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  1. Only us Snow Weenie Nerds could notice this detail.
  2. “EWR reported 3.24" in 1 hour.” Wait wait wait wait… just DAYS ago, when Henri came in, NYC broke its ALL-TIME1 Hour Rational Total…. Of 1.74” or so. THIS is almost DOUBLE that!!
  3. I can’t Believe he Quit this thread is right now. This is THE Most Covered thread on the Internet during these times. It’s been incredible the past 24 hours, with Major Congratulations to everyone here, because the news that is spread here can Absolutely Save Lives. But it’s Quiet all of a sudden. No Important posts in 33 minutes.
  4. So since we are the initial Post-Mortum of the storm, WHAT Model / Model Run, nailed this? In terms of track, and interms of QPF, and in terms of the placement of the QPF?
  5. Holy Crap!! We got Video of it!! Crazy to have a Tornado This late in the storm!
  6. So since we are the initial Post-Mortum of the storm, WHAT Model / Model Run, nailed this? In terms of track, and in terms of QPF, and in terms of the placement of the QPF?
  7. MET JIM CANTORE!! He said "This is NOTHING like Sandy" Then I said "Jim. December. 1996." And he goes "Worcester!!!!" And then PROCEEDS TO GO OVER EVERY SINGLE TIME HE'S HEARD THUNDERSNOW in his Life!! Total Weenie!!
  8. Constantly 60mph+ here!! Craziest Wind I’ve ever seen, Craziest Waves I’ve Ever seen!!
  9. Taking with Paul Kocin of course now! Trying to find Jim here at the Coast Guard.
  10. As in to try and Hype the storm up more because the storm itself isn’t doing the hype Justice? And I can’t believe he isn’t Live right Now with the Worst of it!! He should be on TV Right Now so you can find him, isn’t that there point?
  11. If Anyone can tell me where Jim Cantore is Exactly, I could get an EPIC video of me Playing with him.
  12. Heading to Point Judith now. When else in my life will I be able to go through a Landfalling Tropical System!!
  13. What!? An All-Time Hourly Record!? And that’s just from a long tail outfront of the storm. WOW. Central Park received 1.94” of rain in the last hour. That set a new hourly #record. The old record was 1.76”, which was set on September 8, 2004.
  14. I can NOT get over the 11pm Map. DIRECT Hit, Worst Possible Scenario Track for RI; Eye going Straight Up the West of RI, and the Water gets Pushed up Narragansett Bay on the Right Side eyewall. And I CAN NOT get over How there isn’tan Ounce of Wind Tonight. Not a Cloud in the Sky. Complete with a Full Moon. Just the most Perfect Night. And This is coming?
  15. WHY, Why does everyone think that was a Meltdown? Goes to door how No One understands how I type to my personality. A. I DO NOT want a Tropical System. They take down trees. Good riddance to it. Only good thing is I can go find out find & play for Jim Cantore & maybe get on air. B. It was an Affirmation of my Correct Prediction whichI told all my friends asking, that it would end up Well West of where all models had it Wednesday. It was a VICTORY LAP, not a Meltdown. Jeez.
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