an Inch 3 days ago, and NOW breaks his Record Total, and Would be #6 for me, probably end up at #3. If I thought I wasn’t getting Any Snow and 3 days later got #3, I would be running naked.
  13. Best Rates for Binghamton. 6” in 55 Minutes. 18.5” in 3:25. For a Normal Storm of No Lake Effect.... 6” an hour is almost Unheard of. But for someone Then to Catch that.... for over 3 hours?? And in a place that thought they would Totally Miss the storm 100 miles too far north a few days ago? This is an all-timer. 17 Hours = 42”.
  14. 10” Compact, 11.5” Total. Shows just How crappy and sleety the snow was last night to have such a uniform 10” but 11.5 total. Past 5 Hours...... 2.5”. Putrid. Meanwhile half the board North and West of me has 20” and still getting killed. But can’t complain as much s that Historic subby zone. But they probably already have 12” while I catch up, but this little rounded band may not last.